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Scott’s in the process of getting our house ready to sell by February or March of next year (2013). You may wonder,” what needs to be done?”. Well, mostly all the finish work. He needs to do a lot of woodwork, cabinetry , baseboards, the exterior of the house and detached cottage needs to be painted and our front walkway is getting stamped concrete, also the backyard needs to be seriously cleaned up and landscaped.

I have often described our backyard as a look alike for the set of that old TV show, Sanford & Son! Remember that show? Many of you may be too young to remember this show, the main characters lived in a junkyard! Yep! My sweet man is extremely handy and an absolutely incredible cook( he as more positive attributes but I won’t bore you with my endless adoration!πŸ’˜) , but…….. He’s messy and he’s a collector of junk! He won’t admit it but he hates to get rid of stuff! ( this is one post I won’t be reading to him before I publish it😁! ). Everybody has a weakness and for my guy it’s, a broken down motorcycle( in the nearly 13 years together it has never been started!) , an old car stereo( from his car that my daughter totaled, long story!) , about a hundred baseball caps, broken power tools , wood, wood, and more wood, receipts piled into bags, and I’m gonna scream if I find one more container of coins! This is but a small peek into some of the junk my dear sweet man insists on keeping.(serious eye rolling going on here!) Hence, our backyard is a terrifying mess!

Now Ladies, you may wonder how I can let this happen? Well….. Because, this is simply, in my eyes, his only flaw! Yep! ( That’s how I see it.). I mean, if you had a man who made it very clear on a regular basis that he adores you,(sigh, heart going pitter-patterπŸ’˜) and regularly prepared delicious , homemade meals every single night, and could fix absolutely Anything, would a little junk really be a deal breaker??? Not in my eyes! When you love someone you sometime live with a little junk! Believe me, if he were writing this post I’m sure you’d wonder how he puts up with me! I mean, the poor guy hasn’t had a haircut in months! ( he’s quite the fashionista, as you all know, so you know he’s terribly bothered by this! Ha! Eye roll here!) And my “man of few words” ends up socializing way more than he would probably ever choose to do if he had his way! Poor guy! But seriously , I’m not exactly a “neat freak” myself, so don’t let my moaning about his tendency to keep junk lead you to believe that our slightly disorganized life is totally him! We are a great couple and get along so well for a reason. Though we aren’t dirty , unsanitary folks, we certainly aren’t perfectionistic neat freaks either. On weekends when most people might be organizing their home( laundry, house cleaning etc.) a long hike or a paddle in our kayak often trumps dust and dirty clothes! In this we are very compatible .

So , anyways, back to what needs to be done on this house and our progress thus far in our adventure. He’s focusing on one room at a time so it’s the master bedroom and bathroom first. He just finished surfacing the 13 foot tall fireplace with beautiful travertine tile. (This bedroom is very big.) He’s also built a 10 foot long built in dresser with a bookcase attached to it. And he’s building the mahogany built- ins in the master closet( sigh!). The closet is my favorite , the one thing I will mourn when we move! Then he is also working on the mahogany mantel for the fireplace. Next he needs to finish all the cabinetry in the bathroom, drawers, drawer fronts face frame , cabinet doors! So I’ll post some pictures of the most current progress but you must promise to forgive the total and absolute disaster that is our life at the moment. I said we aren’t neat-nicks but this is over the top crazy messy!

As Scott and his worker, Bob, are working on all the wood stuff , they are also practicing on the stamped concrete for the front walkway. Apparently this is a rather scientific procedure that requires much strategizing and planning. There are many steps to this process that require tests and trials before the actual work begins in earnest. There are many colors and tints and powders that create just the right color for the finished product. And there is a very precise combination of water to concrete so it doesn’t crack when it dries! Boy, oh, boy, who knew something so seemingly simple like stamped concrete was such a scientific endeavor ? Now I know! I should be careful what I ask for.. Maybe tile would have been more simple? I’ll keep you posted on this project. Should be interesting.

As Scott is tackling all the house stuff, I am working on minimizing all our material possessions. This is a daunting task as I’ve talked about in earlier posts. I am working on scanning my photos so that I don’t have to transport dozens of photo albums in our container that will be shipped to Panama. This is not a difficult task but a tedious, time consuming one . I need to teach Mariah how to do this so that when she is here doing her laundry she can help me instead of sitting around painting her toenails and watching brainless shows on TV. At the moment I’m feeling almost immobilized by the insanity of where to start with my Hollyween decorations! I can’t even start taking them down from the attic yet because there is no place to put them while Scott is working on my closet. All my clothes are strewn about , piled on the pool table, stuffed in boxes, and hangers are hung on a pole balanced between two ladders! I’m tentatively planning a yard sale for the weekend after Labor Day. So my time to sort through and organize all the Hollyween decor is quickly getting smaller and smaller !

If I sound slightly chaotic, that’s because I am! I often work best under pressure so don’t worry, I’ll get my act together and kick butt any moment now! 😝. I’ve got plenty of pressure , that’s for sure! Did somebody say something about an Adventure???? Hmmmmmm? This must be the part of the roller coaster that’s chugging up the steep, steep, steep hill! Or is it the upside down loop de loop??? I’m not sure but I’m buckled in and I’m ready for the ride!!! Let’s goooooo! Wooohoooo! 😳


All the magical coloring agents currently being tested to come up with the perfect stampted concrete look


The practice for the stamped concrete, its comming along pretty good!


This is my photo scanning project! Yikes!!!


Coins,coins,and more coins! Where oh where do they come from!


Just one of the many collections of junk


Wood pile


This is where the magic happens! Scotts woodworking tent! His new table saw doesnt fit in the one car garrage.




Ohhh! Poor sad mororcylcle!


A lovlely collection of cast off tools and various junk


Our walkway before the stamped concrete goes down.


The beautiful travertine fireplace in the master bedroom. Scott is working on the mahogony mantle


A picture of my poor sad clothes hanging between two ladders in the master bedroom, just patiently waiting for thier new home!


The master bathroom with no cabinets or drawers yet


The master closet on its way to becomming a masterpiece!


The new built in dresser and bookcase!

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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading this Blog Holly!!! Had a good laugh (or two!) out loud – wouldn’t it be GREAT if I could buy your house when you put it on the market??? Your Master Bedroom/Closet looks simply D R E A M Y!!! Becky ***********************

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