Today is our Day!


We are planning to rest, relax,recover and rejoice! Yep, No work or worry on our agenda today. We have begun our day with coffee while we give the cats some love. So far we are undecided what direction our relaxing day will take. We have toyed around with the idea of a hike and a picnic, or possibly a bike ride, since Scott spent the better part of yesterday revamping our very neglected bicycles . Then we thought about the possibility of a train ride into the city to wonder and explore, which we always love to do. Culminating in dinner near the water so that after it gets dark we can go see the new light display on the Bay Bridge. Then again… we do need to do a bit of shopping for a few things we know we will need to bring with us to Panama. Given the fact that we just have about six more weekends left before our departure we really might need to try to gather the last few items we are planning to pack into our container to ship over to Panama. We have a list of a few essentials that we know will not be easy to find or at least easy to find for economical cost and of decent quality.

Well, it’s 5:00 now and we just got back to the apartment from a leisurely but productive day shopping. Yep, we settled on working on our list of goodies we need to purchase. Neither Scott nor myself are really big shoppers. We both agree that Malls are to be avoided as much as possible. Unfortunately today the mall was an unavoidable destination. We were on a mission to purchase a few things that we know will either be hard to find in Panama or will be more costly to purchase there. Bedding , sheets, a new Duvet cover, Towels and a few electronic items. We also needed to go to the pet store to buy a pair of heavy duty pet grooming clippers so we can give the cats a bit of a trim. They have some very bad mats in their fur and being long haired cats, its really impossible to comb them out. Another thing we decided we would see if we could find is some sort of bag to attach to our bicycles so we can ride to the market or ride somewhere for a picnic if we decided to . We found the perfect bag that is water proof and easy to attach to the bikes. Another thing I needed is a good, light weight rain coat . I have a heavy rain coat but I think In Boquete one needs more protection from the rain than the cold. I found just what I had in mind at REI. We ended up going to Stanford shopping center to look at Macy’s for linens but after discovering how expensive sheets and towels are we decided we could try shopping online maybe Overstock .com? Surly we can manage to find something a bit more affordable? Scott’s big mission today was pricing a new stereo and speakers. We spent a lot of time listening to many different brands of speakers and attempting to find a price range that works for our budget. This is Scotts area, I’m not in the ‘know’ about sound systems nor do I particularly care about speakers and such. (Insert eye roll right about here). But I do care about having the latest and greatest Kindle! Scott has inherited my current Kindle and I just picked up the Paper White version today, yippee! I do enjoy reading on my iPad but when reading outside, say on the beach or in a park, it’s impossible to see the back-lit screen on the iPad. There! That’s my justification for getting myself a shiny new one, (thats my story and I’m sticking to it!) I think the last few things that Scott needs he has to order from Grizzly(this is equivalent to Macy’s for tool lovers!), that would be big tools he thinks he will need while pursuing woodworking as a hobby. A Lathe, a planer, and a air filtration system, also a drum sander are on his wish list( Wooo Hooo!). That should do it for our pre-move purchasing, except for maybe a few replacement pots and pans that he may need to get. It’s important to make sure the cook has all the proper tools!

Although we originally had a couple of much more fun ideas for our day to relax, we still had a good time doing something that gets us ready for our new life. In the next few weeks we will want to find time to spend with friends and family and we will soon realize that we don’t have all that much time for prep work. We have a treat planned for Sunday, April 21, Jason and Caroline (our friends who live in Santa Cruz) have invited us to go out sailing with them and then out to dinner. We are really looking forward to spending time with them. It may be the last time we have to spend a day with them so we plan to really enjoy every moment we have. My daughter Mariah’s Birthday is coming up and I hope to still be here for that , it’s May25 so I’m not positive that we will still be here. She is planning an evening at the Top Of The Mark , up in the City. I was really hoping to have time for one more Mother Daughter Trip to Disneyland but time is running out and I,m just not sure how we will fit that in. I have two gift card to The Spa At Pebble Beach that I gotta get busy and use soon! I’m working on arranging time for that. As you can see, a day like today when we can leisurely get things done together is about to become very rare. I’m glad we were able to be somewhat productive while we enjoyed the day, of course the pitcher of Sangria with our lunch added to our leisurely approach to our day. We’re almost there! Our Adventure is fast approaching and we are ready!


