Almost ready to move…but, not quite…


I’m really getting anxious and excited to get moved into our new place. 9 more days! It seems like each day goes by so fast and there’s still so much to do. Today Scott’s feeling a little overwhelmed and grumpy. But you didn’t hear that from me! And if anyone is gonna be grumpy, Scott is entitled! He is supposed to be installing the front door of the casita today so that we can start to slowly move boxes and things over from the storage and lock up the place . But, he’s so busy this morning organizing all the guys he feels like he’s getting nothing done. I don’t know how he can possibly feel as though he’s not getting anything done when he has been going in about a dozen different directions since he walked out the door this morning. But he’s got Javier and Daniel working on the junction boxes for the electrical run and Federico, Martin and Arquiles are working on cement and ditches, while Richard and Carlos are working on the bathroom tile in the casita and Ricardo is working on the gutters and downspouts on the workshop! Sheesh! How much can one guy really do at one time! Each group of guys needs something in order to stay productive and Scott has already been to Ivan, the supply store about 3 or 4 times today. I’ve seen his truck go by with conduit tubes, cement, sand, 2 by 4’s, wheel barrows, and who knows what else. I know he really wants to be in his workshop finishing up the cabinets and getting the front door put in.

I have a long list of things I too need to get done but at the moment I’m kinda in limbo. I really want to start sorting through our storage and slowly bringing boxes over but I can’t leave anything in the casita until I can lock the place up. Before I can start to bring stuff over there I need to do a little cleaning in the casita…they still need to finish making the hole in the wall in the laundry/closet in the bedroom for the dryer vent, and until they are done making that mess I can’t clean . And I really want to get this house we’ve been living in cleaned so that when our friends return to their house it will be perfectly sparkly, but we have all our junk here piled up waiting to move and I need it all out so I can clean thoroughly . So I can’t quite get that done yet. Ugh! I really want to be up there helping Scott but he told me he has too much organizing with the guys right now and to wait for him to have them all set. So I wait….

The guys are off work on Thursday for New years day. We will be glad to have a day to start doing some of the little details that need to be done to make the casita livable. We need to install all the plumbing fixtures, faucets, toilet, shower heads, hook up the washer/dryer. Install the tankless water heater, hook up the main gas line pipes and Oh, we need an inspection before we can even buy gas tanks! Although, we do have the gas generator so we will have power. We need to take all the plastic and packaging stuff off the fridge and put that baby in place. The stove has not come yet, but we need to move our BBQ over there, it has a burner on the side so we can use that to make our coffee. I need to find the couch in our storage and where the heck is the bed? I know it’s in there somewhere…we just need to find a bunch of stuff. Where’s the sheets, an the towels, dishes, glass, silverware and pots and pans? They are someplace in the storage…lets just hope they are not buried too deep in there behind all those boxes we have yet to have gotten to quite yet! We also have to create a place to put our clothes, we don’t have a dresser so I think we’ll hang some rods in the closet and hang a ton of stuff, but , where are all those hangers I brought in our container? Gotta find those. I sure hope I can find the bed frame, I don’t wanna have the mattress on the floor when we live in a place with scorpions….which reminds me…need to go buy some poison! Gotta find the non-toxic kind, don’t want our cat to get sick! Yikes!

Several hours later…
Well, I just got back from getting some painting done in the casita while Scott started installing the frame for the front door. I think he’s feeling much less grumpy having gotten to check one thing off his to do list! The bathroom is really looking good. Richard and Carlos have made good progress and are nearly done. The only thing left to tile is the floor of the shower. Then we can start installing all the finish plumbing fixtures, faucets, shower heads and toilet. I checked on the laundry room and they’ve got the holes drilled into the wall for the water and the hole for the vent…looks like I can start to clean mañana ! Scott had to leave before he finished the door, he had to take a bunch of cement down to Javier & Daniel. I came back down to the house because its nearly time for me to take the gardeners home. Well, at least it felt good to get something accomplished today. I also saw that Scott managed to do the glue up for more kitchen cabinets. Just about all the bases of the bottom cabinets are ready to be installed. After they’re in then we’ll take a drive down to the granite place and arrange for them to come on up and take measurements for fabrication! Yeah!!

This is our life right now. I know it sounds a bit frantic, and maybe it kinda is at the moment. Some days are not quite so crazy, but today just happens to feel like we have a list of tasks that will never get done. Just as soon as we get past this part of our adventure, you know, the part where we’re in ‘Crunch’ time getting our casita livable, all will quiet down. I’ll be organizing and nesting before I know it. As for Scott and his horrible, terrible, crazy, grumpy morning….well, I suspect he’ll somehow find his Tranquilo again and all will be well. In the meantime, I think I’ll just stay put and avoid driving my car into any ditches today!


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  1. Holly, just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog and following along with you on your adventure. I’m really excited and anxious to hear about your and Ray’s impending move! My husband and I plan to visit Panama from early March until the end of May and would love to meet up with you sometime.

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