Enjoying The Moment!🌹




Lately, as I’ve been ultra focused on all my plans for the next phase of my life, I realize, I need to try to remember to enjoy the moment! This moment……..right now! I was reminded of this the other day as I was working on my client, Barbara Spark’s hair. She was talking about how she often has to remind herself to stay focused on the moment. She said that she has to stop herself from obsessing over the past or the future or things she really has no control over and embrace the ‘moment’. I think it’s a really great thing to keep in mind. This is especially true for me as I prepare to move on to a new life.

There are so many great things going on in this moment that I often take for granted or simply ignore because I’m so focused on where I’m going instead of looking around at what’s right in front of me. If I’m not more careful I’ll miss the many pleasures that all these present moments have to offer(Yikes!) . Wouldn’t it be a sad thing to look back at this period of time, only to wish I had enjoyed people and experiences that were right in front of me? It is after all, so fleeting! Time just buzzes by faster with each passing year. I don’t know how I suddenly have a twenty year old daughter! And thirty years of a career has just somehow creeped up on me. I must be having fun, cuz time is really ‘Flying’ by!

Although our plans for the next phase of our life are justifiably on the forefront of my mind there certainly aren’t a lack of wonderful moments to appreciate in the moment. As a matter of fact I’m going to take this moment to write down a few things I am embracing in this moment. First, I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world! Northern California really does have it all. We have mountains, the ocean , forests, rivers, lakes, a great city, and…….. no one would dare complain about the weather! We are truly spoiled here. I’ve recently decided to indulge in my love of the outdoors (and my need for exercise !) and began hiking twice a week in an effort to get some much needed exercise, and just spend some time out in nature . There’s an open space preserve very near my home where the hiking is great, it’s called Rancho San Antonio. This open space preserve has many different trails which makes it a very popular place for hikers, runners as well as groups of friends just walking, chatting and enjoying the outdoors . I usually try to get there by six or seven in the morning to avoid the crowds. And the wildlife is plentiful(☀. Every time I’m there I see bunnies, wild turkey, quail, deer, chipmunk, and I’v been warned about the wildcats but have not yet spotted one, thank goodness. I have a favorite trail called wildcat loop which takes about one and a half to two hours. It’s very beautiful and always makes me feel as though I’ve gotten plenty of aerobic exercise by the time I get back to the parking lot. Knowing I won’t be here much longer I find myself really soaking up the beauty of these hikes and enjoying the moments as I hike. Most days Scott goes with me and it’s a great time to just chat and catch up on life. I’m also trying to invite friends to join me whenever I can find someone willing to take time out of their usual routine. I find being out in nature and having a friend to chit chat with is a double helping of moments to embrace and be thankful for!

Since this post is about my reflections on moments I’m grateful for, I have to mention my mode of transportation to and from work every day. I’m very lucky to enjoy the rare luxury of being able to walk to my job . From my front door to the door to my salon is fifteen minutes. I walk past so many beautiful gardens full of flowers and I often do literally, ‘stop to smell the roses!🌹 ‘ One thing I really appreciate about walking is having the opportunity to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise ever come into contact with. I’ve met many neighbors and other walkers who are out getting exercise who I would likely not have had the chance to meet if I weren’t out walking . Even walking in the winter while it’s raining brings me great pleasure . I just love to be all bundled up with my rain boots on and my gloves and scarf keeping me toasty as I stroll along . Walking under my big umbrella sheltered from the raindrops is very peaceful ☔ . As long as its not too windy I really quite enjoy walking in the rain. Walking home at the end of the day is a great way to decompress at the end of a very chatty busy day. I would never enjoy exercising in a gym, why would I choose to be indoors, when I can just go walking ? I get the added benefit of listening to the birdsong and greeting fellow walkers ! These are moments I feel grateful for on a daily basis!

I can’t write a post about remembering to be grateful for the moment without mentioning the wonderful moment when I walk in the door to my home each night after work. Many nights I can smell my dinner cooking as I walk up the walkway to the front door! Mmmmmmm! Then I’m greeted by my Mother-in-Law, who is ‘always’ in the kitchen helping her son prepare dinner. This is something I am grateful for every single night. Not just Scott cooking such yummy food (Drool!) but Pat’s presence there. She’s lived with us for a year now and it’s been a very good year indeed! I’m pretty sure our situation, two women living (happily ) under one roof, is uncommon!👯 But somehow it works for us (insert big smile here!😃). When we first came up with the idea of Pat living with us I think none of us knew exactly how it would work out. I’m so glad we all took the chance and just dove in because it’s been so great having her around. And I’m pretty sure she feels the same way. We’ve had lots of great laughs and have gotten to know each other and to appreciate each other much more than we did before living together ,(not that we didn’t already appreciate each other) . You really get to ‘Know’ someone when you see one another day in and day out. And what a blessing it’s been to have this time together. I’m planning to remember to enjoy every moment I have with Pat ! And looking forward to her visits to Panama where we can enjoy lots of fun moments sharing with her all the beauty of our new home.

