Poor Kitty’s !🐱🐱



We have the honor of sharing our home with two Cats. Their names are Midnight and Copper. The way I remember how old they are is by remembering what year I ‘got’ Scott! I ‘got’ that wonderful man in 2000 💘, ( that was a great year!!!). I got my cats soon thereafter , so that means they are about 13 years old.

This is how it happened ……. I remember a client of mine saying to me,”A cat had kittens under my house! Do you know anyone who might like one?”. Oh, nooooo! 😱. Mariah was about 7 ish at the time and had been begging for a dog! Yikes! Now, I’m a dog person, for sure! Always had dogs growing up and have always considered myself a ‘Dog’ person. But, at the time I was working 8-10 hour days and was at that time a very harried single mom. So although I would loved to have had a dog, I felt strongly that it wouldn’t be a very responsible thing for me to do to a dog. I mean, having a dog is like having a child and I was barely surviving the one I already had! I was still working on getting her house trained ! I wasn’t about to get myself into that mess with a dog!

Sooooooooo, cats?? Hmmmmm? I had never had a cat nor had I really been around cats much. But I thought that they were probably much more independent than dogs so maybe I ought to consider just taking a ‘Look’ at the kittens at my clients house? I mean, my poor little girl really wanted a pet! Jeez! It would be so sweet ! Right? My Mom was visiting from Texas at the time and she was very much on her granddaughters team, I was doomed! Doomed I say! ! I had a feeling this was one of those, “what goes around, comes around”, moments ! I may have , at one time, begged and pleaded for a pet myself! So, my dear mother was enjoying my dilemma with a little too much glee! 😰.

Tell me, who can just take a ,’LOOK’ at a bunch of adorable little kittens???? WHO! Well…. Apparently not me! What was I thinking? As you have likely already deduced….. I went home with TWO adorable kittens that day! Yep! My poor, little girl now had her pet! Pets, plural ! 🐱🐱 Can you say…..Sucker! Yep, I’m a sucker for cute little adorable, fluffy kittens! And a very happy little smiling daughter was a bonus at the time! Boy, am I predictable? Or what!

They are beautiful long haired cats who I have been told , look to be at least part Maine Coon . We chose a fluffy Orange one and a fluffy Black one. Orange, & Black??? Hollyween! You know I couldn’t resist!! And I won’t offend your intelligence by explaining which is Midnight and which is Copper. (Wink, Wink). They really were the perfect fit for our home, the right colors, that is!

Fast-forward to today , and NOW who has pets? Yep, ME & Scott! The adorable little girl is gone, living her own life , and damn! Both Scott and I have gotten quite attached to the little guys! Who knew that two ‘Dog People’ had it in them to become ‘Cat People’! Well, it happened and now we have two 13 year old cats who, don’t know it yet, but are also moving to Panama. Boy are they in for a big surprise! I hope they’re ready to learn Spanish …. How do you say “Meow” in Spanish? Hmmmmm!

I am quite aware of what a traumatic experience it’s going to be for Midnight and Copper. About eight hours on a plane only to arrive in a strange place where none of the other animals speak English. But we don’t see that there is any other option that will be less traumatic for them. To give them up for adoption to complete strangers seems more cruel than moving them with us. And besides, who would want to adopt two 13 year old cats? That’s just vet bills waiting to happen! Besides, we’re slightly attached to the little guys! No, it’s Panama for them! I figure, it’s just one really horrible travel day locked in crates and then a bit of time adapting to a new house and they will recover. I mean, I don’t consider myself an expert on cats, but I’m assuming they are also attached to us , right? So they would presumably prefer to stay with us than to be dumped into a strange home with a strange human who doesn’t understand them.

Of course we have done our research on moving cats to a different country and specifically, Panama. It’s pretty straightforward . The usual documentation , from the vet confirming that they are healthy. Then upon arriving at the Panama city airport we must arrange for a vet to be there to verify that yes, they are alive and well. Then give the vet some money and off you go. The part that can be a bit crunchy is the part where there is a vet at the airport precisely when we arrive with our grumpy little , caged kitties. If the vet isn’t there you can’t leave the airport with your pets! Yikes! We can’t let that happen! So we have read about an agency we can hire who , for a fee of course, will assure us that everything goes smoothly with regards to that very essential ‘vet at the airport’ part of this adventure. Hopefully that will be money well spent!

