A Walk To Remember


Ive written about my walk to work in earlier posts. Today,( Wednesday) I had a late start, 12:00. We had a couple of things to do at the house so we went over there from the apartment and I decided to walk to work instead of having Scott drive me. I really took the time to enjoy my walk to work since , very soon, I may not have many more opportunities to do that walk . My time alone as I stroll through my beautiful neighborhood is a time of reflection, a time to decompress, it truly feeds my soul. One of the many things I love to soak up as I walk are all the flowers in the gardens I pass by. There are so many different varieties of flowers blooming during different seasons of the year. This time of year the tulips are just about done doing their thing but they are still beautiful as they begin that iconic tulip drip . One yard always has a gorgeous display of springtime tulips and I never walk on by without gazing upon them with much appreciation. During the summer I love the roses! There are endless varieties of roses as I walk down the sidewalk. I especially like the house with the white picket fence that has a very happy climber that covers the little fence, bursting with miniature pink roses. I often think that little picket fence looks as though it couldn’t survive the weight of even one more little bud. I witnessed the evolution of that particular rose through many seasons. I see it burst forth with growth in the summer, growing and growing as the hundreds of tiny buds appear and then it just bursts, almost overnight, with beautiful tiny pink roses that smell delicious as I walk by with a smile . Then the display slowly fades as the tiny roses finish their show for the season. I never tire of pausing to take a whiff of the roses that I pass on my walk to work. Mother Nature is so amazing to me. And I believe I am a very fortunate girl for having had such a delightful walk to work day after day for so many years.

I can’t gush about all the flowers without mentioning all the many mature trees and watching the squirrels scurry around, playfully chasing each other . I can’t help but wander if they are playing a game or if they are fighting over a nut or a pretty female squirrel? Or if they are scurrying away as fast as they can from that scary lady who walks by everyday staring at them like she’s hungry for a tasty squirrel stew? Huh? NOooooo! Yuck! The many many varieties of birds that look down on me as I walk by always make me smile. Those big black crows are always amazing to me, they are so big and make be think of the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds. I’m very glad those big black crows are blissfully unaware of my presence as I stroll by . One house I walk by every morning has a bunch of bird feeders hanging from the trees in their front yard . Scott very accurately calls them ‘cat feeders’ instead of ‘bird feeders’, as they are so covered in birds and very easy prey for wise cats who could easily catch a quick snack! Every day I say ‘good morning’ to the cat that lives on the front porch of a house that I walk by. He is a little black and white kitty who has his water and food dishes on the porch next to a plush little cat bed that he likes to lounge in. Oftentimes when I walk by the adorable cat is sunning himself in the crook of a tree in front of his house, his eyes closed and his furry little face tilted towards the sun. I smile as I walk by and I can imagine how wonderful he must feel as the sun heats up his black shiny fur in the cold morning. I often feel bad for him on cold rainy days when I walk by and he is curled up in a ball on the front porch looking so pathetic and I’m certain he wishes to be inside curled up on a sofa. Poor kitty!

The mornings are always very quiet and peaceful as I walk to work. There are very few people out and about at 7:30 in the morning when Im usually on my way to the salon to start at 8:00. I can almost always count on seeing a couple of regular early morning folks though. There is the elderly couple who are almost always out getting a bit of exercise first thing in the morning , the wife, very tiny and a bit bent over but still pretty spry, she walks in the early mornings with her bright white sneakers and her big rimmed hat protecting her from the sun for her morning ritual as her husband, an equally tiny guy wearing a beret and a big grin , rides around on his adult tricycle just as happy and friendly as can be. He never neglects to wish me a good morning as he sails by, gifting me with his big smile. I think it’s so great that the two of them get out and exercise together, they also seem to really enjoy the neighborhood as they begin each day . I cant help but wonder how many years the two of them have been out walking around and riding around in the mornings together. I’ll miss seeing them each day.

Yes, as you can see, I’m already anticipating mourning my morning walk. I hope we find a place to live where I can replace my walk with another even more beautiful and peaceful stroll. I will surly be able to begin a new ritual and find different varieties of trees, flowers , birds, and who knows maybe an iguana or some other different exotic creatures, hopefully not too many scorpions! But knowing me I’ll figure out a way to find something to admire about them as well, those rose-colored glasses might need a bit more ‘rose’ added to them to find the beauty in a scorpion but I’ll work on that! Yes, there’s plenty to look forward to in my new home and a glorious walk awaiting me in Boquete , for sure. For now I enjoy the beauty around me and bid farewell to my walk as I prepare to welcome the new walks I am looking so forward to exploring and enjoying as much as I have enjoyed the ones here.


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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. I am going to echo Kris — it’s hard to avoid a beautiful walk in Boquete (not that anyone would want too!) The flowers are always in bloom, and, to me anyway, it’s the perfect temperature every day. Mark and I walk everywhere, and it’s hard not to be in a good mood with the gorgeous scenery around every corner. I suspect nothing will replace the exact feeling you get now from your neighborhood walks, but know that other wonderful discoveries are ahead for you in Boquete!

    • Thanks! Hey! Ive missed you! Where are you guys now? I think you may have headed back to the States for a bit? I’m really looking forward to our move which is coming soooo quickly! I can taste it! Hope all is well with you two! Cheers!

  2. Yes, we’ve missed a whole month of blogging, but will be back to it soon! We were in the States for 3 weeks, now we are back in Boquete…SUCH an easy transition. Your move is a bit (ha, understatement) more complicated than ours, but I will cross my fingers that your transition is as easy as the circumstances allow. 🙂

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