Scott’s Birthday Dinner in Cuenca


I neglected to post the pictures of the lovely dinner we had on Scott’s Birthday on Thursday night. I know Pat ( Scott’s Mom) will appreciate seeing them. Dano recommended this restaurant , Tiestros. The chef came out from the kitchen to introduce himself to us and asked where we were from. We told him we were from California and he scratched his chin , thinking and said… I will make surf & turf for you!! …… Ok?

We didn’t argue! Meanwhile a gringo couple were seated next to us and we,(I) started up a conversation with them. They moved here from Arizona about a year ago. Of course they can’t say enough about what a great life they are having. They said they already have more friends here than they ever had in Arizona . Both Gringo and Ecuadorian friends. We also got to hear their saga, every expat seems to have one, of transporting a container of belongings from the U.S. to Ecuador. They have been here about a year and their container just arrived two weeks ago. We have heard many times that the issues always arise at the U.S. customs in Long beach, not the Ecuadorian Customs. We had a great time chatting with them and before the evening ended they gave us their contact info and said to let them know if there is any way they can help us! So nice to meet such nice people!

Our Shrimp arrived and omg!! It was gigantic and to die for! I was getting full before the Turf even arrived! They served us about 4-5 little side dishes as well as the main course, rice, some kind of cucumber salad, a pasta-ish cold salad,hominy ,and oh, my personal favorite , PaPas Fritas!! The fillet was next and it was served with a light blue cheese sauce!! Washed it all down with a lovely bottle of wine and we were two very happy, satisfied gringos ! But wait!…… Desert! Almost forgot! I’ll post a picture cuz words just won’t do it justice! Scott had a great Birthday dinner!
Im going to post this separate from day 6 so it’s not too long of a post, don’t want to bore you! Cheers!

20120616-145125.jpgThere was a very cute Ecuadorian couple next to us and the young lady had surprised her boyfriend with this little decoration at their table. They were so cute.

20120616-145139.jpgThis is the kitchen in Tietros

20120616-145205.jpgOur gigantic shrimp dish!

20120616-145231.jpgThe artwork on this wine bottle is done by a very famous Equadorian artis, sorry his name escapes me.

20120616-145243.jpgWas I right? It’s a piece of art! The flowers on the plate were painted with fruits… It’s not a part of the plate!

20120616-145257.jpgDoes that look like a happy Birthday Boy, or what!!!!

20120616-145219.jpgThe fillets in the blue cheese sauce!


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  1. Everthing looks to good to eat however I am sure from what you said it tasted as good as it looks and went down nicley with that bottle of wine ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to say I have Never seen Scott smile so much he does look like a happy Gr
    ingo ๐Ÿ™‚

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