A little Update


We did our 2 mile walk into town today. After a very satisfying breakfast at Central Perk, a little cafe in the town square, we made our way to the BCP (Boquete Community Players) where they hold the weekly farmers market. This market is every Tuesday from 9-12. They have everything from jewelry to organic produce, homemade baked goods, water purifiers, skin care products, hand made soaps, used books, vitamins, locally grown coffee and many other things. It seems to be a pretty popular gathering spot for many of the expats in the community to connect and I noticed a lot of socializing and catching up. We did run into a couple of our new friends and I must say it was a good feeling to see familiar faces and to be greeted by people we knew and introduced to new people as well. At one point , believe it or not, Scott was chatting to a couple of woodworking guys so I decided to go walk around and check things out while he visited, (I know, Scott “chatting”???) We were on a quest for a baguette for the bruschetta we plan to make to bring to our friends house for dinner tonight. There was a stall selling fresh baked breads but the baguette was $3.00 which seemed a bit steep to us so we decided to look around elsewhere in town. We did find some nice cherry tomatoes and a bug repellent called Gruber’s Jungle Oil , which boasts , ” Made from Panama’s finest medicinal plants and soybean oil”. It is said to not only repel mosquitoes , tics, wasps and bees and spiders and scorpions for up to four hours but also rapidly neutralizes bites. I have a couple good bites on my legs and it does seem to have stopped the itch! After the Tuesday Market we headed over to Romero’s to pick up some lunch food and see about the baguette. Nope strike two on the quest for the baguette , off to Sugar and Spice, a bakery in town, across from the place where we had lunch yesterday. Score, well kinda, they had a nice Ciabatta which we decided would work just fine. We caught a cab right outside the bakery and are now relaxing and catching up on some emails and a few online bill paying. Before we stopped at the bakery we stopped at Habla Ya to confirm our classes which begin on June 17.

We did have a funny misunderstanding with our new local cell phone number. Yesterday we got an email from one of our new friends who said they had gotten a phone call for us? HUH? We were confused at first, why would they get a call for us? Then after thinking about it we realized that while we were at the Cable and Wireless office arranging our new phone, they asked us who recommended them to us , they wanted the phone number of the people so they could send them a discount as a thank you. Well the only phone number we had was there’s so we gave it to Geovanna. They had, after all been one of the many people who had recommended Geovanna at Cable and Wireless. She handed us a receipt as we left the office and it had our new number printed on it(what we “thought” was our number) . What we did not know was that they had also printed our friends number on this receipt. So we began giving out what we thought was our new number to the spanish school as well as to Keith, the car guy. Unknowingly giving the WRONG number !! Oh my gosh!! We only just figured it out and sent our friends an email apologizing profusely about being such dummies! We, of course immediately contacted the other people who we had given the wrong number and corrected our mistake! Geeez! We may be loosing friends as fast as we are making them at this rate!! ha!ha!ha! Although I must say the price was right for their answering services!

As far as little Snafoos go , we think that one was pretty minor, and hope to be more careful in the future. Although, who knows what mischief we may find ourselves unintentionally getting into! These things make for a good adventure , never a dull moment! Onward and Upward!! Cheers!


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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Sugar and Spice was one of the first places I had read about when researching Boquete (my sister owns a bakery out of her home/her boyfriend is the baker). Have you read up on how the owners met? Or talked to them about it? I found it interesting. Also, curious as to what the ciabatta cost you since you bypassed the baguette (my sister charges $5 at markets near Washington DC, so I too found $3 to be a bit pricey)?

    • The ciabatta was 2.50 which we thought was ok, it was good sized and really good! No we have not read anything about the owners , we have just heard from many locals that is a good place and everytime we have been there it has been really good!

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