Our Next Big Milestone Will Be The Close Of Escrow…



The next big milestone for us will be the closing of escrow on the sale of the house. We don’t have a firm date on that quite yet! Originally the paperwork said May 24 but the buyers are going on vacation on May12 so we are hoping they will be able to close before their vacation, maybe May11? That will mean we need to vacate the house just as soon as that date is determined, so either by May 24 or May 11. The last few days or weeks of our stay will be spent in a pet friendly hotel.

We still have a few things remaining in the house that we are hoping to be able to fit into our storage unit and then into our shipping container. We have our couch,coffee table, king size bed,washer/dryer,patio furniture and three more big tools that Scott just ordered. Unfortunately this is where we begin to re-prioritize the things we are bringing. Why? you may be asking? Well, our storage unit is just about full already and as you may know, the two storage units are equivalent to our 40 foot shipping container so that means that whatever fits into the storage units should also fit in the shipping container! And Whatever ‘doesn’t’ fit will surely not fit into the shipping container! Yikes! There are already a few things that I know we can abandon, well not abandon exactly, but find a home for. Like a desk and printer stand,a wine rack, a corner metal bakers rack thingy,an upholstered chair, and I’m sure I can think of a few other things we can live without. The last things on my list of priorities is the couch and coffee table, although I’m pretty sure the coffee table can be disassembled and then it will fit better, I love that table! But the patio furniture is something I really want to be able to bring and the washer/dryer are non-negotable as well as the bed. Scott thinks he will have to completely unload the storage unit and repack it more efficiently. Given the fact that we had to pack it little by little, it was impossible to do a very efficient pack job. So we shall see how much more room we can find in there and just what ends up not making it into the container.

We’re jumping through hoops and checking off To-do’s with each passing day. Pretty soon we will be walking out the door of our house for the very last time. Big Sigh! We’ll have a short stay at a pet friendly hotel nearby so that I can finish up all that I need to do at my salon. Stephanie is getting really excited about taking over the salon and adding her touches of creativity to it. I can only imagine how excited she must be to finally have found a place to make her mark and to call her own. She officially takes over on June 1 and I know my precious little salon is in really good hands . Change is in the air and not just in our life. Our decision to retire in Panama has created opportunities for others arounds us to also embrace change and hopefully lot’s of surprising, positive possibilities will come. I believe we all have the power to attract the type of energy that we put out into the world and It’s my hope that everyone we know is able to find beauty and happiness and peace in the changes around them and maybe even embrace something new that comes their way as a result of our decision to embrace our new adventure. If you can get past the sadness of our change of address, you may be able to also find it within your heart to focus more on the positive like , hey, now you have a new, beautiful destination to visit! And , come on, you gotta admit, a new perspective on that haircut or hair color will be a great thing! Depending upon how you choose to look at change, you can embrace the saddest parts and hold onto that with all your might or you can feel sad for a bit and then move along to find that sweet spot where the good, and happy and optimistic part is waiting to be embraced! Come on! Let’s all have an Adventure!

About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Wow, you sure are taking a lot. We are leaving August 1 for Pedasi, Panama and shipping only a 4’x4’x6′ crate. we have already rented a fully furnished house, so no need for furniture. Besides, the climate in Panama is such that most USA furniture will either get moldy or fall apart in the wet, hot, dry, whatever weather there will be, it won’t be the conditions U.S. furniture was made for. We are taking tools and kitchen stuff that I want to cook with, computer, Flat screen TV, surround sound, some clothes, some family pictures, a few books and that’s it!
    Buena Suerta!

    • Yes, your right, a 40 foot container is a lot of belongings. I guess everybody has much different ways to approach this adventure. : ) I wish I were able to be lower maintenance but, nope, we may even bring the kitchen sink! Ha! Ha! There really isn’t much furniture that we are bringing, but mostly boxes of household things and the bulk of our container is probably my husbands woodworking tools oh, and of course our pool table (is that considered furniture?) and the kayak, we have lot’s of plans to pursue hobbies and therefore we just gotta bring all the toys. Given the fact that you are moving to a coastal area it will be much hotter and I imagine a bit more humid as well. The climate in Boquete is quite a bit different so hopefully we wont have as much of a mold and mildew issue. We shall see. I realize there is a lot of rain up there so I could be delusional, who knows! You may read a post down the road about mold mold and more mold! lol! Hope all is going well for you as you prepare for your adventure! See ya in Pedasi! Cheers!

  2. Sunny, you are so lucky to be able to detach yourself. We have a furnished rental but I want some of my stuff too once we buy/build. So, like Holly, we have a big storage unit crammed to the brim waiting for a container.

  3. Great post Holly. It makes me feel closer to you to hear your thoughts. I for one am excited about a great new place to visit and I know that a new perspective on my hair won’t be a bad thing. Much as I will miss you, I am looking forward to working with Elisabeth.

  4. Scott is probably right, you should unload the storage units and repack them. We did and it made a difference. Like you we weeded stuff out to sell the house and then had to add more later when we were homeless, then again when we moved the few things we had taken to my mom’s house so it was kind of a mess. We only shipped a 20 foot and had a 10 x 15 foot storage unit and the shipping container still had lots of room, yet our storage unit was packed pretty tight. If I had to do it over again I would have brought a full size stacking washer/dryer. My little stacker I have here is o.k. but sometimes I really miss my king size machines.

    As for bringing “stuff” you’ll probably be wondering why you brought half your “crap” once you start unpacking. It is nice to have some of your own “stuff” around you especially the tools and the kitchen gear which are a little more expensive here if you’re looking for things that will last.

    Poco a poco…the end is near! Or should I say the beginning? 🙂

  5. Whew! It all sounds so difficult, and I’m glad that phase of it is well behind me now. One day soon you will be saying this too!
    Boquete? Mold and mildew? It rains, and mists, and fogs all the time. Much of the time it is literally IN the clouds. It’s drier here in David but we also have mold and mildew problems. You might consider putting some dehumidifiers in that container.

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