Hurry up and Wait…


We are in limbo at the moment. While we wait for someone to step up and buy our house there are so many variables and so many aspects of our plan that we are unable to really move forward on just yet. Scott and I are still going over to the house to finish off little details and maintain the beautiful garden so that it looks spectacular for potential buyers. The little detached garage/cottage in the back really needed to be cleaned up so we gave it a fresh pain job inside and cleaned it up as best we could so that it looks nice. It’s hard to know if someone will like the versatility of having the ability to use it as a guest house or office or will they want it to be a garage? Who knows. So we go back and forth between the possibility of staging it as a cottage or leaving it just a clean slate so someone can use it as a garage. I think for now we will just leave it as is and see what happens. On Wednesday Scott is meeting a guy at our storage unit to get an estimate on shipping everything to Panama via container. We will most likely get estimates from at least two shipping companies. Then he will spend the rest of the week getting our taxes done so we can finally get that chore off our plate for this year.

Today at lunch we were brainstorming about what our options are for finding a place to live in Boquete. Ideally, in the long run we would like to find a furnished home that is pet friendly where we can live for at least the first six months to a year. Given the fact that finding and securing a situation via the internet is kinda risky, you just really never know who you are dealing with online. There a people everywhere who will be glad to take our money in return for a house they want to rent us sight unseen. We have had an email interaction with a man who has a house he and his wife would like to rent so they can care for his aging mother who lives abroad. Sounds pretty much on the up and up except for the part where he wants an entire year worth of rent paid upfront before we have even been there to see the place. He emailed pictures and it does look lovely but who in their right mind mails a complete stranger an entire years worth of rent for a house that may or may not even exist? Not us! I don’t know, just how we will find a long term situation without being there to really see it and meet the people who will be our landlord. It seems to us that the best plan will be to find a short term B & B or hotel or something where we can just spend a week or two while we hunt for more permanent lodging. Of course our cats are the problem with this plan. I did just make a new friend through my blog who has a lovely B & B in Boquete and it is pet friendly but she has two cats and we would have to see if our cats would get along with hers. HMMMMM, I’m just not sure how they will behave with other cats? I would feel so bad if they were really mean to two kitty’s who are just innocently welcoming them into their territory. I’ll have to see if it would be possible to just keep our guys in our room for a few days . Or the next idea we had is , as soon as the house is sold, possibly Scott can go to Boquete without me and the cats and stay in a cheap hostel while he shops around for a furnished place for us to live. This would require him to return so that he can travel back with me and the cats and some luggage. I just don’t think I could manage all by myself when it comes time to make the move. This may be a possibility. Right now we can’t make any final decisions about which route to take because as I mentioned we are in limbo until the house is behind us. It will be really comforting when we finally know where we will be living when we arrive in Boquete. At the moment we just have to patiently wait until this limbo phase has passed, which I’m sure will not be too much longer.

Although our living situation hasn’t been quite dialed in, I’m grateful that there are many aspects of this next phase that we have already spent a great deal of time organizing . Just getting to where we are now has required quite a tremendous amount of planning, coordinating, strategizing and research. When I feel myself beginning to feel anxious about not being as far along on a particular aspect of our goal as I wish we were, I have to stop and remember how much we have already accomplished this far. And as I like to remind others, I really need to just ‘be in the moment’! There’s so much to be grateful for and so much to soak up right now that I will miss someday. It’s very easy to get so caught up in ‘where’ I’m going and then I realize I am missing out on what is right in front of me. Everything always ends up working out just as it should in the end so why waste so much energy fretting over what will eventually become very clear. As I’m writing this post I am realizing just how therapeutic writing this blog is for me. When I began writing this post I was feeling so caught up in worrying about finding a place to live in Boquete. Now that I’ve reminded myself to chill out, I can take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment and all the people in it. Everything will fall into place as it is meant to. Of this I am certain. I’m gonna attempt to sit back and… ‘Let This Adventure Begin!’

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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Having Scott go down ahead of time to find a place to live, even temporarily, sounds like a good idea. That way, when you all arrive bag and baggage, you know where you are headed.

