Panama City, Albrook Mall


Kris & I did indeed have fun exploring the mall when we went to Panama City to get Mariah. It was a first for both Kris and I and we were very surprised by how huge the place was. Unfortunately we were both tired from our travel day and we were both wieghted down with our backpacks so we didnt get to do much shopping. Although Kris did manage to find a really cute pair of yoga pants to purchase , oh, I found a great pair of earrings too! Well, we couldnt very well leave empty handed! Kris got some really great photos…

The Panama Adventure

When Holly and I arrived in Panama City, we had some extra time and went to Albrook Mall which is conveniently located next to the Albrook Bus Terminal. I heard it was a big mall but my goodness, it was HUGE! We walked and walked but never seemed to run out of new sections to explore. There are hundreds of stores, very attractive common areas with interesting and variable decor, and lots of food and entertainment options. I would have to spend a few days there with a map to do a decent report on this mall. But, I did manage to get some photos to give you just a taste of what it’s like there.

If you need to shop, I can certainly see the advantages of living in Panama City. And, this is only one mall. There are a number of others and tons of individual stores…

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  1. Hola amiga! Thanks for the reblog. Yes, we did have fun. Others have visited and shared photos, and I see things we never saw so I know we only scratched the surface. A revisit is in order one of these days.

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