I think Im in yet another ‘transition’!


I haven’t had much time or energy lately to write many posts. I’ve written quite a bit when I’m sitting in the truck waiting for the next load of sand or rock or bricks to be loaded or unloaded in between driving Edgar up and down our road, but for some strange reason I haven’t posted them????? I don’t really know why, but today I was thinking and I realized…”Hey!I think I’m having a bit of a transition!”

We had gotten into a routine before we moved. Get up at 6:15, make Scott breakfast, then he would get out of the house and head up to the property for the day. I would then be on my own for the day. I would clean up the breakfast dishes, figure out the list of things we needed from the market, prepare for payroll, get to the bank for small change for payroll and of course, I would use this time to write blog posts. Of course I also had my Spanish practice with my Panamanian friends. The project at our property up until now has been such that I would have been more in the way then any help. But, now, I can actually contribute and be some help! Although….I must admit, as much as I’m enjoying being up there helping, I had gotten accustomed to my little routine. And now it’s all gone…

don’t get me wrong. I don’t see this as a bad thing..just a fact. We’ve decided to begin anew here in Boquete and with each new transition we settle into our new life here just a little bit more. With each new move we find our elves closer and closer to home. This is very true with this particular move because now we’re living right next door to our property. I can even see our little casita just a bit through the jungly trees between our neighbors property and ours.

So, just when I had gotten accustomed to a routine, it’s time to establish another one. I haven’t seen Rosemary or Aris in weeks and now that I have an actual ‘job’ on our project I don’t see a break in my schedule for awhile. I was able to stop by Aris’s house to just give her a quick hug and let her know that for now I’m unable to come over to spend time with her. I haven’t had a free moment to stop by Rosemary’s though, and I really need to do that. I am going to miss my regular get togethers with my friends but I know they understand and they’ll be there when I do have time.

I’m trying to carve out a little quiet, ‘me’ time in the mornings and a little in the afternoons, but right now my free time is dependent on what I can do to help Scott and believe me….he comes up with lot’s to help with. Right now he’s working alone in the casita while all the guys are up at the workshop working on building the walls. As he’s up on the scaffolding Its really nice to have me there to hand him things and pick up all the things he drops. If we hope to have the casita ready to move into by January we need to consistently make progress. He is preparing all the conduit in the ceilings for wire and installing these metal beams to attach the drywall to. So we finished the kitchen, all the recessed cans are installed and we also hung the ventilation hood for the cooktop. Although…after hanging the darn thing, we stood back and saw that it’s bent! Yep…Somehow the front of the hood is crooked. It’s just ridiculously crooked. It wasn’t expensive and we may need to replace it and let me tell you, it’s not an easy feat to return things so if Scott can’t straighten it out we may just go find a different one. Oh well.

It’s nice to be living up here in Jaramillo Centro. This will be our home and I’m just thrilled to finally be getting to spend time up here. I have to make friends with all the neiborhood dogs, and there are many! And the hummers and I hear lot’s of different birdsong that I never heard in Alto Lino. The view from here is just spectacular,as is every single view here in Boquete. All very different views but equally spectacular in its own way. I get some good exercise just walking up the driveway to our property. It’s a very steep walk and I try to do it every chance I get. Yesterday, I got about 3 chances to walk down and then back up again. And let me tell you, I’m winded every time I walk up there! Whew!

As I think about change and how much of it we’ve had in this last year I can say with authority that ,”Change is Good!”. Change isn’t always easy and sometimes not especially fun, but in the end it’s almost always good. At least for me, I find that when I have an open mind and a willingness to adapt to new things, It feels so good to settle into something fresh & new. To learn new things and experience new sights and sounds and to let myself grow into a different experience, I think it’s rejuvenating, fun, interesting and always good in the end.

I think of transitions I’ve been through in my life and I recall some that weren’t quite so wonderful because I didn’t choose them. But even those unwanted and even unplanned changes in my life, in the end , when I look back at how hard or sad they may have been, I realize that I am who I am as a result of those experience and how I chose to handle them. I carry all my experiences with me and I know I’m a better, stronger, more wise person and I definitely know how to handle transition. Now, in my life I find myself looking forward to change and even though I have a deep appreciating for routine and the comfort that also comes from a bit of predictability, I see most transitions as opportunities to uncover yet another layer of who I am, and what I have inside, to discover a hidden opportunity for learning and growing is a gift. As with all transitions and changes that I’ve embraced on this adventure, this latest move to a different place is a change that I’m really enjoying.

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  1. The only thing you can count on is nothing ever stays the same. How satisfying it will be when you are in the casita to think your hands were part of the process of creating it.
    You can practice your Spanish on Sunday 😀

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