Progress Report



This is Scotts workshop, he also has a big tent outside where the big table saw lives because as you can see, this space it teensy!

Progress Report!

Scott is making great progress on all the remaining cabinetry for the kitchen and dining room. All the interior door trim , baseboards, and window trim is installed. He is currently working on the range hood cover. The upper cabinets for the kitchen are being processed, there are 21 doors currently being prepped for assembly. The front door needs to be finished off with moulding and trim. We finished the design of the built-in entertainment center in the great room . That will be the last big piece of interior work for Scott.

On Monday we had a consultation with a stager to get an idea of exactly what that will entail. Next Monday we have set up two more consultations with two other stagers . This should give us a good idea of what to expect in terms of packing up our remaining household. We need to know what furniture a stager will likely bring in and what pieces of ours will need to stay. It would be really good to have a paint consultation as well because my paint choices definitely won’t appeal to the masses! Our goal for listing the house for sale is still pretty on target for March. I’m being told my many different realtors that houses in my neighborhood are selling very fast so our fingers are crossed! Yesterday I was told that a house was listed for sale on Monday and there were ten offers the very same day! Yowsa! We seem to be hitting the real estate market at a great time! Maybe we’ll be “LUCKY”! Lol!

My big job has been to get rid of all the junk we don’t need and to minimize our material possessions . I’m good at this job! Scott has to just get outta my way cuz’ I’m like the Tasmanian Devil when it comes to clearing out! I made two trips to donation centers over the weekend. That’s two trips with Scott’s truck filled ! I have one, maybe two more truck loads remaining and I’m planning to get that outta here net weekend. Obviously I decided against doing the yard sale! Thinking about all the work it was going to take to pull off a yard sale just gave me a stomach ache! Nooooo! I was in search of ‘Immediate gratification !’. I like to donate to an organization called The Bargain Box. All the proceeds from the thrift store goes directly to the Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto which I am thrilled to be able to support with all our excess stuff.

As soon as Scott finishes up with the cabinetry he will get started on the clean up and landscaping in the backyard. While he’s working on that we will have painters and stagers inside getting ready for listing the house. At the same time as all this physical labor is going on we are talking to an attorney in Panama City about the process and timing of the documentation for our residency visa. Also consulting with financial planners about the money part of this adventure. Whew! I think one of the hardest decisions we are still going back and forth on is what to do about our two cats. I’m just not convinced that taking them with us is the best thing for them. Scott and I have decided to just start putting out feelers to see if we might be able to find a good home for them and if we do then we will feel good about that. But if we aren’t able to find a good home for them then we will just take them along with us. Yikes! It’s a hard one! I know that whatever is meant to happen will happen in the end. Our Adventure is continually evolving and the only sure thing is that our plans will be constantly changing and morphing and we need to keep our minds open to all the possibilities and different scenarios. If we begin to limit our thinking and get too caught up in everything being exactly the way we plan for it to be, frustration will set in and then our Adventure could turn into a nightmare! So onward we go with open minds and open hearts ready to take it on and enjoy the journey! Stay tuned!😁


This is Bob, who works with Scott, his partner in crime! He is busy proccessing wood, and he”s ready to move on to something other than woodworking! I think he has had more than enough sanding and sanding and staining and staining some more!!


This is the range hood cover that Scott is working on. I think its a piece of art! I just love the way he designed the grains of the wood. Cant wait to see it finished


There are two niches like this in the back of the dining room. There will be a glass door on top and a granite counter , one drawer and a cabinet below.


This is a built in buffet at the end of the dining room. it will have the same granite on top as we have in the kitchen, so it ties in nicely with the kitchen.


This is a before picture of the stove hood, The wood cover will look so nice.


These are the front doors. As you can see, they need the finish trim around the doors, coming soon!


Yes folks, that is Baseboard! Maybe not a big deal to you but Im thrilled to have it!


I think the moulding on the interior doors is very grand! The doors are all 8 feet tall , giving the house a very open feel.


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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Man–every time I read one of your blogs you are onto something else in the way of prep work!!! It seems to never end!!. Scott’s workshop looks so neat and tidy! It may not look that way to him (or you) or maybe it does, but believe me, it is so much better than a lot of them that I’ve seen. I think I need you to come to my house and help me discard stuff. I seem to have a hard time doing that. I could use a little “Tasmanian Devil” work done here. Sounds to me like you and Scott make a mighty fine team and that will really benefit you as you settle in “down South”!!

  2. Holly, how long did you guys live in what is now Scott’s workshop? It is just amazing to think of 3-people living in that small space OMG I remember staying there with Mariah and it was TIGHT with the two of us 😦 OH YA and the 2-cats! LOVE LOVE the moulding 🙂 Love Mom xxxxxooooo

  3. Oh the memories. We did a major renovation on our house too. There were days I wanted to hire a big dumpster and put everything in, including the house, and just leave! Good luck with the cats. I know how hard that is. I am eternally grateful to a neighbor friend who adopted our dog. Keep on keeping on, and good work with the getting rid of stuff. You’ll get there!

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