Okay, This Sucks…


Can I be honest with you? I think you’d want me to be honest,right? Sooo, here goes….I know I always try to find the positive in almost everything , that’s just my way. But today I’m feeling a bit down. Humph. Prepare yourself for a bit of venting… Besides the constant pain from both the sprained ankle and the cuts and scrapes, I’m seriously bummed to be so immobile at the moment. Each day will get better but I have a feeling it will be awhile until I can do all the things I’m used to being able to do. It’s a very unfamiliar sensation to me, being unable to do what I want to do…Grrrrr. I was sooo looking forward to celebrating our newly official purchase of land here to build our home. We had planned to go up there with a special bottle of wine that we brought with us from California , and bringing our lawn chairs, a couple of glasses and celebrating the beauty of the spot we are about to call our “home”. That’s not happening for quite awhile, I would never be able to make it up there at the moment, it’s a bit of a hike. I promise, I wont keep moaning about this, I just had to get it out. I’m amongst friends so I figured You wouldn’t mind.

Another sucky thing that’s on my mind, while I’m talking about “sucky” things…some people really suck. The people I’m thinking about are the ones we ran into at the border on Sunday. When we got to the Panamanian side of the border crossing , after getting stamped out of Costa Rica, we were very disappointed to find that there was a long, long line of people waiting . So, of course, we just went to the end of the line and prepared for a long, long wait. All the people in front of us were indigenous Indians , and they all seemed to have papers in their hands and were dressed in their Sunday best. Nicely pressed pants, many with buttoned down shirts and nice black shoes. All looking very hot and not happy, but determined to do whatever it was that they were standing in that long long line to do. These determined, well dressed indigenous are not the ‘sucky’ people I speak of. The “sucky” people I speak of were , sadly, Gringos! Yes, I’m so sorry to say, and quite embarrassed by, the behavior of these people who walked up after we had been patiently waiting our turn in this line behind these determined indigenous people. Ugggg…As these Gringo’s walked up to the line we clearly heard the women say, (there were two men, a women and what we assume was a guide, possibly Costa Rican), “Oh thank God, White people!” (meaning us!) Then one of the men said, with a very unkind face “This line is this long because they don’t know how to write and the papers have to be completed for them!” With a scowl on his face, as though he hated each and every one of those people who were standing in the line……They proceeded to march up to the front of the line to inquire if they were required to wait with the riff-raff. (Big eye roll!) At this moment, I began to understand why many of these indigenous people harbor a dislike of my kind. Humph! I felt so embarrassed. In the end, we learned that all these locals were in line for some sort of work permits and there was indeed a second line for immigration. Well, given the fact that I was on crutches and not doing well, and that we were indeed meant to be in an altogether different line, we very apologetically and humbly made our way to the front of the long long line…I gotta tell you , all four of us felt so bad. Even though we didn’t have that same “better than thou” attitude as those “ugly Americans” who went before us, and we made our way to the place we needed to be with as much humility and kindness we could muster, all four of us felt pretty bad. In a perfect world ( I know Valerie agrees), we would love to have had not only the time, but the knowledge of their language, to stay there and help each and every one of those people fill out the necessary papers they held in their hands.

I’ll never understand why some individuals think they are better than other people, the way these people clearly felt they were better than those indigenous people who’s country we are visiting . It’s disturbing, to say the least, to witness such behavior and to feel so directly associated to it simply because of our appearance. Ugggg! I have no answer to this dilemma, but since I was in a venting mood, there it is. So, my ankle hurts and some people suck! Blah! I promise to resume my normal optimistic outlook tomorrow….:)

About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Sadly there are people who have been fortunate to be raised in first world country’s, and seem to think that makes them better. I am always so grateful for the life I was granted and want like you to share. So you are allowed to vent about them.

  2. I fully understand where you are coming from Holly, people like that make me sick, I run across them all the time, I, like you would have loved to have helped those people fill out their paper work. So sorry that your ankle hurts so bad, will you go see a doctor to see if a soft cast would help…also have you gotten your iPad fixed yet. Take care and stay off of that ankle, you don’t want to hurt it more.


  3. Are you taking pain medicine? Are you able to sleep? If the over the counter stuff isn’t keeping you comfortable, I’m sure a doctor could give you something stronger especially to get you through the first week or two. As I always told my patients – there are no prizes for pain and suffering so take your medicine! It’s really hard to stay happy when you are in pain, and being immobile doesn’t help either.

    As for sucky people, I hope they are headed back home asap because they certainly don’t belong here. I have also encountered embarrassing, sucky gringos. In fact, the only people I have had any problem with in Panama has been other gringos.

  4. Your ankle must hurt so bad! I’m so sorry! Also sorry there are sucky people in the world — and sorrier they are Americans! I hope your ankle starts to feel better.

  5. Americans suck at waiting in lines. I always noticed how the locals in Panama were interminably patient about waiting in lines. We could all take a lesson from them. Life if better when taken at the pace dictated by circumstances.
    I hope you feel better soon! – Mike

  6. Unfortunately I’ve run into quite a few of those obnoxious gringos in my travels and different countries I’ve been fortunate enough to live in. Not being one who often keeps silent there have been times when I couldn’t keep my trap shut and told them, “It’s people like YOU who make it hard for people like ME, and I’ll bet your as big an a**hole where you come from as you are right here!”

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