It’s official! We have been thoroughly fingerprinted!



It took several tries for me, I’m not as experienced as Scott at getting my fingerprints done!! Ja!Ja!Ja!!


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  1. I also had a hard time with the fingerprints. They did it electronically – each finger 3 times and each one was rejected. I sent what I got with a letter from the city saying that was as good as it was going to get. The FBI rejected it. So I did it again and also rejected but after 2 tries the FBI goes to your driver’s license. They told me that teachers, nurses and doctors wash their hands so much we literally wash off our prints. Hairdresser? Same category. But you’re also a lot younger.

  2. If this is for the FBI background check there are FBI approved Chandlers that can obtain the background check in less time. They are listed on the FBI website. We are using one in San Jose, CA that has 1-3 day turnaround. After having 3tries with 7 fingerprint cards rejected I went to a service in Rancho Cordova that captures your fingerprints just like Livescan (which the FBI will NOT accept) and then prints them to the FBI fingerprint card. This was then mailed to the service in San Jose. Hopefully this will work as we leave for Panama on August 1 and my FBI report is all we need. if not, then we start all over because the other docs will be out of date for the required 90 days prior to applying for the Pensionado Visa.

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