  2. Have you contacted anyone through ExpatExchange about rentals in Boquete. There is one frequent contributor who seems to be able to hook expats up with rentals (I think he owns apartment building there–panamajames? but that name could be confused with another lol since I have read so much of all of this!). Just a thought there. Good luck with this one!

    • We have not contacted them, I’ll check it out and see what comes of it. I really like the idea of Scott going out there ahead of me and finding a good rental in person. It will of course all work out but It will feel so much better to know we have something waiting for us when we arrive. Boy, what an Adventure , for sure! I cant wait to be there!!!

  3. We are moving to Pedasi in August and already have a house rented, so we know what’s happening when we get there. Having Scott fly down and find a place before the “Big” move sounds like the way to go. Yes it is an extra expense and time but you will be very thankful you did that rather than arrive, cats in hand and begin trying to finding a place, especially Boquete in the rainy season.
    We received a quote from at a really great price compared to all the other quotes we received, which ranged from $1600 to $5800+, but then we are only shipping a 4x4x6 crate. They pick up the shipment from you at your place (home, storage facility, etc), consolidate shipments in South San Francisco, ship them to Miami, further consolidate, ship containers to Colon, then deliver your shipment to your Panamanian home. The only door to door service we found.

    • Thanks Mike, I just passed that along to Scott, and I agree, the Scott making a trip before we go with the cats is a great plan! Cheers! I hope your move goes well, Maybe we will have to make a trip to Pedasi to have a Toast to the completion of our moves!

      • Please do keep in touch. My email is and we are keeping our our Auburn home phone number thanks to Magic Jack, 530-887-0828. Are you going to be doing that?
        We tried it out on our last trip this past January and it worked perfectly. We have the new one that does not require a computer, just Internet access.

      • We have not thought about the Magic Jack option but It does sound like its a great option. We got rid of our landline here long ago so we would have to establish a new number. I was just planning to use facetime and skype but if the wifi is slow it is a bit of a drag. Ill make a note of your email and here is mine, Cheers!

  4. I am with you Holly a fool and his money are soon parted, and you are no fool. Scott going earlier seems a good idea to me. However I know whatever you decide will be best for you. Love your Blogs.

  5. Ugh, Just noticed your leave date I think we will be ships in the night as I do not get there till second or third June. Seems I will have to come visit if I am well enough after you have had a long time to settle in and adjust.

  6. Eduardo Horna Write to this guy. He helped me and a lot of others find what they need. He lives near Boquete and works in both Boquete and David. He’s a great guy and speaks perfect English. From everything I’ve seen he is very trustworthy.

    I came ahead of the family to find the house and get everything ready, and it worked out very well for us. It is extra expense and who wants to be apart, but especially with Joel’s mom coming down it made things much easier.

    And, a bit of encouragement – it’s very hard to find homes to rent “in season” (when it’s cold up north) because a lot of people come down to get out of the cold. You will have missed the season so you should be arriving at a good time!

    I actually planned to come first and not go back, but closing on the house turned out to be much more complicated because there is no fast way to get papers back and forth to the US. (we were lucky, cash deal, wanted to close immediately) Are you staying until the house deal is done? If not, unless someone has POA and can sign for you, you might discuss this with your realtor. Papers round trip would have taken almost 2 weeks by FedEx. We did offers and counter offers, etc by scan and email, but the final papers needed actual signatures.

    You know it will all work out! Just keep going through the steps one at a time until you get there.

    • Ray and I just spoke with a Realtor last week when in Panama about the idea of renting a place in the fall (rainy season) even a few months before we actually plan on getting settled there in hopes of getting a jump on the snowbirds moving out of the cold and to the tropics and also in hopes that supply of rentals will be up a bit with those not loving rainy season leaving town. Let’s see if our plan works out for us!

    • If you need papers sent in a hurry I have used counter to counter with United Airlines in the past. not necessarily to Panama but to other countries. Also do not know if they still offer this service, but it might be worthwhile checking out. Was not cheap, but fast. Also some title companies now offer emailed document signature service, have used this also recently when I was doing some contract work for a Commercial RE agent.
      Just a couple of thoughts.

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