Let The Landscaping Commence!



With the exception of the front yard, we have quite a bit of cleanup to do around the yard before the house will be ready for public consumption. The backyard is especially horrifying! So today Scott has rented a little Bobcat tractor and the big push to clean up the back yard is on it’s way. We have a detached one car garage in the back that was once converted into a little cottage. It has a bathroom and a tiny little kitchen area. When I was a single mom I used to rent it out to help with my mortgage. It was so good to have it. Before we did our remodel the original house had a garage attached but we used up that space for another bedroom. So the cottage became the garage. We have made good use of that back area through the years . First living in it while we built our house then it became Scotts workshop for all his tools. All around the garage there is ugly concrete and we are removing all of it so we can landscape all the way back. Our backyard is quite large so it will be so pretty to have sod, trees and flowerbeds to see from the house rather than the huge mound of junk I’ve gazed upon for so long! Grrrrr!

Don’t mention this to Scott cuz it would seriously freak him out, but we have 31 days to pull this off! By “Pull This Off”, I mean finish all that yard clearing and landscaping and finish getting the house ready to sell! Yikes! It seems a bit hard to believe that it’s actually possible but, who knows! All we can do is our very best . Don’t forget, the timeframe we have set for ourselves is simply that, a ‘timeframe’. There is no huge consequence if we end up pushing our listing date out a week or two. We just thought the week before Easter would be a good time to start having open houses. We also want to try to stay away from listing the house too close to tax time. Apparently , from talking to way to many people, putting a house on the market is a very tricky and strategic thing. So we are working hard to try to get everything just right so that some lucky person will walk in the front door and be totally “Wowed!” I’m including some ‘before’ pictures of the backyard so you can begin biting your fingernails with the suspense of wondering “Will the Carter’s be able to beat the clock as the realtors are chomping at the bit to put that For Sale sign in their front yard?” Stay tuned for the next installment of “As The House Turns” Ha! Ha! Ha! I think I may be going a bit nuts, or maybe I’ve already been this way,( I blame Scott! Grin!) I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of this wacky Adventure! Cheers! ( is it time for wine yet?)




About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. And then you can collapse with a .48 can of beer in Boquete! This hard work will all pay off. Keep telling Scott he will be bored soon enough lol! Or do you have projects for him when you get there! Like building a whole new life, right! Looks good, almost there, 30 days tomorrow…….

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