We’ve attempted to find a direct flight from San Francisco to Panama City, to no avail! So the only other option at the moment is to fly SFO to Houston , then Houston to PC. Then usually we have to stay one night in PC and go to a smaller airport where we catch a quick hour flight to David. From David it’s 35 minutes to Boquete . We hope to avoid the overnight in PC so Scott is hoping to arrange to arrive at a time when we can go directly to the other airport and leave that same day.

I think I may begin trying to desensitize the cats to a harness and leash. 😱. I know, good luck with that, huh! Well, I’ll just see what happens I don’t expect that little experiment to go well! There’s just no good way to let them out of those crates for a potty break during this grueling journey. There is much strategizing , experimenting and planning around the transportation of our two little fur-balls! And I suspect when we do finally open the crates to let them out, we had better not be too near those angry claws! Yikes! They’re not gonna be happy ! But, they will adapt soon enough and then I hope they will enjoy killing any the pesky scorpions or any other varmints that may try to encroach on our space. This big adventure will be a big surprise to our poor kitty’s but I have high hopes that they will forgive us, someday!




About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Oh, Holly-Berry………… I was so empathetic to your concerns about the kitties !!!! I recall when I left Georgia and moved to NYC and had to make arrangements to transport my 18 year old , wonderful, beautiful Norwegian Forest Kitty. Yes, I checked on all the requirements, so with vet release in hand and thinking that everything was in place, including buying a seat for Funny-Kitty, since I refused the other ‘ cargo option ‘ offered, I learned that the regional airline wouldn’t transport her to Atlanta with me. Soooooo….I had to take shuttle-livery service to Atlanta –3 hours, with Funny Kitty in tow…and had to wait 3 hours for the flight to NYC. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, the TSA demanded that I remove her from her carrier so they could scan the carrier. As it were, the strap on her carrier got caught in the conveyor belt. Meanwhile, Funny-kitty went ballistic while I was holding her—terrified of the noise and confusion.

    Of course, you know my insistent no-nonsense personality ! Finally, I shouted loudly at the TSA rep ” Get her damned carrier off the belt so I can put her back in there before she gets loose in this airport ! ” Finally, they were able to do so. Then, the 2.40 hr. flight to NY, and another hour wait in the taxi line and another 30 minutes to the Upper West Side.

    I had called Kent earlier and asked him to buy a litter box and litter, so, Funny-Kitty could pee when she arrived in NYC. Alas, he had no idea that from stem to stern, she was 31 inches long and he bought what appeared to be a ‘ kitten ‘ litter box…….LOL…Poor Funny, she could barely get her tail in the box. You are right. They adjust fairly quickly to new environments and spaces, although Funny-Kitty spent the first 3 days and nights under the bed. So too may your babies .
    Anyway—-5 years and 8 months later, when Funny-Kitty was 23 years and 8 months old, I had to let her take the ride on the chariot ‘ into the light. ‘ But, like your KItties, she was my baby-girl kitty and I, like you, would never have left her behind………………..

  2. I remember that day so well 🙂 I think you said something like “ok we will go look at these kittens” I had already told Mariah not to worry once you saw the adorable kittens you wouldn’t be able to leave without one 🙂 You surprise me by taking two 🙂 I think even Mariah was surprised at that 🙂

    Yes the girls are going to be sooooooo mad 😦 However they will get over it and just be happy mom and dad are there 🙂 I do feel very sorry, (already) for that Vet just make sure to have bandads handy HE WILL NEED THEM 🙂 If they scratch their grandma (Midnight) you know that Vet doesn’t stand a chance 🙂

  3. I had to laugh at the ‘el-meow-o’ comment! I’ve seen people moving with cats. Check with your vet on this, but I think it’s a good idea to sedate your pets for as much of the travel as you can. You should also be aware there are lots of dogs in Panama, so plan accordingly.
    Good luck. Let me know when you are coming. I look forward to our meeting.

    • Lol! I may be off just a bit on my pronunciation of the Spanish translation but , oh well! Hopefully the local kitties will be tolerant as we learn !😃. Thanks for the heads up on the cat advice! I do recall that I saw very few outdoor cats when we visited last year. I guess our guys will become indoor cats in our new home. I really wish we didn’t have to bring them but doesn’t seem to be any other option yet. But, who knows what may happen from now until June. Maybe the people who buy our home will be crazy cat lovers! It could happen, doubtful, but I’ll think positive ! 😁.

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