Oh My Goodness! NINE more days of work!!




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  1. Holly
    I so look forward to hearing about your adventures in Panama. Keep the stories coming and don’t forget to publish a book. You are a great writer.

    Barbara Martin

  2. You are so lucky! When I was getting ready to leave, I decided June would be a good time….until – I found out when going to book my flight that from June 1 – September 1 there is a pet embargo in place by the airlines and I would have to wait until September. Boo Hiss. Do you know what it was like to have everything done and then NOT be able to go?? Yes, yes, this post is ALL about me !! ::stomps foot::

  3. Thank you for sending out this wonderful picture, Holly! It is a good memory from the charmed circle of your sunny personality and the environment you made for us.

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