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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Bed Bath and Beyond have wonderful sheets for the tropics. Sooooooooooo soft and now a senior moment… made from the bark of a tree and I can not remember which one. I purchased for everyone I know in Australia. Also inexpensive. I think it is Birch .. LOL

  2. We need to take you to Conway – great stuff for the kitchen, excellent pots and pans and lots of other stuff too. We got some nice sheets from the Do-It Center, believe it or not. You may be surprised at how much is available here. Bike stuff though, good idea to get it there. I shopped for bike stuff in the US because selection is limited here. Speakers? (eye roll) also hubbie’s department (no, I did NOT roll my eyes! LOL) I think there are a lot of good tools here too, but I’m not doing woodwork. Don’t worry though, you will be fine and the few things you can’t find here can go on your shopping list when you go back for visits, or have friends going back πŸ˜‰ 6 weeks eh? excellent, you are getting there!

    • Last time we spent time in David we did quite a lot of shopping around to see what we could find and yes, we are not moving to the ‘boonies’! Everything we could possibly need we will certainly find there. I think we are probably just looking to bring a few things that we consider creature comforts πŸ™‚ I’m not in the least bit worried about suffering without things we are accustomed to finding here. As a matter of fact I’m looking forward to finding Panama equivalent products to adapt to in my new home. I must say the one thing that I am just a tiny bit nervous about (and I’m confident I will be FINE) is the hair products! Yep, the hairstylist in me is concerned about the vanity aspect! My naturally curly hair requires massive amounts of hair products to tame it! I’ll be on a quest to discover what the Panamanian curly hair ( do they have any curly haired panamanians??) girls do! LOL! I will just avoid all mirrors if I cant find anything to tame my locks or I’m sure I can just amass a collection of good hats! HA!HA!

      • I will want to the post about hair products as soon as you figure it out! I can see myself with lots of days of pulling it back!

      • Panamanians generally have thick, straight, beautiful black hair. What kind of products do you use? I’m thinking of swinging by Arrocha on my way home this afternoon and I could take a look at hair products.

      • Ahhh, thats so nice of you Kris! I’m certain they wont have the exact product line but if they have anything specifically for curly hair I would try it. If the locals dont have curly hair Im probablly in trouble but I’ll figure out something!

  3. You are beginning to seem like my clone moving to Panama. I just read your activities for yesterday and this was our day. Decided not to ride the bikes today because it’s too hot so we went linen shopping instead. Macy’s was too expensive so we went to BB&B for duvet covers and sheets. How is this possible?

    • Oh my Gosh! Cindy! That’s too funny! We are on such a parallel ride right now, you gotta laugh! Did you end up getting everything you were looking for? We are still doing some online research, my husband just loves to find the best deal! I’m more apt to just go for immediate gratification and just buy it when I see It! So he is online as I am typing reading about all the many different sheet sets and reviews. We are getting close Cindy! Cant you just taste it ! Not much longer now and we will be clinking glasses and toasting to our successful escape from the grind! Hope all is going well for you! Cheers!

  4. LOL! Duvet covers? Too hot for those where we are. And I buy the microfibre sheets because they don’t hold the humidity like the cotton ones do.

    I agree with Kris, Do-It has some nice stuff, not as nice as Norte America but it’s all what you get used to. I love browsing around Conway, Saks and Dorian (when in the city). We have Mega Centro in Las Tablas but not much else in the campo. We’re planning a trip to David soon though…whoot, whoot! πŸ™‚

    I remember before we left running around trying to use up my gift cards that had been hanging around and trying to get all my frequent shopper points down to zero at one particular drugstore. The funny thing with the points is we tried to use them and then we accumulated them again so we had to keep running through the store to find things. Luckily we were there early in the morning and the clerk that was helping us was having as much fun as we were!

      • Okey dokey. We might be thinking about the end of the month. Or should I say Eric is still deciding!

    • I think it’s quite a bit cooler up in Boquete so hopefully I’m not bent silly about bringing the duvet! I was wondering about the cotton sheets with humidity? I know Boquete does get it’s share of humidity even though its not so hot, it is still the tropics huh! As I was just expressing to Kris, I’m looking forward to integrating my consumerism (hopefully minimizing it!), to what will be available locally. Hope you day is starting out good! Cheers!

      • Oh, yes my consumerism has decreased immensely.

        As for my day…wait for it. I’ve yet to post! πŸ™‚

      • I am waiting… but I’m sure your day is going swell! Cheers! I’m so envious that you guys are planning to meet up without me!!! Have a toast for me ! Cheers!!

    • You are too funny, thanks for doing a little curly hair product research for me! And I’m relieved to know you and Karen will have some good fiesta practice down before I get there! πŸ™‚ Practice is good! Cheers!

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