Scott’s making some serious progress…



I thought I’d post a few photo’s of Scott working right along side his workers. That guy just never ceases to amaze! He’s really in his element
giving everything he’s got to create something beautiful! And I think you’ll all agree, that foundation wall is mighty beautiful, indeed! I think the only thing I’ve heard him complain about so far has been the fact that he has to wear jeans to work instead of his customary shorts that he almost always wears! Oh, Poor guy! He really hates to wear ‘big boy pants!’ But honestly, he’s already seen several snakes and here, you really don’t want to risk having bare legs for poisonous snakes to have access to! So…..Jeans it is! And I gotta tell ya, one reason he’s movin’ along pretty productively with the foundation may just be so that he can get busy working on the interior of the project when he can go back to wearing shorts again! Ha!Ha! Just today he actually said just that…”I can’t wait to start working on tile and cabinetry and interior stuff so I can get rid of these Jeans!” As I lovingly roll my eyes! We had to buy him three pairs of jeans from Price Mart because he didn’t bring any. And I already need to take them into town and have them mended, ( NO I don’t sew!) One pair lost a belt loop and another pair managed to get a huge hole in the knee after getting snagged on a piece of rebar….so one more good reason to have been wearing jeans. That tear in his jeans could have been skin!! On this wardrobe note, I gotta just make mention, about the fastidiousness of the workers here in Panama! They are very talented in managing to work an 8 hour day without getting even remotely close to as filthy as my sweet hubby! I swear! Its funny, Scott says they bring an extra pair of jeans that they put on ‘over’ their good pants and then at the end of the day they take off the dirty ones and clean themselves up a bit before going home! They really are neat-nicks about their appearance! I cant imagine what they must think of this Jefe they are working for! Scott is “Pigpen” ! Ha!Ha! That guy comes home looking as though he had rolled around in dirt and cement! There have been a couple of occasions when I had to drive a worker home at the end of a day and I swear he had put on cologne! Well, tomorrow I get to get in on the action up there, kinda! Scott has been making trips back and forth from Ivan (the supply place, not quite Home Depot, but sorta kinda) to get truckloads of sand and rock and bags of cement. So tomorrow they need to start building the new form for the next side of the foundation which Scott needs to be there to help with. So I will be doing the driving back and forth. I’ll go with him in the morning for his first load so that I can meet everyone and they will know who I am. They will load all the materials into the truck and I’ll just deliver it up to the property and keep going back and forth. I’ve got a good audio book loaded onto my iphone and I’ll be happy to do a little something to help so that Scott can focus on what needs to be done to get rid of those damn Jeans….BUILD THE FOUNDATION!! LOL!! The Adventure Continues….

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  1. Wow, how exciting! It’s starting to take shape.
    I’ve seen the cleaning up with the Panamanians too. Even after playing tennis they would wash up and put on a clean shirt, and I’ve seen the gardeners in our area cleaning up at the end of the day. I can understand if they want to be clean for their fellow passengers on a bus, but they seem equally concerned about walking or taking a private car.
    Reminds me of a patient in Florida. She looked out and was horrified to see the Mexican gardeners washing up with her garden hose at the end of the day. Probably same thing – clean up after work. She was horrified at everything though LOL I thought about suggesting she invite them in to use her bathroom but thought better of it πŸ˜€

  2. I have read often about the Panamanian’s cleaning up prior to heading home. Not a bad idea to not bring the dirt with them (reminds me of healthcare professionals changing and leaving the scrubs behind to be laundered).

  3. Holly – that wall is fantastic! Than Scott is really in his element. He should have been a contractor all along. Good luck with the hauling job he has signed you up as a sub-contractor for..ha. tell him you work of a bit more than minimum wage. Would that be alright – you say to him I am likely to need a new dress out of this job…ha. love it that the work is progressing so fast. You will have a new home in no time. congrats.. Jerry

  4. Holly
    How did you decide to build a home with all the hoops and things needed to build. I have seen so many nice homes for rent. I just thought renting a home for several years, could not cost, as much as
    building one. Maybe because of my age. Renting looks better. LOL Will the rainy season put pressure on getting the home built. Will it not be harder to build with the rain?
    Enjoy you blog. Hope to at least visit Boquete sometime.
    Mike Morgan

    • Hey Mike! Your right, renting would be much easier than building, not doubt. Taking on such a huge project is not for everyone, we actually really enjoy this sort of project and we have experience from the states which is very helpful. My husband is a contractor and is incredibly handy and talented in most every aspect of construction. Yes, its not the same as in the states, they build things much differently here , and it can be quite frustrating dealing with people who never get back to you or take way more time to do things than it should really take. The cost being more expensive than renting, is debatable. I’m happy to give you a good idea of cost if you email me directly, but it sounds as though renting would be the best bet for you. There are some very nice homes here and if you dont have a desire to dive into building in a foreign country, buying is the way to go. We just know ourselves and if we had bought a house we would have completly remodeled it anyways because nothing is ever done the way we want it done, so building it our selves made perfect sense to us. And besides, we’re all about the ADVENTURE! πŸ™‚ We have plenty of time, theres’s no hurry and we find great satisfaction in creating things for ourselves…that’s just the way we roll…I know, we’re kinda nutty that way:) Cheers!

  5. NICE!!!! I see a balcony, a view, appetizers and some wine in your very near future! Have you blogged about your new house layout? I probably missed it but I’m assuming you’ll have some great outdoor spaces to hang out in!!!

  6. How fun I live these updates. I live seeing the progress and all the details. It will definitely be worth it when you’re all done. Keep the updates coming!

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