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I think I may have reported that Mariah recently moved out of my house into a rental house with three other young women her age. The house is in downtown San Jose in a really nice neighborhood. Two of the gals who share the house are sisters and they both work as nanny’s . One of the sisters is just starting cosmetology school , it’s so great that she has that in common with her. She found this great rental situation on Craigslist . One really nice thing about it is that they all moved in on the same day so it didn’t feel like she was moving into someone else’s place. They all contributed to the household with furniture and accessories for the common areas and I was, of course, thrilled because she was able to take many of the items from my house that I was getting rid of. No one had dishes so , yippee, she took a set from me as well as plenty of glasses . It’s just so nice to see her getting so comfortably settled in a very nice place.

After finishing cosmetology school she has been studying while waiting for the state board to send her a date for her exam. The exam is pretty grueling and she is a nervous wreck about it. It is an all day test , part written and part practical. Any kind of big final exam is so nerve wracking and I hate seeing her so stressed. She’s been bringing a mannequin head to the salon to practice her haircutting for the practical portion of the test. The date for her test arrived last week so it’s official, February 27 is the big day! They administer the test in Fairfield which is a couple hours drive away from here so I think she’s planning to go a day early to get acclimated and have a good nights sleep. I know she will do great!

When we began planning this move to Panama, so many years ago, I always told Scott, and he agreed that I couldn’t leave Mariah until I was able to see that she was settled in her life. Well folks, she is settled in a life of her own making. This is such great timing! When things work out like this it is , to me, yet another confirmation that it’s meant to be. When it feels as though every step is fraught with turmoil and complications crop up at every turn, it is sometimes a sign that you are tying to make something work that just isn’t right. ( on the other hand maybe it’s just HARD!) In this case , it feels so right and I am a happy mother. My girl has got this! I am free to live my life and carry on with being mom from the side-lines instead of right in the middle of all the action. That’s exactly how it’s suppose to work, right? The bird has flown the coop and is soaring through the sky all on her own. Mariah’s big Adventure is happening simultaneously with Ours. Life is good and very exciting! WhoooHoooo!


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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. What a beautiful daughter you have but I’m sure you know that already!! I wish her the best as she takes her exam next week. I remember when I had to take my state boards for my nursing license. I, too, was very tense and nervous about the whole thing. But I did pass and I’m sure she will, too. I’ll keep her in my prayers that day.

    • I am sitting here eating my breakfast before setting off to start my workday and I marvel at the thought of you reading my blog in your lovely Ecuadorian home on the river. Thank you for taking time to comment, it means a lot and it always makes me smile and brings visions of your riverside abode and you at your computer perusing various blogs and emails as you sip on a tasty juice drink made from fresh fruit bought in your nearby village. Cheers!

      • you are so great! good morning! buen 🙂 s dias!

        my friend xavier and i feasted yesterday afternoon, and i was still not hungry this morning! i drank about three maracuya-aids made with a sugar mix that’s half brown sugar and half stevia… many times i don’t need sugar with maracuya but this morning i wanted a bit of a kick.

        the sun has been streaming through the sun roof, and i have been working on a fun painting called, ‘if fish could fly.’ it’s the back side of the panel for the picture window! i think i’ll show the progress soon.

        the sun is shining after 1/2 inch of rain last night. i am about to switch and go outside and work for a few hours.

        one of my biggest adjustments when i first moved to central america was the ‘short’ hours of daylight.. 6:30- 6:30, basically year round. sometimes i’m just hitting my best work when it’s time to stop for the day (in the yard) but later after getting clean and eating, i think, ahhhhh, i’m glad i was forced to stop!

        i’ll send you bright smiles today! thanks for your sweet reply!

  2. I’m just spending a lazy morning catching up on my blog reading (i.e. lurking). 🙂 Really, I just wanted to screw around with your stats. LOL! 😉

    I started at the 17th (see I’m not that far behind) and read about the people who are sad that you are leaving. We all go through it. When you start talking about moving to a new country be it for retirement, a new job or adventure the responses you’ll get will range from bewilderment to admiration. Most people will just think that you’ve gone loco and many will be sad, very, very sad. And you will find some that will never get it and will try and rain on your parade every which way they can. But ultimately it’s your life or like my mother said; “I’m not going to live forever, live your life while you are healthy and you still can.”

