Here we go!



More Firsts…

Our first day of working on our property. Scott began early while I was a the gym (Im working hard to strengthen my ankle). In order to begin the staging part of this project Scott’s building two pen-type things to keep the gravel and sand contained for mixing with the concrete. He began his day early by driving up there with a truckload of concrete blocks that he picked up yesterday evening, unloaded them at the top of the lot then drove back down the Ivan to pick up the next load. While he was there he decided to go ahead and let them deliver a load of blocks, (500) two loads. He picked up four loads of gravel which he unloaded himself. The delivery guys don’t have a truck that would make it to the top of our property so they dumped the blocks at the bottom, Scott loaded them into his truck then drove them to the top and unloaded them himself…he’s really gotta get ahold of some workers!

After I left the gym I was driving through town trying to find a place to park so that I could run a couple of errands and low and behold Scott saw me! (Darn it!) He caught up with me and asked if I wanted to bring lunch up to him in a couple hours….I knew right then that I was in trouble! Of course I made a lunch and drove up to the lot. We found a nice spot, set up our chairs and enjoyed our first meal together on our property. It was sooo nice. It’s such a peaceful spot, even though it’s a bit buggy and wild at the moment! Those darn critters! I’m gonna have to ask them nicely if they can please leave and find a new home! I’m sure they will be happy to do that!

Anyways….(eye roll) after we finished eating I had a feeling I wasn’t going home to relax….Nope! He says,”You wanna help me shovel the gravel into the blocks while I unload another load?” “Sure!” (mild eye roll!) I jest! I actually really love working side by side with my guy! We are so good together when we work on projects. I was a bit nervous about my ankle , it’s still kinda weak but we both agreed, (eye roll) that a little shoveling wouldn’t hurt! Hmmmmmm! And it really didnt hurt. I shoveled gravel into all the holes in the stacked blocks while he unloaded his truck then went down for yet another load of bricks, and gravel. Man oh man! We managed to get four levels of bricks stacked and filled, tomorrow he will secure them even more with some rebar in a few of the holes that we left empty. He plans to build two of these and then a small Bodega to be able to have a safe, dry spot for bags of concrete and a few tools. The bodega will actually be locked and hopefully secure enough to keep things from walking away when we aren’t there. Whew!

As I was shoveling gravel and Scott was unloading the concrete brick I said,”Retirement is not quite as relaxing as I had anticipated!” We laughed! So guys, (everyone reading this from California, and still working your butts off) If you had envied us before…No need!! We aren’t laying around sipping tropical drinks from our hammocks! Nope! We’re shoveling gravel and schlepping concrete bricks! Uggg! I gotta get better at hiding from Scott when he leaves in the morning…Geeesh!!





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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. WOW, the two of you have a long road ahead, but in the long run, it would have been all worth it these long days and weeks ahead…I feel bad for Scott that he has to load and unload all the large bricks, sand and rocks up the hill, lots of hard labor, hope he finds help soon!!!
    Forgot, did the iPad screen work? Don’t work to hard you too..

    • Hey Edie! Thanks! I’m sure he’ll find some help soon! And I gotta tell ya, he is happier right now, that he has something productive to do then he’s been since we got here! He is really in his element! About the ipad screen, we ended up watching some youtube videos about how to do it and they recommended using guitar picks all around the edges as you loosen the glue with a hot blow dryer. So we had to find some guitar picks, which our friend gave us. So now we gotta give it a try soon! Luckily the ipad works just fine even with a shattered screen! Hugs!!

  2. That sounds like hard work but such rewards in the end, I’m sure. Keep the updated pics coming on the property progress. Love love love it!!

    • Laura, Whew! Yes! Lot’s of hard work! But the great thing is , there’s really no hurry! 🙂 We can take our time and try to enjoy the moments, like our first meal on our very own dirt!! Gotta love it!! Cheers Mi Amiga!!

  3. Some people think we are a bit crazy, but we actually love this kind of work. There is something wonderful about building something with your own hands, and the satisfaction of looking at what you accomplished. I’m excited for you both!

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