Windy Season Is Upon Us…



At least in the Alto Lino area, the wind has really begun to seem much stronger than normal. For those of you who don’t live here in Boquete, we have two seasons, rainy and dry. Remember, this is our first full year living here so it’s all new to us. But I think we may be through with most of the “rainy” season and soon it may officially be the ‘dry’ season. The professors at our Spanish school, who are all Native Panamanians, refer to Invierno & Verano…. ‘summer & winter”. But it’s all backwards, they call November or December through March or April Summer and May through October orNovember (invierno) Winter. So in their minds Christmas is in the (Verano) Summer! Welcome to the Tropics! πŸ™‚ It’s funny to see all the Christmas decorations going up when it’s sooo sunny and warm outside. Not that this “California girl” has ever really experienced a REAL winter, but this is even more sunny and pretty than Ca would be in December.

When we arrived, the end of May, we were just entering into the rainy season and on our first two visits to Boquete, several years ago, we had only ever been here in mid and late October. I’m told, that October is the height of the rainy season so we knew before we moved here that we could take it. So during the rainy season it rains nearly every day. But the nice thing is, it doesn’t rain “all” day long. Normally the mornings are beautiful, clear and sunny, around low to mid 70’s. Then in the late afternoon it will begin to cloud up and then the downpour begins. And this isn’t California type rain….noooo, this is tropical deluge! Sooo this is where they get the Phrase ” Sheets of rain”. Because often when it rains here, it really comes down! I’ve never seen anything like it! Scott and I just have to laugh when it starts to rain and we are trying to watch TV, because this house we’re renting has a metal roof and holy cow! You cant hear ANYTHING!!! It’s really quite hilarious how loud it gets. We have to actually Yell to even hear each other talk! But luckily the downpours don’t seem to last for long periods of time. The rain sort of comes and goes often with long breaks in between the deluges. The thing about this rainy season that I found soooo wonderful was the fact that it never really gets Cold like you would expect when you look outside and see stormy looking weather. I always look outside to see what the day looks like and if it looks kinda gray and cloudy, my mind ,registers, “COLD”! But then when I walk outside, with long pants and a sweater it’s surprisingly not cold at all! What to me looks like a chilly SF Bay Area day, is never actually what it is when I go outside. I think the coldest it has gotten here may be in the mid 60’s.

We’ve noticed that many times when it’s particularly stormy, (did I mention the lightening and thunder? WOW!) our electricity and often internet and cell service, is effected. And when I say ‘effected’ I mean , It just disappears! Stops! Doesn’t work! Goes Away! WHAT??? I know!! Crazy, huh? When we lived in CA we would have the occasional power outage, but it wasn’t often, and not normally for much time at all. But here, it happens quite frequently that our power will go out, and don’t even get me started on our internet!! I can deal with no lights or TV but Please don’t take my internet connectivity away from me!! Whaaaaaa!! As I’m writing this we haven’t had any internet in about six days!! Yikes!! Luckily the cell service still works because I have a data plan on my iPad so I at least have limited access to keep me from getting the “shakes” from the withdrawal of no internet! Although, we have even had the cell towers go down for short periods of time as well! Talk about feeling ‘disconnected’! Our property management lady has arranged to have a technician come up and he was supposed to come yesterday…but, ya know how that goes (eye roll!). So maybe today? This is when my “Tranquilo” practice comes in handy!! Brrrreath….Ahhhhh!

Often times after a particularly violent storm we will see that a huge tree has taken out a power pole and they seem to be ‘on it’ pretty quickly, repairing the damage and getting power restored. But other times there just seems to be no rhythm or reason for the power to be down. It’s a funny thing. This past weekend we experienced the strongest, most violent wind yet. It was crazy how windy it got up here. I don’t know if we are officially in the Windy season yet, but that was some amazing wind! Here’s something that I bet never happens in your yard when there’s strong wind….We had several fallen banana tree’s in our yard! So yesterday Scott went around to check if they had bananas and Geesh! We now have three huge bunches of bananas in various stages of ripeness! Banana Bread, anyone??

So, as we enter into our first “Verano” (summer) in December, I’m excited to experience the next phase of weather in Boquete. One things for sure, It will be different from any “Verano” Ive ever experienced. I’ll let you know how the wind is and hopefully our internet comes back up soon! Here is an interesting link to the Boquete weather web sight. They have several volunteers in different areas who collect and measure the rainfall each month.

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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. The weather at the south end of town has changed dramatically too. Wind, especially at night, just howls. And outside plants need watering. I guess nature’s drainage system here is great since after a deluge, the water disappears in a short period of time. Now that there’s no rain, I water and water and water but my hanging plants are always dry. Our first ‘summer’ here too.

  2. You are now in Southern hemisphere, have you watched water run out the other way. Here we call it bucketing down, yesterday as I drove north stopped driving twice as it was so heavy. Hope you enjoy first summer Christmas..

    • Panama is 8 degrees north of the equator – water flows the same direction here as in the US. What’s different is there are only 2 seasons – rainy and dry. Good writin’ Holly – hope you have Internet service by now. We just got back from Coronado and Las Lajas – Nic is in the Bay Area until Tuesday – Peace!

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