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  1. Holly, am lovin’ all the pictures and “blow by blow ” of your building progress. I know VERY little about construction and I’m very impressed by your descriptions. I think you’re doing a great job of getting the info out to all of us who read your blog.

    In regard to “naming” your property–I think the name needs a bit more of a “Panamanian” flavor. Not to knock the current suggestion but to me it sounds a bit too, oh, I don’t know, too ” American”? Don’t know if that is the correct word for what I’m trying to say. I’m thinkin’ a mix of the two “languages/countries/ cultures”. i.e. —using the original suggestion—“Hillside Hacienda” or “Hacienda Haven”. These aren’t really my suggestions just an idea of a mix of the two cultures. I know you and Scott will find the perfect name to suit you and your property. The best of luck as you continue on your fantastic adventure!

  2. Hi Holly,
    Found your blog and have been enjoying reading about your advetnure! We too built a house in Boquete (Palmira area) but we were living in California while it was being built! What an adventure that was!! Anyway, we haven’t made the move to Boquete yet, still living in Silicon Valley working away but will be in Boquete soon for a visit and we would love to meet up with you and Scott if you have the time. We can swap our stories of what we learned from buying our property and building in Panama! (P.S. Lyn was the rental agent for our house – she has met Mario) Kind regards, Lisa and Mario

    • Hola Lisa! Wow! Your coming from Northern California too? That’s great! Yes! Please do contact me when you come to town, we must meet and swap stories!! I’ll send you a message via your private email with my Panama phone number. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Cheers!

  3. Maybe Heavens Hill in Spanish..Know Scott must be loving it, we also have the tradition of a beer when roof goes on.

  4. There is so much love in your voice when you tell stories of Scott. Very sweet. When you mentioned the name, I immediately thought that it has to be “Tranquilo”. LOL

  5. hogar de tranquilidad (the home of tranquility)
    Hogar feliz (happy home)
    Tierra hermosa (beautiful land)
    or just El Hogar (the home) Nuestro Hogar (our home)
    That’s what comes to my mind anyway. It may not be your home yet, but it will be your home with so much meaning after you have built so much of it with your own hands!

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