Just had to share….


The Sounds Of A Sunday Evening…



Dogs Barking in the distance . Birdsong filling the air. The wind gently moving the trees and the windchimes on the terrace. But mostly…Drums, Beating, Drums…in the distance yet sounding as though they were right next door. My how sound does travel! We are several miles up the hill, in Jaramillo. Above the town and boy are the drummers having quite a good time practicing their chops! Drumming is a very popular pastime here. I’m not even sure ‘pastime’ is correct. They take their drumming very seriously here in Panama. And this is the time of year that the real practice begins in earnest. Beginning right now but especially in November when the holidays begin, Boquete is filled with the sounds of these drums. I’m sure I’m just imagining it, but I could swear that the beat is exactly the same for hours on end. Hah! The beat will fade for a moment and then it begins again…boom de boom de boom de boom….boom de boom de boom de boom boom boom de boom …..Oh, and just now the church bells are chiming in! Well….aren’t Sundays peaceful…:) I’m not being sarcastic…I really mean it…Birds singing, wind chimes twinkling, wind rustling through the trees, dogs barking, and drums a drummin’….then, enter the church bells a chimin’! Ahhhhh…..How great is it that I have the time to sit on the terrace and take it all in… It’s coming up on 6:00 in the evening and the sun has been shining all day long. This day has been a gloriously relaxing , do nothing sort of day for us. We have so few of these days. It seems our days just fly by lately. So I find myself taking in each and every aspect of this beautiful mountain paradise. Oh…..my….I hear HORNS joining in with the drums!! HUH? Nice touch! …..what was I saying?….Oh, I love taking in all the lovely aspects of life in the highlands of Panama. This morning began with walking out of my bedroom and seeing the blue, cloudless sky with the majestic Volcan Baru looking down on me from the big picture window as I made a b-line for the coffee. Will that view ever become something I don’t gasp at when I see it? Oh…. well….I wonder if the church is competing with the drums and the horns right now! Hah! ” Ohhhh Panama! “….. As my friend Emma so lovingly says when she’s struck by something so uniquely and genuinely….Panama. I just can’t think of any place I’d rather be right this minute than sitting right here right now! Life is good…and a little drummers drumming makes it even better….mixed in with the occasional dog barking and the Birds chirping….Can you hear it?

About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Yep I hear it! And down here there is a party on the other side of the river so we have music too. Those are some dedicated kids to have drum practice on a Sunday night. We hear them here too. Do you have night birds too? We hear nightjars, and owls, and others I have no idea what they are, but sometimes they make some pretty crazy sounds.

  2. we had a great “ohhhh panama” moment last night… just as i was finishing up cooking dinner, the phone rang. Delivery! From a place we order from, regularly, but hadn’t last night. i tell the guard it wasn’t us and hang up. he calls back saying the delivery guy has andrew’s name and our apartment number. what the hell? multiple phone calls later, as dinner is approaching ready, we finally say yes, fine, send him up and we’ll pay for it. so, he had lunch from el greco today! so strange!!!!! it must have been a computer error on the delicentro website – but it wasn’t something we have ever ordered before….?!?!? ohhhh, panama. we just had to laugh at that one!

  3. Kris, I love to hear the night birds, too. There is an owl that makes a trilling sound and another that neighs like a horse. And another that makes a crowing sound. Oh wait, that’s the neighbors rooster……

    • LOL Really, what’s up with the crowing in the night? An owl neighs like a horse?? Wow, maybe that’s one of the things I hear around here. I hear so many birds and can identify so few of them.

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