How to get eight, 40 foot steel ibeams up to your work site…


As you know, Scott is in the process of building his 2,000sq.ft. workshop…a serious ‘man-cave’ if I’ve ever heard of one! Sheesh! At the moment they are building the walls and the next step will be to install the supports for the mezzanine section of his workshop. This will be an upper area of the main workshop that will be for wood storage. He wanted to make it strong enough to hold a substantial amount of wood given the fact that he’ll likely be leaving the wood up there to dry out. Living in the tropics the wood is pretty wet and requires some time to dry before he can build things. The strength of this particular area of the workshop is going to come from eight forty foot steel ibeams installed up under the roof, on the top of the walls. So, he’s been shopping around, asking a lot of questions and doing a ton of mathematical equations on his computer to come up with the right dimensions to get the support he needs. After figuring out what he needed and then finding a source to buy it he then had to figure out how to get those puppies up our hill! Sheeesh! We just an’t do anything the ‘easy’ way! Nope! As usual, the delivery truck would never be able to make it up to our property so Scott had to come up with a way to get that steel up there…..

Well, in classic Scott style he has succeeded in entertaining us all with his ingenuity! At first he toyed around with putting them in the back of his truck and one by one simply dragging them up! That sounded a bit hard on the nice concrete driveway that our neighbors have spent lots of money installing, maybe not the best way to make friends with our neighbors. So then he remembered a little contraption that was coming in our container. In California when he was working as a contractor he came up with this idea for moving slabs of granite around. Its just two wheels attached to a piece of wood that he can put one end of the heavy slab on and then lift the other end and carefully move it around. Sooooooo, as luck would have it, the same day that our steel was dropped off at the bottom of our hill, our container arrived! Yea!

All we had to do was remember which box of all those hundreds of boxes, the little wheely thing was in. We managed to dig it out while the container was being unloaded and today he got to try it out! It worked like a charm! He managed to get two of his guys to walk behind and kind of guide the end of the beam and after making some adjustments to how far he put it into the bed of the truck and how wide to take the turns and voila! We now have steel beams just about ready to go!!! Scott just never seems to stop amazing me!!


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Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Yet again, you guys amaze me! Here I thought I was having a truly remarkable day because I managed to build a small clothes rack out of PVC pipe AND put up a blog posting! On the same day!!! Meanwhile, you emptied a 40′ shipping container AND hauled (lemme do the math here … 8 beams at 40 feet each at 30 pounds per foot = 9600 pounds) almost FIVE TONS of metal up what looks like a 45° slope … and that just makes things muchly even heavier-er! Congratulations to Scott for his ingenuity and his success!


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