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Rainbows make me smile!



This isn’t an uncommon sight here in Boquete, especially this time of year. This beautiful rainbow greeted me as I was sitting on my couch , I looked up and Bang! There it was…Hello beautiful! They pop up various times during the day here, just any ol’ time one can look around and spy a rainbow. And I have to believe it makes everyone, not only me, smile. 🙂 How can you not marvel at the beauty that surrounds you? In Los Altos rainbows were not common. Every once in awhile I’d spy a spectacular rainbow and I always had to stop and try to get a picture of it. Well, even though they are so prevalent here in Boquete I still have to stop and try to get a photo! My daughter told me I’ve probably sent her hundreds of pictures of rainbows…she thinks I’ve lost it! Hah! But sheesh! They’re just so magnificent I have to share the joy! So, this one’s for you….I know your smiling!


Life goes on…..


Well, here we go again! I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t like to wallow in the negative so let me tell you how we move on…Today we have a tractor guy, Rigoberto, coming to start digging for our foundation of the main house! Yeah! Here we go again! Oh wait….I already said that! But, it’s true, the casita isn’t even completely finished yet, and we just roll right into building our main house already? Most people would probably complete a project before starting another one, but ahem…we aren’t ‘most’ people! Hah! I wish we were, cuz’ I’d love to have all the little details all done before i see my crew of busy worker-bees moving up to the main house! I really hate to see em’ go…but they’ve not gone quite yet. They are still buzzing around my casita working on various details outside. Javier is nearly done on the terrace, all the arches are done and today he’s finishing up the arch on the face of the outside fireplace. I’ve gotten a kick out of watching him working on the arches. He’s quite the artist. I’m really excited about how pretty the terrace is and I expect to spend most of my time sitting out there enjoying the view and the fresh mountain air! Read the rest of this entry

A no good, rotten, terrible day…I really hate it when this happens…


Its not a good day. We’ve decided to just pay the $3,000.00 to the lady who’s car was damaged by our former employee back in July. Instead of pursuing the young man who is legally responsible for at least half of the damage. We know that there will never be any way he would be able to make that kind of money , and we just want to put it behind us and move forward.Ugh! Scott is beyond unhappy about such an injustice. The employee had assured us that he would take care of her damages so we had hoped to only have the repair of our car to have to pay for. Nope. He did nothing. For being honest, trusting people we are rewarded by paying his debt and feeling punished by his wrongdoing. Sigh… Sometimes I wonder about people. And I wonder if he realizes how we have been affected by his stupidity. The time and energy and now money that his bad decision has cost us is just really frustrating. Read the rest of this entry

Another Wonderful Day Living In Our Casita In The Trees!


I wake up everyday feeling so happy to look out the window from my bed and see nothing but the sky and trees. It’s such a peaceful place. Well, especially now that the Flower and Cafe Festival has ended…whew! For the last ten days we’ve heard the sounds of so much revelry going on in the pueblo. Music until 4 or 5 in the morning. All night long! And what sounded like hordes of people . And the fireworks various times of the night and early morning. Oh, the Panamanians love to party! Let me tell ya! The nice thing about the wild parties is that it’s just good fun. You really never hear of any violence or muggings , no , they just have a good time with no need for any of that nonsense. Well, with the exception of the Indigenous men! They love to fight. Its common to see Indian men in town with beaten and sometimes bloody faces. I was in a store on Saturday morning , getting beer for Scott, and I was standing in line behind and Indian guy who looked like he’d been in a pretty good brawl. His face was bloody and his hands as well. But I’ll be damned that guy looked as happy as could be, he was all smiles. Of course I’m pretty sure he was still pretty toasted too! Hah! I just have to laugh to myself. To each his own I guess! I don’t really understand why you’d find getting your face beat to a pulp a fun pastime, but that’s just me. Hah! Read the rest of this entry

Home Sweet Home…


I’ve been slowly writing this post as we’re moving and settling into our new home. I don’t have internet yet in the house so I can’t publish it quite yet. We’re exhausted, but happy, and really busy trying to get all the last minute things done in order to be able to live in our new casita. As I’ve told you before, Scott is always going in so many different directions each day, so often the small details end up being the last things to get done. Small details like, oh, I don’t know, a toilet! And, running water…Ugh! I don’t care one iota about the ‘no cabinets’, thats no biggy. But….a toilet and running water are two pretty nice things to have in your house. Even the fact that we have no electricity isnt really freaking me out, because I know we have a generator, so we have a source for lights. No problema. But no water to the house….that’s gonna be a bit of a problem! And bless his heart, he actually managed to get the pump, connected to the water tank that feeds the water to the casita all hooked up and wired just before our first night staying here. Sadly, the water guys had been here the day we moved, to install the UV purification and the filter system and when the water hit the casita there were leaks, ugh! We called them and they came the next day, but that meant that we had no water on our first night in the casita…meaning, no toilet! ugh! So, it was sorta camping our first night and morning…at least we had the generator so we could make coffee. Well, we don’t have our oven yet , but one of our workers had actually brought a small microwave here to heat up their lunches when they’re working. Its sitting out on our terrace so I used it to warm up water to use in our French press. Coffee in the morning is a must, especially when you have to pee outside! Sheesh! Can I just enjoy one luxury? Hah!

I know I said one thing I was looking forward to about his new Adventure was simplifying our life, but come on…I didn’t mean quite so simple. A girl’s gotta have a toilet. Paleeeeeease! It is Saturday as I’m writing this portion of the post and we got an email from Price Mart, where we bought our oven, it’s there and ready to be picked up. We plan to go on Monday and get it. So we should have that installed by Monday or Tuesday, we shall see. Of course we won’t be able to use it until the gas is hooked up, which requires an inspection by the bombero’s. I’m crossing my fingers this is a simple process, we shall see. As you may know, I don’t have internet at the moment. So I plan to just keep writing this and just publish it as soon as I can. The internet people are coming on Wednesday to get that all installed, so that should be good. We don’t have cabled internet just yet up in the area where we live so its satellite cable with Planet Telecom. Its 150.00 dollars a month for 2 mb. And so, we shall see how that goes. If we want to increase to 3 mb it will cost $200.00 a month. We are thinking that we won’t get cable TV and try to watch what little television we do enjoy watching just by streaming from Hulu or Amazon Prime. We just have to see how well our internet will stream with 2mb. If its too slow we can change to 3 mb, which should be sufficient. Read the rest of this entry