The Holidays are Fast Approaching !πŸŽ„



The holidays are fast approaching! Or should I say the holidays are UPON US ! Yep, that’s more like it! So begins the endless Christmas commercials invading our TV and radio waves! All the retail stores in our little town are decorated to the nines! ( Let the commercialism commence!) Yep! I think it’s safe to say it is now ‘officially’ , “The Holidays!”. Beginning this week with Thanksgiving , tumbling into Christmas tree chopping down and decorating, then a slew of holiday parties, whammo! It’s suddenly Christmas eve and then finally New Years Eve! Whew! Deep breath! The coast is clear to begin a new year!

This time every year I have the feeling of uncontrollably tumbling through the days . The eminent arrival of the holidays creates a very frantic feeling in the salon. Everyone has family visiting or they’re traveling to visit family members elsewhere, preparing their homes for house guests or deciding what to pack for their journey . Then there are all the many parties and gatherings . It seems, suddenly every client has a “Hair Emergency!”. Yikes! “Do you have ANY openings TODAY!” It’s absolutely imperative that I get a hair appoint BEFORE the holiday! Our calendars are crammed full of appointments back to back throughout November and December . Just when we think we can’t possibly fit one more appointment into our book, someone cancels or reschedules! It’s a flurry of changes and squeezes as we work hard to accommodate everyone . It’s like a mad rush to look especially gorgeous for thanksgiving , Christmas , Chanukah and New Years Eve . Now, don’t misunderstand me , it’s a great honor to be so sought after! 😜 We feel VERY important this time Of year, for sure! I think I speak for all the stylists I know when I say, we are proud of the contribution we make to ensure the continuing beauty of the holidays! (No Pressure😱) With each client who gleefully walks out of the salon feeling so much better than when they walked in, (and ready to face the mad holiday dash), we are spreading joy and it’s a gift ! This time of year may get hectic but when it’s over there is a rewarding feeling of accomplishment that makes us feel good. (sigh!). πŸ˜ƒ. Yet another aspect of my career I will miss.

The holidays are a great time to get out there and really enjoy time with friends and family . One of my favorite holiday activities is The Festival Of Lights Parade. It’s a yearly tradition here in our little town. I just love seeing all the excited faces of the small children sitting along the curbs all over town . The streets have been closed to traffic and children are gleefully playing with glow-sticks as they anxiously await the beginning of the parade. There are wonderfully hokey floats and at least six or seven marching bands, culminating in the arrival of the grand finale float carrying Santa who tosses candy to the kids that are beside themselves with joy! I get a kick out of seeing so many familiar faces out and about , standing around , sitting on lawn chairs or just lounging on the curb. Sharing a warm cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, some even share a big batch of chili! It’s good fun and I look forward to it each year. I know, it’s silly, and goofy, it’s not The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but there is something just so endearing to me about enjoying a tradition that is simply an event meant to provide a community with joy! For me this goofy little parade gets me in the holiday spirit. And it warms my heart!

Of course this being our last holiday season here in the states I’m planning to soak up all the traditions and festivities . Enjoying time with those who share with me a mutual admiration of each other! As I’m preparing to set out on the next chapter of my life I’m feeling a bit melancholy about all the ‘lasts’ this year. Then again, as I’m writing these words I find myself thinking that soon I will be experiencing many ‘firsts!’. I like to attempt to keep an optimistic outlook on life and on my outlook of events in my life. So let’s deck the halls and jingle those bells as we drink some yummy eggnog and munch on festive treats with all the people we love ! Cheers!





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  1. Great photos, Holly. Your descriptions remind me in a nostalgic way of the annual Torchlight Parade during Seattle Seafair. I loved the lighted floats, although Daylight Savings Time pushed this August event into the late hours.
    Will you be in Boquete for the Coffee and Flour Festival Jan.10-20? It will be my first in 2013. What I am most excited to anticipate is the Jazz and Blues Festival Feb. 28-March 3. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

    • Coffee and Flower Festival?!?!? That sounds like something right up my alley! Sadly we will miss both those events this time around but I will look forward to them the next time around. Please let me know what you think of them! Maybe there’s a blog post for you??? We are hoping to get our house on the market in February then if it sells as quickly as most homes in our neighborhood we should be pretty close to our departure sometime march, or April? When you guys moved did you ship a container or did you just rid yourselves of all your possessions to start anew? We have a bit of choreography to work out with the container and our cats and whatever documentation we need to gather for the permanent residency process. Whew!

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