    Glad to see that you are working it out with the kitties. I know how it is with pets, not to sound morbid but we planned our move around the kids being ready (posted by you today, read it and relate to it) and our two dogs going over the rainbow bridge. (We got Dos Gatos from another Canadian couple who had kittens from a stray cat they adopted here.) We have friends who have brought both dogs and cats to Panama and it doesn’t seem as difficult as it appears on paper, it will work itself out. But yes, make sure that the vet is at the airport when you arrive is the advice that we have heard. If you need help with finding a pet friendly hotel in the city let me know I will ask around. Our friends brought their cat from Canada in June a couple of years ago without any issues.

    Next, about the pool table and your lovely carpets; I don’t know how it is in wet season in Bouquete but we get a lot of mold and mildew here and we’re in the driest area of the country. It’s great in dry season there are no issues. Something to think about; unless you’re going to keep the doors and windows closed and run air conditioning all the time. Our new neighbors did that for the first month they were here and their electric bill was $423.00. Just sayin’.

    Keep sloggin’ at it. And you’ll probably have a few more days where Scott will want you to take a long walk off a short pier and vice versa. It’s all part of the process but the reward at the end is worth it!

    • Karen, thanks so much for your words of advise ! I’m glad you brought up the mold issues because I have wondered about bringing the rugs. Maybe we will revisit that decision . But I’m afraid we will have to figure out a solution around any dampness issues as far as the pool table goes, stay tuned, I may live to regret that one! : 0. Yes, the cats are quite a difficult complication that I really wish I didn’t have to deal with but oh well! If you do have any recommendations on pet friendly hotels in PC I would greatly appreciate any you may know of or hear about. I’m off to work now, someone’s gotta keep all these Los Alto ladies Beautiful ! Cheers!

  3. My thoughts exactly about leaving our daughter in the States. The first and foremost thing I told my husband, like you told Scott, is that she must be out of school (this May) and settled somewhere with a job. It is mostly because, selfishly, I want her to leave me first. I want to see that she has made her way out into the real world, and she is starting another chapter in her life, just as we are. Also, I agree with Karen. I am finding super supportive friends, family and co-workers along with the one’s that seem to want me to be sad because they are. I have chosen to lay low with my daydreams and goals around those who are really best friends of ours, but they think we are a little crazy, too.
    Keep moving towards your new future in Boquete!

    • Hey! Allison, I’m so glad you found my blog! I just took a look at yours and I’m o excited to read it. It looks like we have a lot in common,( Gotta Love that Sassy Maggie Smith!). Have you and Ray settled on a location in Panama? I have a lot to catch up on in your blog. It sounds like you will have a very similar tugging at the heart-strings as me when we leave our daughters, ouch! Thanks for all your feedback , I really appreciate it. I look forward to reading about your journey. Cheers!

      • We just don’t know where we will end up. What a decision. Renting first. Have to base it on what is out there to buy (and even they, we may just knock on doors and ask Panamanians if they are ready to sell lol–we have read a lot of that happening!) and our criteria is list very similar to yours. Climate is a biggie (I don’t know if I want to be at the beach or in humidity such as David) and being close to shopping (but heck I will have all day to get to places and to do things) and a few expats. We hope to immerse ourselves into a Panamanian neighborhood. Time will tell. We leave in less than three weeks! Thanks for return note. It is exciting following those who are just as nervous, excited and a little be crazy like us!

      • Three weeks! Wow! You’ve got to be so very excited! I have so much catch up to do on reading your blog! It is very fun to have found a kindred spirit , as you know first hand , not many friends and family ‘get’ us . Good luck on your search for the area that suits you guys best. Although we are pretty sure about Boquete , we too will rent for a good while just to make sure. It sounds like you guys are taking the, get rid of everything and just bring a bunch of suitcases ? Between dealing with all the cat stuff and preparing the shipping container stuff, I’m thinking you and Ray are much smarter than us! Lol! We are going nuts at the moment and I’m really anxious to say ‘three more weeks!’ 😁 Cheers!

  4. Holly, Mariah,& Scot y’all will never be able to understand hhow happy we are for all three of you. It’s not everyone that gets to watch their and children have dreams then get follow them as they achieve them.

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