No hay conexión! (That´s, I have no connection!)


I have no internet and now no 3G!!! Ugh! Is this what this day is gonna be like? Well, that’s just rude! I was ready to enjoy a day of perusing the internet and chatting with my mom, but it looks like I’m going to figure out how to entertain myself with just me. No problema! I got this… let’s see… I’m on “Bombero” watch duty. Someone has to man the house just in case they actually show up to do our final (hopefully final) inspection for our gas permit. This morning Scott has to meet one of our neighbors to go for a hike up to our main water source again. They need to check again what’s going on up there.

And have I mentioned that yesterday the granite guys came to install the countertops in the kitchen? Yes they did. Which is lovely, but they have to come back either today or Thursday to finish one small part. And in order to do the installation they had to unhook the sink and faucet. Of course the sink is installed but the hookups are not. So at this point in time the only water coming into the house is from the shower, well I guess the toilet too. So that meant I had to brush my teeth leaning into the shower this morning ( I’m not complaining, just sayin’). Oh, and did I mention that the water comes out of the pipe that is sticking out of the wall (hah, still not complaining!) ? Yep, no shower head yet , we have the shower head sitting right there, it’s just not installed. For some reason (that I don’t quite understand), Scott wants to wait until we have hot water to install the shower heads? I don’t know why, but I try to choose my battles and if he wants to take his cold showers while standing under a pipe with water pouring out of it thats up to him. So my point is there’s no bathroom sink yet and now my only other sink is not functional! Ugh! Not only that but all the kitchen stuff is now sitting all over the place in the living room, making the living room not especially livable. Hah! This place looks like a big storage space with crap just strewn about. I really gotta get some kind of a semblance of organization or I’m gonna scream!

Oh, and did I mention how much dust is now all over everything from the granite installation(Okay, now I’m complaining)? Yep, apparently when they cut the hole for the sink into the granite they then had polish it, which, let me tell you….is incredibly messy! At least they first hung up a big plastic tarp to close off the kitchen from the rest of the house and then Scott grabbed some moving blankets and taped them over the bottom cabinets where all the dishes are stored. But, to be honest, it was nice of them to at least try to keep the dust to a minimum but I don’t really think it did much. The dust is everywhere! So, I think today I’ll try my best to clean and organize as best I can. I was told by the granite guy that I can’t put away my things until they finish the installation. Uh, sorry, that ain’t happenin’! I cant leave all this crap sitting all over the place like this! Who knows when they’ll show up to finish this!

A little while later…
Well…mission accomplished! I tried not to put too much up on the counters but I managed to get all the stuff out of the middle of the living room floor. And, while I was at it I reorganized all the furniture! It looked like it was all smooshed into the corner of the room. I moved it all around and I think it looks much better. I think we may have too much stuff in this little space, but we didn’t have any room in the storage unit so It had to go someplace. I’ll likely be taking many of these things up to our main house when we move. Then it’ll look much more open and not so crowded with ‘stuff’!

I wish I could hang my pictures on the walls. Unfortunately I’m dependent on Scott to work the damn drill. Concrete walls just aren’t so easy to hang things as drywall was in our house in the states. If I had drywall I’d have everything all done by now. As it is, well, Scott’s kinda busy, did I mention that? Hah! To be honest, I think he’s loving the hiking up to the water source with the neighbor. Its not an easy hike and its through jungle and off trails, up in the mountains. He tells me its really pretty up there. I know he loves that. And its good for him to get out and do something he loves. He really loves hiking and I think it sounds like this is a very treacherous and extremely strenuous hike, not one I would enjoy. I’m thrilled that he has someone to do it with and a good reason to do it too. He and the neighbor left at 8:30 this morning, now its 10:00. Like I said,I had to stick around the house to see if the Bombero’s come to complete our inspection. And also, the granite guys may be coming back as well. Elmec has already made one delivery of our floor, they have many more to go. So here I am…still no connection to data. Darn it! I can probably attack our bedroom and do a little more organizing. I sure wish I had water to a sink so I could clean the dirty breakfast dishes, I really don’t want to do that in the shower. But I just may have to do that. I can probably get Scott to hook the kitchen sink back up when he gets back from his hike.

Yesterday, for some reason it felt really damp in the house. I think it must have been extra humid. So I decided to turn on our dehumidifier this morning. Luckily it didn’t kill the generator. I was nervous that I’d then be without power too! If I had screens on all my windows I’d have the bedroom all open up. But as it is I only have screens in the kitchen windows at the moment, again, choosing my battles. Screens….not so urgent, Hot water and electricity…yep, thats my biggest wish at the moment. I’ll go screenless for now, no problema. I’ve been listening to Aretha Franklin while I’m nesting this morning. I love her! Well, I feel like I’m just chatting with a friend, but no one is chatting back, hmmmmm….

And now its 5:00pm…
Can you believe the granite guys actually showed up! I know! Unbelievable! I’m actually so shocked when people do what they say they will do. Except for the fact that I had done exactly what he told me not to do yesterday before he left…ooooops! He said not to put things back on the counter, and , ahem…I just couldn’t bare to have all that stuff just sitting on the floor! It was a little embarrassing when he began helping me take everything off the counters….Oh brother. Well, the point is, they returned and finished the job and it looks wonderful! I’m so pleased with it. Of course he sealed it and told me , actually he called one off his co-workers to tell me in English, not to put anything on the counter until tomorrow…fine! I’ll obey this time!

Scott got back from his exploration in the jungle just about when the granite guys were finishing up. We paid them and sent them on their way, had lunch and then Scott had to go to Ivan to buy more cement for our guys, who are pouring the second section of foundation for the main house. And….still no Bombero’s …Humph! I am stranded here until that guys shows up, although…truth be told, I’m lovin’ being home. Yep! And I got to witness my very first customer at my new Hummingbird feeder today! I love those little guys! I’m hoping he was a scout and that he comes back with all his friends. Good thing I was home to see it. Our amazing workers again asked us if they could stay and work late today in order to finish up the section of foundation they started this morning. Gotta love a hard working, dedicated group of guys like these! Of course! They’ll probably be here until about 6ish. Then we’ll have to go out for dinner again tonight. With no kitchen sink eating out is the best plan. Last night we had pizza at La Posada and tonight we’re headed to Machu Pichu for Peruvian food…Yum! And a nice bottle off red wine! But, of course…..Tomorrow I continue my watch for the elusive Bombero who holds the key to my house having hot water and a functioning stove!


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  1. I love hearing about your adventures and the process of building your house. We’re staying in our RV while our house is being built. Not near as adventurous as your life! LOL My Internet is spotty at best though; so I can sympathize. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Today while writing a post for my blog, I was searching Machu Picchu (mountain here in Altos del Maria), and the restaurant in Boquete kept popping up. Then you write about going there. Peruvian food sounds delicious, your granite must be fabulous and soon you will be in a totally done house! It will all be fantastic when it all comes together! Hugs to you and Scott!

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