We love a party…I may have mentioned this before…


Scott and I really do love hosting casual gatherings and last night (Well, Sunday night) was the second gathering in our ‘partly’ built casita. We wanted to have a small “Happy Hour” and just have a couple friends who wanted to see the progress and celebrate our new home with us. When we hatched this plan we had two couples in mind but somehow before we knew it, more and more couples came to mind. Suddenly that ‘small Happy Hour” became a party of 15… “Whowsa!” She say’s with a huge smile on her happy face!

I’ve written about my good friend Emma, who lives in the city. Well, she’s a teacher and she’s off work for her summer break, and visiting me for a few nights before traveling to Europe for the rest of her vacation. One thing I may not have mentioned about Emma is ….the girl can cook! Yep! I suddenly found myself with two foodies in my house….hence, time to plan a party! The two of them, Scott & Emma, had a good time strategizing and planning what to make for our little party. They came up with a grand menu which had to be scaled down if we planned to prepare food in one afternoon and not be cooking for a week! Sheesh! If those two had their way we’d be feeding all of Boquete! Hah! I jest! (But not really!) Hah!

And so the party was set for 4 o’clock and the cooking began after breakfast. I must digress for a moment to tell you about where we had breakfast on Sunday morning. We went to Finca Lerida, which is a coffee farm way up in the hills behind where we are living right now. I had driven up and around that way in the past but had never driven into the farm before so It was fun to experience a different place so close to home. Emma had been to Finca Lerida on her last visit to Boquete and had discovered Licor de maracuya or Passionfruit liqueur. I know, right? YUM! So she asked if I could take her up there so she could refresh her stash. Of course, I’m always up for an adventure that includes passionfruit liqueur! Sheesh! But while we were up there we walked around and to my great delight and surprise they have a really nice little restaurant up there! So we decided to make a reservation for Sunday Breakfast, but…of course. Hence, the cooking for the ‘partly built casita’ began after our return from our delicious Finca Lerida breakfast, and it was pretty yummy.

The scaled back ‘appetizer’ menu for the gathering included…home made (but I need not specify the “homemade” fact !) Hummus, guacamole, chipotle aioli , salsa, I have to say this…HOMEMADE Cheese crackers (cuz’ who makes cheese crackers? Emma does!) , Caprese skewers (Yes, that’s right, little mini Caprese salads on a toothpick!), Chicken empanadas, veggies for the dips, and chips, of course(not homemade chips!). And Our wonderful new neighbor Kat made a scrumptious spicy chicken dip and also a smoked salmon dip, yum! To accompany such delectable treats we had plenty of refreshing beverages to go around. We even made sure to have the right Whisky for he who shall not be named… ( you know who you are! hahaha! ) and plenty of red wine for all us winos. hah! We were prepared to make sure there was a perfect balance of liquid refreshments to accompany the great snacks my two ‘foodies’ lovingly prepared for this gathering.

You may be wondering where we put all these things in the middle of a construction site? Well, on the Scaffolding of course! After work on Saturday Scott made sure to set up the scaffolding in the kitchen at just the right height for setting up a little make-shift buffet. It was a classy affair, for sure. We had a few chairs and music for ambiance and all was well for a ‘partly built’ casita gathering. It was just such a fantastic combination of wonderful people and great weather and it was so much fun to share all our excitement with our good friends. We’re getting so excited about nearly having our own home here in Boquete and having made it happen ourselves makes us ever so proud of each little milestone. Isn’t is nice that we have so many people to share it all with us. People who care about us and who want to help us celebrate! One of my friends who is a fantastic wood worker even made me a custom designed hummingbird feeder for the casita!!! I’m overjoyed to know such kind , generous people. Life is SOOOOO Good! But it’s even better with folks like this surrounding you! Now, time to find time for the next party….


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  1. I just love, love,love reading your posts!! You have such fun, laughter, wonderful food, friends and adventures. Keep ’em coming!!

  2. Holly – I have really enjoyed following your blog over the last few months. Allison and I are so ready to make our move in August and hopefully we will be able to meet you and Scott sometime in the near future.

  3. Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate! Looking forward to lots more parties in the future 🙂

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