Always Learning 😁, Usually By Trial and Often By Errors!


Back in June I had the bright idea to start blogging as a way to chronicle our plans and preparations to expatriate ,with the hopes to continue sharing our life as expats after we move. I thought it would be a fun way for our friends and family to keep track of us after we are gone. I also thought it might shine some light on our crazy plans for those who were just shaking their heads and saying,” HUH?”. “WHY?”😱😱 In the course of researching and reading everything I could find about expatriating I had discovered reading other blogs written by people who had already made the leap into a life that Scott and I longed to experience ourselves someday. Somehow I realized,” Hey, I could do this blogging thing!” I love writing and as an avid reader I knew that good writing comes from having a passion for your subject! I most defenitly had a newfound passion! Although the jury’s still out as to how good the writing is! (sigh!). You gotta give me an ‘A’ for effort though! (Big Smile!)

I found myself subscribing to various blogs and losing myself in the colorful, firsthand descriptions of living as an expat in a different country. Each blogger has their own unique way of sharing the good and not so good aspects of their new life. Mixed in with the tales of living abroad I found helpful advice as well. One aspect that seemed to be missing from most of the blogs I read was the tales of the early stages of the expat story . Why they began to consider this life, how they chose where to go, what their friends and family thought of it, how they transitioned from their life in the states, did they rid themselves of all their worldly possessions or did they ship it over with them? Maybe they stored their material possessions in their country of origin , just in case they decided expat living wasn’t for them? All these subjects and countless others I’m attempting to share in my blog during this beginning phase of our journey. It turns out, there’s much to consider and prepare when you decide to leave everything (except for forty feet of material possessions !) and move to a different country!
My hope is that someday someone may find my blog and that they will find it helpful and maybe even inspiring! I especially hope that those friends and family who take time out of their busy life to follow this silly blog will be glad to keep track of our meandering ways. In addition,it would be so great if my blog somehow kept us connected, and wih any luck my ramblings won’t bore you to tears! (If so, WHY are you still reading!😲 Shoo! Get outta here!) Let’s all hope that I will not commit any more faux pas as I learn to be a respectful, polite, responsible blogger,(Yep! I know, it’s hard to believe, I’m pretty dang good at faux pas ! Some may even say I’m a “natural”!😳). Who knew there were so many possibilities to offend, cross other peoples boundaries, and yes, even share a little too much honest personal opinion? I have a very natural tendency to share my life and am more transparent in my openness than many people. I must keep in mind that not everyone shares this trait with me, especially on such a large public forum as the Internet . I’m learning to be mindful of this fact.
Given the fact that my on-line experience is relatively limited, I must warn you that I am naive as to the ways of this big new world of public online sharing. I’m not on Facebook ( yet!) and have never tweeted (hopefully I never will!) so diving into blogging has proven to have a larger learning curve than I anticipated. I’ve learned many ways in which I must tread carefully and gently and really consider carefully what I publish on this very public form of on-line writing/sharing. Yep, it’s true, sadly, offense has been taken by things I have shared. There are also issues about privacy and copyrights to consider that I’ve never before come into contact with firsthand( I’m accustomed to copying hairstyles all the time! Jennifer Anisten never seemed to mind when I was turning every woman in my town into her clone!😁 I’ve never experienced this type of concern before!!!) . I’m learning with each new mistake and I’m grateful for the kindness, generosity of spirit and understanding I’ve received from certain friends who know that if I made a mistake it was not meant to offend, it’s only me experiencing trial and errors! I’m trusting myself to learn from my mistakes and not to be a repeat offender in the future.
I’m hoping to have a long blogging life and although I’m sure to make more mistakes along the way you can be sure my heart is always in the right place. I have no intention to hurt feelings or offend during the course of sharing what’s on my mind. If you find yourself surprised by the fact that my personal opinion and feelings differ from yours, I beg you to allow me to express myself with the knowledge that those who read my words know me well enough to know that I am not ever intending any negativity or especially hurt feelings (I would have titled my blog,”Let The Trash Talking Begin!” 😝) . Opinions may differ but please know that I respect and honor our many differences. This blog is not meant as a personal forum to change anyone or to demean opinions, likes, dislikes, beliefs, lifestyles, or traditions . I am simply attempting to share ( and enjoying the process!) , with those who care to know, about our big adventure becoming expatriates.


About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. My dearest Holly,
    I have read every blog you have written, and enjoyed them all. I have found that at no time have you attempted to show me the way. I do love your sharing with us YOUR Trials, Tribulations and Joys. If someone has read them and taken offence then I would suggest they look at own life and not try to take yours.

  2. I agree entirely with Elaine, above. I’ve so enjoyed your blogs and the ups and downs of your journey. And I hope to continue to receive and reply to them. I will miss you and this is a way to
    “keep” you in my life. As much as I know about you, Holly, I know that you would NEVER, EVER intentionally hurt or imply hurt on ANYONE!!!! So if someone takes offense in some way of what you have written, I’d say that is their problem and not one you’ve created!!!! Keep on tapping those keys, friend. I’ll keep on reading—-and responding when I am so inclined!! I am lovin’ it!!

  3. OMG Holly My Sinshine girl I agree and really like Elain & Carol πŸ™‚ Anyone thats knows you knows there is not an UGLY remark in any blog that you have posted. You know some people just pick apart any or every thing someone could post on a blog. My feeling about that is “if you have nothing good to say PLEASE just don’t say anything” Love YOU see you ALL tomorrow πŸ™‚ Mom

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