Day 4 in Cuenca


Today is Scott’s Birthday! So as I’m writing this post he’s upstairs taking a glorious siesta! We’ve already had a pretty full day so he gets to do anything he wants!😘. Later this evening we are going out to a nice dinner . Dano recommended a place in Old Town called Tiestros. We went over there this afternoon to check it out and made a reservation for 7:00. We’ve been told its a gastronomic treat for a special night. Supposedly the chef comes out of the kitchen to chat with the diners so we all know I love to chat so it should be fun.

At the lovely inn where we are staying breakfast is included in the 60.00 per night fee. They serve a light breakfast outside on the covered patio. Delicious coffee, con leche for me, which we have noticed means warm milk with a shot of espresso . Breakfast includes eggs, toast, yummy rolls almost croissant style. And a different fresh squeezed juice each day. After seeing all that fresh fruit in the market there is no shortage of fresh fruit!
Today the plan was to meet Dano out in front of the river by our inn. We drove out to the Northern areas outside the city. First we went to an area around a small town called Paute. About 45 minutes away from Cuenca. Then we hit a small town called Biblian, also very pretty valley. Azogues, 30 minutes from town. Very rural, very small town center, not really right for us. And last, Ricaurte, also a very small village like town that we don’t think gives us access to things like a decent grocery store. All the places we saw today were very pretty areas but the landscape we would really like doesn’t seem to exist here. Scott really loves the big trees and jungle-ish feel of Boquette, Panama. Here there are really very few trees and the landscape, while very pretty, just isn’t in our opinion as lush and pretty as Boquette.
We are having to really talk a lot about what’s important to each of us independently. Of course we have had many of these discussions about what’s important to us and mostly we are in agreement. We both want to be in a more rural area but close enough to a bigger city for supplies or services that can’t be found in a small town. City living really isn’t for us. Visiting a city for a play or to listen to music or a special meal at a nice restaurant once in awhile is about it for us. Well, maybe a museum or art show would also draw us into a city. So we are absolutely on the same page as far as not living in a big city. The two areas where we differ slightly in what is important are, social interaction(that’s my concern, not ScottsπŸ˜‰!), and trees, lots of trees and nature and even a bit of a jungle. These may seem like petty thing to some but to us these are considerations that we feel strongly about. I don’t need to be a social butterfly all the time but I do love to connect with people and have friends. This is not as much of a need for Scott but he defanatly understands this is a part of who I am . So wherever we end up there needs to be opportunity for me to have some social outlet. Now Scott is very much looking forward to enjoying nature more in our new home. He envisions hikes through the jungle, picnics by rivers, and oh, a hammock near his house where he can enjoy a siesta in between working in his woodworking workshop and drinking a beer or a nice glass of wine with me. Gotta love that man!!! At least I gotta love him!!!! The list of important considerations is much longer than these few things. Climate, cost of living, safety, political and financial stability of the country, proximity to the U.S., health care, to name a few. So as we debate and explore our possibilities we just have faith that wherever we decide to land and make a new home we will create our happiness! Life is all what you make it, no matter where you call home!

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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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    • We don’t want to be on the ocean since one of our considerations is not living in a humid climate. Love to visit the ocean but don’t want to live there. Public transpiration is not a huge concern. We most likely will buy a car. Yes, it is a conversation we have been having for quit a long time and will continue . And it is very fun!! Hope all is well with you my friend πŸ™‚

  1. Dear Holly,
    I keep telling you Australia and Newcastle has the answers to all your prayers and desires. Newcastle is a mid sized town with all the amenities of a large city and only 2 hours from Sydney. Newcastle is rated in the top 10 of places to visit by the travel gods (Silent Planet) and is called and unfound jewel. In addition all Scotts desires can be fulfilled in our hinterlands. We also have vineyards and grow and produce great food. So come on down.
    Love Elaine XXX

    • My dear friend, Elaine, Australia sounds like such a great place. Sadly a huge problem is that we are trying to retire and don’t plan to have an income. Our money needs to go far and south America provides that for us. Australia was one of the first places we considered. But hopefully our cost of living will be so much cheaper in south America that we can afford to come down for a long visit!!

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