I love the mornings



I just have to tell you how much I love the mornings here! It’s always sooo peaceful and its the start of a new beginning everyday. All is fresh and just awakening, all of nature is preparing to go out and embrace the day. I love to make a pot of coffee first thing when I get up. Then I go outside and am greeted by two very happy dogs , tails wagging and I swear they’re smiling! Really! They are so happy to see me each morning, I just love that about dogs. When I lived in California I never had time to have a dog . But here, even though I don’t ‘officially’ have a dog ,( don’t tell these two, they think they’re mine or do they think I’m theirs? Hmmm?) I’m enjoying the presence of their happy doggy faces everyday. Whatever they think, I just adore the enthusiasm that greets me when I open that door in the morning. They’re so stinky and they have tons of little flys all over them,( who knows what they’ve been frolicking in during the night, yuck!), but I don’t care, my hands can be washed! I pet them and scratch their bellies and they just love my attention and I love theirs as well, everyone is happy. After giving them a little food (very little, they are so fat, I think they must make the rounds here in the neighborhood and are fed by multiple people!). I grab my cup of coffee and my iPad and go sit on the patio to read my emails or check out Facebook and play my many turns on Words With Friends. I hardly every get to read my emails or any other such productive things because the view is soooo distracting. The hummers are giving me a show as they dance around the feeder , fighting over who’s food it is. All the colorful birds are having their daily meeting in the Avocado tree in front of me. I’m always sure to place a banana in the little basket in the tree so they have a snack while they are having their meeting. Often I see bright yellow or bright blue butterflies flittering past as I gaze out at the lush green mountains in the distance. All the flowers also serve as distractions from my morning reading. The bright purple colored bougainvillea, the huge Angels trumpets, the vast array of many colored Hibiscus scattered all around this landscape and lets not forget the hydrangea. I just cant pull my eyes away from all the natural beauty I’m surrounded by as I sip on my coffee. I must admit one of my favorite sights is the many banana trees all over this property, you just don’t see that in your everyday life living in the Silicon Valley ! I love the way the gigantic leaves move with the breeze, they sway so gracefully and I never tire of watching them. As the sun rises the landscape changes ever so subtly with the light. The mountain range comes into view as the mist recedes and I can slowly begin to make out the many different layers of mountain that are seemingly ‘stacked’ up behind one another. What appeared to be one big mountain is actually several different mountain ranges all covered in coffee plants and varies species of trees. The many different shades of green mesmerize me. I love to pick out all the green, who knew there existed so many different shades! It’s just impossible to pay attention to my precious iPad with this much beauty surrounding me. Yes, the mornings are my absolute favorite time of day! No need to rush to get ready to go anywhere , I’ll shower whenever I have time. There’s never any feeling of urgency to get anything in particular done or started! Aside from putting that banana in the tree or petting that fat little stinky dog with the smiling face. If there’s such a thing as being too content, I’m in trouble!

About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. You definitely have a way with words, I could almost smell the flowers (and the dogs), hear the birds, feel the breezes!!! Keep on keep on enjoyin’ your new life!!!——and I truly believe you are!!!!

  2. Good morning Holly, new day, beautiful mornings, animals and ALL! Really enjoy your blog and you write so interestingly.. Keep it up.
    Jerry and Aris

  3. Wow, can’t wait til we get there. Did we mention we are booked in December again? ….. have to make a decision on where we are going to stay …. maybe we will try to get together again …. we are bringing friends with us this time and will want to show them Boquete.

      • We would love to get together! We will be in Panama from the 7-21 of December…. Our friends will be travelling from the 13-21. We are renting a villa in Boca Chica while they are with us. Look so forward to getting together with you and Scott again! Will keep in touch.

  4. Living in Australia tropics as a child always loved all those green shades, for me has always been my proof that there is a supreme being. I am at home with Mum and eating a banana each morning home grown and the best. Yummmmmmmmmmm. Love your blogs

  5. I love the view and thr tranquility of communing with nature. Even the road or driveway looks appealing! We have 3 dogs, and I hate to leave my babies each day. I guess that Panama is like the States many years ago when the dogs roamed free. Your furry friends remind of a movie, from a dogs perspective, of all the people he meets during the day. Actually, he is on the job, lowering your blood pressure, greeting lonely people who live alone and greeting strangers as the local Doggy Welcome Wagon.

    Awe the fruits in your yard edible? I can’t imagine having an avocado tree.

  6. As you and I talked about, we are both on our respective patios at the same time, staring at the same view, petting two different doggies and receiving messages from the hummingbirds about what’s going on in your yard and I’m sure they’re telling you what’s going on in mine. And yes, the coffee is go-o-o-od, isn’t it?

  7. Thank you for the wonderful descriptions, Holly. You are a gifted writer. I was just flashing back to all your trials and tribulations while getting ready to make the big transition. So glad you treasure your new environment.

  8. Hi Holly, Your mornings sound idyllic. Sometimes I feel almost too busy; going hiking, to talks on the wildflowers in the area, talks on coyotes (much bigger here than CA, they are around 50 lbs so you don’t dare let little dogs and cats out) Anyway I’m happy with my move. I gave your blog address to a friend of my friend next door. She and her husband are thinking about retiring to Panama. Carolyn

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