Feliz Navidad!


My friends Kris & Joel had such a great Christmas Eve in the neighborhood where they live. Reading this post I can just hear the joy in her voice as she describes her evening and how happy she felt to be so included in the festivities of all the neighbors. What a great holiday they had!

The Panama Adventure

This is my 400th post, which seems fitting because I’m writing about a wonderful and significant Christmas for us, one that has me thinking about how our lives have changed since moving to Panama.

Christmas is celebrated a bit differently in Panama. Some people go to church on Christmas eve and then later, by 10 or 11 at night, the festivities are well underway. Food is prepared, fireworks are set off in the street, music can be heard from various homes, and people party in the streets. Midnight is the climax of the night, the moment when Christmas arrives. After a flurry of fireworks and greetings of Feliz Navidad to everyone, the holiday dinner is served. After dinner it is time for gifts. A Panamanian Christmas eve can last well into the night.

We were invited to three homes! We’ve been good friends with our neighbors since we arrived, and…

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