Relax? Who? Us!?



I don’t think we have this “retired” thing down quite yet! It seems as though each day we are running around getting so much done that before we know it the day is over! Geez! I’m beginning to wonder when we will figure out how to just chill? There just seems to be so many little bits and parts to setting up a life in a new location. Today we had arranged to meet with Lyn, (remember, we met her through our other friends at dinner on Tuesday night?) not only does she make handmade organic soaps and lotions and skincare, and run and operate an eco lodge, but she is also a realtor! Lucky us to have met such a multi-talented lady! So we asked her if she could take us out to see a few pieces of property in the area we think we’d like to buy. We met her in town at 11:00 and she had arranged to connect us with another realtor from a different office who she likes to work with. Here in Panama real estate is done very differently, they don’t have an MLS so when two realtors from different offices agree to work together you get to see many different pieces of property instead of just the listings from your particular realtors office. So her colleague, Ulysses drove us around with Lyn and we were able so check out four different listings in the area we like. We saw two lots that we really thought were workable but one that stood out most for us in many ways. The view was spectacular, you could see the Pacific Ocean ! Sadly, after the owner of that particular lot heard that he had someone interested he decided to raise the price $25K! !*?#% Good way to make someone UNINTERESTED!! Oh well, so much for that one! We will move on, besides, there’s no hurry whatsoever. We have all the time in the world to just shop around until we find a piece of land that is just what we are looking for.

For now we are concentrating on finding a long term rental to move to. We arranged to meet with a guy who has a very good reputation for helping people find good rentals, Eduardo. He was a very nice man who showed us a couple of condos in town but they were just not quite what we are looking for. He told us he has another possibility and will send us some pictures of it. But the price is on the high end of what we are hoping to spend so we’ll see. Tomorrow we have set up a meeting with a woman who has a house for rent , the pictures look good and the price is right, it’s in a good location close to town and is pet friendly, has laundry facilities and a good kitchen, I’m hopeful about this one. We have a couple other leads on places that are coming available in September and if we don’t find anything sooner we will check those out. Lyn is also keeping her eyes out for us and we have done a good job spreading the word so pretty soon the right thing will surly come around.

I think we have decided on a truck to buy. A Toyota Hilux, 2013. We got a lead on a used ford but the price difference for the used truck just wasn’t enough to make us feel like it was worth buying something used . It seems used cars here are not always a good deal. Toyota is offering a special right now in order to get rid of the 2013 models and so it’s not a bad deal. Scott just sent Oscar, the sales guy, an email and we will see where that goes. The special price ends on Sunday so who knows. We are planing to eventually buy an SUV for me to drive and we like two cars, the FJ cruiser and the Fortuner, both Toyotas. This car makes sense to us to buy used because the price difference is much better for the used as opposed to new. We really want a 4 wheel drive that has plenty of clearance because the area up in Jaramillo has some pretty bad roads in some areas so it’s a must.

All this may sound like an overwhelming amount of work but to us it’s just the necessary bits of getting our new life started. I think we’ll be able to chill as soon as we have these little details all dialed in. You’ll be glad to know that Scott managed to find a deal on a discount for a couple of rounds of golf at Lucero , one of the local golf clubs. He found a similar thing to Groupons, it was $40.00 per round and $19.00 for rental clubs. its usually $80.00 per round and $40.00 for clubs. He can go play golf on his Birthday June 14! Maybe I’ll use the time to read!! Ahhh! That sounds like a good plan! We have also read about a yoga class we may try to check out. But as soon as our Spanish classes start we’ll be pretty busy five days a week from 1-5. Like I said, RETIRED?? I’m not sure why I thought I would have more down time?! Whew!



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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. We’ve been here for months and we’re still busy and the days fly by!
    Glad you have made some connections and got to meet Eduardo. He’s a good guy and has become a good friend. Too bad our schedules didn’t mesh but we’ll be up again, and it sounds like you will be down here car shopping so I have no doubt we’ll see each other soon.

  2. I love my FJ! Would be a perfect car for down there, I think. Only downside is a little limited visibility out back windows – you definitely need to make sure you turn and look over your shoulder before you merge. Other than that it is an awesome vehicle. Tall enough to go through water that will stall out most cars. I’ve never had to use te 4WD because with the traction control & limited slip rear differential i’ve never needed it – even on ice. It’s been a winner for me!

    • Thanks Pat! I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with anyone who has first hand experience with the FJ Cruisers. They seem like a really good choice for out here. The only problem is that the dealerships here In Panama have only been selling them for about a year and the used ones we have been seeing are older than that so we are leery about where they are getting shipped here from, possibly salvaged and fixed up? hard to know for sure here. We are not in any hurry since we decided to go ahead and buy a pick up new and just hold out for a good used FJ or possibly a Fortuna which is similar to a Four Runner. Maybe we will be able to find a good used one that has not been shipped here with a mysterious background. Good to hear from you that it is a great car , I really love how it looks and I hope we are able to find one! Cheers!

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