Feeling just a little homeless…


When we signed the lease for the house that we’ve been renting we agreed to this one week away at a hotel payed for by the home owners. That was back in June when we did that . So We gladly agreed to this and knew is was coming. You know how it is though….it felt at the time, like March was so far away. And here we are, all packed up, living out of our suitcases again. Hmmmmm….how time does fly by! It sort of feels like a subtle reminder of our semi-homeless state in the beginning of this adventure. That nomad, gypsyish state of living that we so gleefully set off for nearly a year ago. I can’t believe it will be one whole year in May since we arrived in our new home and started an entirely new life. This new home in Boquete, Panama, that we’d dreamed about and planned for for such a long time. It had been seven long years of research and travel and preparing not only us but also preparing all the people around us as well for what would be a major shift in our lifestyle. When we first arrived we spent the first two months living in a temporary apartment, not unpacking all our belongings because it was just a short stay until we secured more permanent lodging, no need to get too comfortable. It was so wonderful to make ourselves comfortable and unpack everything once we moved into the house. Even though it isn’t our house, it was ours for at least 10 months. And ten months back then felt like a long time. We’re nearing the end of our lease on the house, the owners are relocating from the states to begin their retirement in July. So, now what? Well, we don’t know exactly quite yet. Here in Boquete there’s a fairly large amount of people who rent out furnished casitas to snowbirds who love to escape the harsh winters in Canada and other similarly snowed in spots in the States. By July many of those snowbirds have flown back to where they live and there’s a good selection of places available. We shouldn’t have too much of a difficult time finding our next spot to live. Except that we’re a bit limited due to the fact that we have a cat. There’s a lot of landlords who, understandably, prefer not to rent to us poor suckers with pets so it can be a bit tricky.

But, as you may know, Scott an I are not huge worriers. Although It will be nice to have secured our next home, we know that the right situation will come along and it’s fairly unlikely we’ll be living in our cars. Hah! Given the fact that after this week we will actually have a concrete floor in our casita, we could always pitch a tent and call it home sweet home! Okay…that’s crazy, don’t worry, I jest! Can you imagine a cat in a tent? Yea, not gonna happen! We are fairly confident that our casita should be ready for us to move into by sometime early next year. Anyone who saw how we lived in our home in Los Altos will recall what we are capable of living with or should I say “without”! So, when I say our casita will be ready for us to live in, don’t confuse that with the house will be completed! Noooo, I imagine that once again, as I have done in the past…I will have no cabinets and probably no interior doors (of course we will have exterior doors! ) and any other “non essential” elements that most people would not imagine living without. I just don’t see how he will have built custom, hand made cabinetry throughout the bathroom and kitchen, while he’s been building an entire house. Scott may be a Renaissance man but he is, after all, only “one” man! We’ll likely move in and then he’ll work on all those fine details. I actually look forward to getting to that part because this is where I should be able to lend a hand much more. I have no desire to pour concrete and shovel dirt but I look forward to the tile work and paint and all the finish work. We plan to wait until the casita and the workshop are completely finished until we begin work on our main house. Although the design of the layout of the main house is in full swing. We love this design phase of a project. We can sit together for hours staring at the computer screen discussing different ideas and possibilities. We are not building a mansion, by no stretch of the imagination. We are pretty casual people and enjoy entertaining and sharing our home and we hope to incorporate touches that take advantage of all that natural elements that surround the sight where we will one day live. We are in no big hurry ,especially since we may need to throw a big vacation into the adventure too! That guys gonna need a break…Man…this retirement thing is exhausting (I’m speaking for Scott!) Humph!

I started out writing this post because I’ve been sitting in this hotel feeling a bit blue about not having a permanent place to call “home”. As I’ve gone from thinking about being homeless to talking about moving into our casita and designing our main house, I’ve let go of all that, “wah!wah! Poor me!” talk! Geesh! Sorry about that!! I’m gonna blame it on Hormones! Yea! Those Damn Hormones!!! They make for some “Hor-ible, moaning”! Hah!Hah!Hah! But seriously, I will be so very happy to unpack my stuff in a house where I get to stay put for awhile. I may have enjoyed minimizing my material possessions and living a more simple , less cluttered, stressed out lifestyle, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling the need to have some roots and a home of my own. For this relatively short period of time I’ve let go of all that and most of the time my soul is just so pleased and thankful for the decision to be just where I am. That being said, this hotel where we are for this week, though lovely and very comfortable, it’s just not home. Especially when all my clothes are in my suitcase and my cat is hiding under the covers on the bed because he wants to go home!!! Little does he know, “home” is not quite ready yet!

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  1. I built a house in KS after my first marriage went kaput. I remember moving in the day the first toilet was installed. We washed dishes in the bathtub. We didn’t care though because we were so happy to be in our own home! The kids helped with tile, painting, anything within their abilities. It looked crazy for awhile but it was a great time for us.

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