Goodwill, Here I Come!



Another load of goodies to donate! Each trip to the donation places and every item that goes with a friend lightens my load, literally. I think I may have one or two more truck loads to donate then we will be left with only the essentials. Whew! It feels soooooo GOOD!

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    • Ahhhh, yes, I am not a Pack-rat like my husband so all this purging is soooo great to me . Scott on the other hand is a bit more hesitant to join in all the fun! lol! Given the fact that we have a fantastic incentive to lighten our load gives him much more reason to let go of things he has just wanted to keep around for kicks, like that old car stereo he yanked out of the car our daughter totaled when she was 15! Lol! I cant tell you how many times I’ve asked what he planned to do with it! : 0 Yes, I’m enjoying this part of our preparations, having less clutter is already a very freeing feeling! Cheers!

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