Our Tranquilo Is Being Tested ….


We’re in Panama City to officially begin the application process for our residency visa. Our attorney told us to bring copies of our passports, copies of the last entry stamp in our passports. Copies of a bill or contract that shows proof of our address in Boquete and five passport photos along with cash to pay for application. No problema….

She seems to have been very thorough except for one tiny little detail…. We must have a multi entry visa before leaving Panama when our visa application is in process! Which we knew , what we did not know is… This visa takes two business days to process..Gasp !! This little bit if information somehow didn’t get explained to us when I very clearly asked about leaving the country when the application is “in process”, which she very clearly answered, “YES you can leave as soon as it is “in Process”. If we had left panama we would have been fined $ 4,000.00! Deep breath…. Okay… So, my mistake was not asking extremely specific questions . When I asked if we could leave after our application was officially ‘in process’ I should have asked ‘WHEN” we could leave. Ugggggg! Oh Boy! Gotta chalk this one up to yet another lesson learned. Be more specific Holly.

We should have known better to plan things so tightly. This is Panama after all, right. Things just seem to get done much differently than one would expect. It would have been so nice to have had a list of important things and this whole entire process has been such a trial and error for us. You would think this was the first Residency Visa ever to be applied for. I mean come on! When someone asks about leaving during the application process why not include in your answer,”Be aware, you must not leave the country until the multi entry visa is processed which takes TWO days!” Uggggg! And our attorney specializes in immigration law. Well, I cant put the blame all on her, I am the one who didn’t ask the right questions. As a matter of fact, even besides our mistake of planning to leave the country, we couldn’t even return to Boquete if we wanted to until Tuesday because the immigration will have our passports. So no matter what, even besides the snafoo on the trip back to the states, had we planned only to be here in Panama City for Thursday & Friday, we would have been in for a big surprise because we wont have or passports back until Tuesday. So, We sit, time to start the fun of canceling all the hotels, the rental car, the airline itinerary, and oh yes…letting all our friends and family know the bad news.

We have already arranged the shipping company to meet us at our storage in San Jose, to pack our container. Right this minute we are thinking about sticking with that part of our plan. We might just have to get to Ca on Wed, meet with the shippers on Thursday and fly home on Friday. But, nothing is set in stone at the moment. We are relaxing and recovering from our crazy morning, I’m pretty sure Scott is fast asleep, a nap will cure everything. In a little bit we will regroup and strategize about what to do. There must be an upside to this dilemma, I just haven’t seen it quite yet. But, don’t you worry, I’ll figure out why its a good thing and get right back to ya….For now my mantra is ….Breath…Tranquilo….Breathe….Tranquilo…..Ahhhh feeling better already! Whew…what an Adventure! PFFFFFFT…


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  1. So many things I want to write here, but I will just be positive. Things will happen in due course 🙂 You tried to be organized (imagine that in Panama!). Take a nap, and rest that brain. Set off some fireworks tomorrow! And good luck in the coming days!

    • i agree and learned long ago to tell few people what my plans were… otherwise i spent half of my time contacting them to say, ‘whoops.. it will be a few more days…’

      this post calls for a video that i never get tired of watching!


      • That is very funny. I can easily picture Holly in the lead role. Strongly and confidently adjusting to her new home, with a sense of humor of course.

      • you are right – i cannot imagine her kicked back in a hammock to take a break and snooze while waiting on things to move forward! she would be really funny slamming down those papers… and after all of that, surely a cold margarita would be a worthy reward!

  2. Wow—just another item to add to your list of adventures and you and Scott are devioping into two of the most patient people I know, Really, you need to write a How To book when this isettling in process is all done—if it ever is! Good luck.

  3. Here is a tip . . . are you dealing with a bureaucrat? No matter where in the world, if your response to that question is “Yes” then remember to be very specific AND ask the same question 3 times . . . be proactive if you get different responses to the same question!!
    I run into the same problems here!

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