El Explorador in Boquete, Panama


Kris got some great shots of this magical place, El Exlorador! We really had a great time just wondering around, time flew by and we felt like we had found a hidden treasure! What a perfect distraction and a place I will be taking many others in the future!

The Panama Adventure

Wednesday I went to Boquete to see Holly and Emma, a couple blogging friends. There is a related post HERE. Our stop at El Explorador was so interesting however, that it deserves a post of its own.

I’m not sure how one would describe El Explorador – a botanical garden? a playground? an inspirational place? all of the above? It is definitely unique. I wish I had learned the name of the lady it belongs to. She was so delightful! She told me that she has been there 50 years. She just loves working outside, and she has made the place what it is for everyone’s enjoyment. She is very happy when people visit and have a good time.

There are 28 pictures, and then 11 flower pictures in a slide show.

Please correct any errors I may have made in the translations!

There were a lot of…

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