That illusive residency visa may be in our hot little hands soon!


Our attorney in the city has received all our documents for our application for the Pensionado visa. She says they have processed them and that we need to come to the city this Thursday & Friday to sign all the paperwork and get the application process going. Wow! I cant believe it’s finally almost there. This news has started a whirlwind of activity for us because we’ve been patiently waiting to begin the process of shipping our belongings from California to Panama.

As I may have said a million times, we are hoping to benefit from the one time import tax exemption that we will qualify for as Pensionado visa holders. This is one of the many benefits of this particular residency visa. Now that we are officially ‘in process’ we have the ‘go ahead’ from our attorney to fly back and get the process of shipping our container started. Which is a whole other ‘process’….Oh boy! Over a year ago we had a representative from RAINIER OVERSEAS MOVERS come out to our two storage units in San Jose, California . They took a look at all our belongings that we are planning to bring and gave us an estimate on shipping. We contacted them this week to see if anything had changed from a year ago and aside from an extra $500.00, all was the same. They need only one or two weeks notice and will meet us there an it will be a two day ordeal.

This mover specializes in overseas shipping and we have read many rave reviews of their services from other expats who have used them to ship their containers to Panama. They offer Door to Door service and the price we’ve been quoted is $11,550.00 for 40ft High capacity container.

The prices above include the following:
*Pre-packing at your storage units (full packing as needed, labor and materials & export wrapping furniture)
*Pick up from storage units in San Jose
*Loading goods into a 40ft.HC steamship container onsite
*Delivery to Port Oakland
*Preparation of all necessary US Export and Customs documentation
*Payment of all ocean freight charges (steamship) and US terminal fees
*Customs Clearance at destination Balboa/David (excluding duties and taxes, if any) including THC at destination port
*Delivery into residence David (up to second floor delivery) and removal of debris
The prices above do not include the following:
*Storage/demurrage, duties or taxes at destination, if any, payable in local currency
*Any extensive Customs exam/inspection fees or quarantine/fumigation fees imposed by Customs at destination.
*Delivery above the second floor [unless elevator available] or difficult access at residence.

Now, I need to find a storage place here to keep all that stuff! There is a storage place up here and I plan to give them a call this morning to see about renting a few units, crossing my fingers they have availability. I’m also on the lookout for a house sitter who can come and stay with our cat while we’re away. And Scott needs to make sure his crew is set up to work while he’s not at the site. Also thinking about finding someone who can do our payroll , the guys will have to be paid , of course. Much to do to coordinate this last minute trip and don’t forget, I’m also trying to organize our move out of this house by Aug 7. Whew! We also have much to do when we get back to the states. We need to get some documents together that will be much easier to do while we are there, like getting notarized copies of our marriage license and other things like that. We haven’t decided how long we will be in California but likely not more that a week, and a very busy one at that. And I haven’t even begun to set up our flights and accommodations in Panama City…Yikes! I better get workin’! That residency visa is nearly done! But first to coordinate lots of things…..


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  1. Wow–how exciting to finally be close enough to see a light at the end of the tunnel! You have become an Events Coordinator!! ( Perhaps a new something for you to do in Pananma after you are all settled in place) Makes me dizzy just thinking about all you have to do. Wish I could help—-me, retired person that I am, just sitting at home here, eating Bon Bons and reading movie magazines—-and blogs from Panama! If there is anything I can do to help you on this side of the boarder, please let me know!

    I’ll be saying a prayer for you and Scott for safe travels and that all will go smoothly for you!

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