We Got This!


We got up early today(yesterday) , 5:45! Yuck! We needed to walk into town early in order to catch the early bus into David to pick up our new truck . This may seem kinda crazy but we needed to get back here to Boquete so we would get to our Spanish class which starts at 1:00. It really hasn’t been too bad not having a car so far but, I gotta say, it’s nice to have the freedom to go wherever we like, whenever we like. Taxi’s are abundant and very inexpensive here but there’s just nothing like having your own transportation. After spending about an hour and a half sorting through all the final paperwork at the dealership with Oscar and his assistant Cinthia, we gleefully drove off the lot in our new truck (well,I may have been the gleeful party!) Next stop. The Do It Center!

We’ve been here for 22 days, (but who’s counting) and are slowly discovering a few little things we need. This apartment is furnished but there are just a few little household items we have discovered that have not been provided by the inn. Of course when we first got here we discovered there was no coffee pot in our room so we thought a french press would suffice and a blender was also something we really “wanted” in order to enjoy making smoothies with all these fresh fruits we were seeing in the market. A couple of days ago a glass jar of salsa fell out of our refrigerator and crashed onto the tile floor, breaking into a million little pieces, YIKES! After quickly getting Scott some shoes and picking up the cats and putting them in the bedroom I had to run downstairs and try to locate a broom to sweep up all the glass. AHA! I need a broom and a dustpan! Then , later as Scott was trying to whip up some breakfast we discovered that this new apartment has no mixing bowl, this will not do, how will he make pancakes? Another thing this apartment doesn’t have is a kitchen towel, may seem unimportant but remember there’s no dishwasher so yours truly needs something to dry dishes with .

Starting anew is a big adventure. When our container arrives we will then have all our creature comforts but in the meantime, we are making do with the bare minimum which for the most part is actually still more than some people have. Part of this lifestyle change for me has been to minimize my material possessions and to “want” less. As we packed up our possessions to be shipped here to our new home we sifted and sorted and got rid of a vast majority of “stuff” in order to minimize our possessions. It was a very liberating experience and I haven’t felt one ounce of regret for having chosen to clear out all the excess. As I write this post about a few little necessities, a way to make coffee, a blender for smoothies, a broom and dustpan to keep our living area clean, mixing bowls so Scott can cook, and dishtowels, I feel so pleased to be here. I still have sooooo much and my heart feels full of happiness ! The word that comes to my mind this morning as I write about the silly little things is Abundance. I feel as though I have an Abundance of happiness and joy each day I wake up and begin a new day here in my new home. Any and all material possessions are simply icing on the cake and I’m grateful for my new broom and my blender but what I feel the most grateful for is what I see when I look out these beautiful windows!

This place we have chosen to live is providing us with so much! Aside from the obvious, fresh mountain air, birdsong to wake up to each new day, flowers and trees in abundance , I could go on and on about the natural beauty all around us, the people we are meeting and getting to know, from the waitress at Pianista who was so pleased to see us last night for the second time and greeted us as though we were old friends, to the Spanish teacher who is making my class fun by laughing a lot! And the car salesman who reiterated that we must know that he is our friend and we should be sure to call him with “ANYTHING my Friend”, Doctor, lawyer, dentist, or if you are not sure about a person, we should call him because he knows everyone and he will tell us if they are good people or not! The Taxi driver who made us feel as though we were getting a ride from a friend. And the gardener who speaks no English but gives us a smile and a wave every time we walk past him. Oh and there is the friendliest construction crew who we walk past everyday , they wave and say “Bueno!” to us with big smiles ! Did I mention the school children? Yesterday, walking to town a little girl walking with her little brother very shyly, urged him over to us with big smiles on their faces and the little boy said to us, “Gooood Morning!” Ohhhh! They were so adorable, I just wanted to squeeze them! ( dont worry, I didnt !)

I guess all this to say, I feel as though my life is filled to the rim with abundance. An abundance of new friends and time to enjoy all that this amazing new place has to offer. As I said in the title of this post “We Got This!” I am putting the finishing touches on this post on the following morning . We just finished with breakfast and have spent all morning studying Spanish and doing our homework. Scott’s new hard drive for his poor lap top arrived yesterday but sadly , it doesn’t seem to be working, darn! So it’s possible a new lap top may be in order but not to worry, we have my trusty iPad!! Ahhhh the material possessions again, Oh well! Life is good and our Adventure continues! Off To school now! Ciao!

About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Hi Holly,
    I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we are enjoying your blog. They are like a breath of fresh air and each day we look forward to them. You take us along on your adventure and we truly feel as if we are there. We went back and read some of your earlier posts and loved them as well. Loved the one where you listed all of your hopes/expectations/requirements and desires as you searched for the right country and location for your adventure. We took that list and added a few of our own — but basically you just nailed it as we have the same list. We are putting together a list of questions that we want to ask you and if you are willing, we will be sending it in a few days – probably many of the same questions you also had at the early stages. As things stand now, I am planning to make a trip to Panama next month ( mid July), if I can work it out at work. Jennifer will not be able to come with me as she has already committed to other things. She has a surgery to go through near the end of July, and can’t travel. So, the plan is to make the first (scouting) trip for a week or so and get “the lay of the land,” so to speak. Anyway, just wanted to let you know what your blog means to us. We look forward to meeting you guys, even though we feel as if you are already ‘old friends’. Blessings; Jerry Moellenkamp

    • Hey Guys!
      I am so grateful to you for letting me know how much your enjoying reading my blog! It’s very rewarding to receive such a complimentary response and it’s comments like yours that make me keep on writing about our adventure. I’m happy to share with you as much as I can, we are learning as we go along so I would never consider myself an expert on expatriating but any info I have I am pleased to share. It sounds like you are well on your way to you very own adventure and you must be really excited. If you decide to visit Boquete on your exploratory trips please let us know and we can arrange to meet. Good luck to you! cheers! Holly

  2. I am so happy for you guys that you are truly happy with your decision on your new home 🙂 Isn’t it strange how your idea of necessaries has been restructured in your new adventure? I am sooooo proud of you both for being able to live your dream. I know Dad and Glen are enjoying see this all coming true for you both::) Love Mom xxoo

  3. Isn’t it lovely when the little things fill your day with gratitude? Panama has a way of doing that to you. 🙂 Great post Holly.

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