The Grand Finale of moments I’m currently enjoying are the glorious moments with my daughter! Yes, it’s true! I thought such a thing would never happen but alas! (Ye’ of little faith!😌) My sweet girl has somehow, miraculously, morphed into quite a lovely young women! All those painful, dark , scary years are behind us . Now I find myself smiling when I think of her and I’m savoring each and every moment when she’s around. I used to dread the question,” How’s Mariah?”, now I’m beyond thrilled to update everyone about how amazing she is! To say I’m ‘Proud’ of her would be an understatement ! These are my moments to enjoy , and boy, do I ever!!!! 😃. I’ve come home from work several times to find Mariah and Scott in the kitchen happily cooking dinner ‘together’. Just writing this down makes me smile…… 😃. ( I notice a theme here , seeing people cooking my dinner makes me happy.). But really, the pleasure for me is in being in the presence of the people I love. My Husband and my Daughter are the jewels of my life! These moments when the three of us are together are moments that make my heart glad ! I know it may sound really weird , but it’s moments like these that give me perspective on those dark teen years. And I can say , beyond a doubt, it was worth it! It really makes me appreciate these moments of happiness , not just appreciate ……CHERISH!

Keeping a balance of planning for a future, learning from or forgiving the past, and enjoying the moment is not an easy task. Most of the time I know for me , balance is something I strive for but rarely consistently achieve. That’s called, “Life”! 😄. It’s a series of experiences that, if we are paying attention to, create a wealth beyond material possessions or money. A wealth of learning who we are, sharing who we are and authentically appreciating each experience as a gift.

(I would love to hear about a moment in your life that you are enjoying! Send me a comment , it only takes a minute! 😍. )


My two favorite cooks!


I wonder where Scott got the, ‘towel over the shoulder’ thing!


What a happy cook!






About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Thank you for giving me a moment to stop, sit down, read and reflect with you.
    Now let’s go enjoy every precious moment of today [:-)]

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

    Let The Adventure Begin! wrote:

    hollycarter184 posted: ” Enjoying The Moment Lately, as I’ve been ultra focused on all my plans for the next phase of my life, I realize, I need to try to remember to enjoy the moment! This moment……..right now! I was reminded of this the other day as I was working on my”

      • Holly,
        Well you certainly gave me great joy today, there is so much negativity in the world and reading your blog this morning reminds me how gratefull I am that I know you. I remember when you were going through the terrible teen years and to hear now how proud you are of your daughter is a testiment to you. Even when you didn’t know what to do — whatever you did you did it right because of who you are. Love can cure a lot of ills and you are overflowing with it. I want to go on your hike with you when we get back to San Jose – so please reserve a day in January for me.
        I am a great fan of Don Miguel Ruiz’ “The Four Agreements” , I see you and your philosophy of life to be representative of what he calls the reality of truth, love and joy. Please come to see us in Sedona sometime, would love to take you on a hike, where abundant beauty and peace surround you. I know we will come to see you someday in Panama.
        Love you bunches!

  2. OMG you are my moment!! Just love your posts! Here I am crying again. What a difference you have made(and will continue to make) in this world!! 😢❤ Sent from my iPhone

  3. Holly,

    If you ever need a hiking companion on a Saturday or Sunday morning, please let me know. I enjoy the quiet of the early morning, but have been reluctant to hike Rancho San Antonio on my own. There are also many trails in the Peninsula Open Space Preserve that I would like to hike with someone.


  4. Enjoyed sitting in the hotel jacuzzi with my wonderful son and husband, the night before we dropped him off for his sophomore year at college. I miss him already!

  5. Holly,

    Your blog this week was inspirational. We need to slow down, look around and appreciate our wonderful families and very special friends.

    I am so impressed that you and Scott are going after your dream.

    I miss you already,

    Love Cindy

    Sent from our iPad

  6. Hey, Holly! I just got back from a fantastic 2 1/2 months away, sailing to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia with Pippin and Richard. I am LOVING BEING HOME! And, most of all, I am loving being home all week with my kids, Richard and Tory! And, I am loving your blog:) Can’t wait to see you.

  7. Holly,
    This is my post on what I am grateful for today. I’m grateful for my husband, Ken, and his enthusiasm for learning Spanish and exploring Panama with the end goal to retire there. I am so fortunate to have a life partner who doesn’t think that this is just NUTS, but embraces the adventure. Hope to meet you soon.

    • Hey Maxine…thanks so much for all the kind words! Sounds like you and your husband are exploring the possibility of your own adventure! Let me know when you get to Boquete, your welcome to send me a private email and if I can help at all, I’m happy to! Cheers!

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