Our Peruvian Adventure…



Eighteen days, Six cities, Planes, Trains, taxis, boats, busses and hiking around more ancient Incan ruins than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means!)….. Luana and I both agree that the Peruvians have no lack of huge old rocks in this country, that’s for sure! hah! But, that being said, we’re all just totally “Awestruck” by Machu Picchu… how could anyone not be? It’s simply magnificent! And Lake Titicaca blew us away as well….I was stunned by the floating reed islands and the life they live there! We all loved the town of Ollantaytambo, our first stop on this adventure. Its one of the few places where the people are still living in an original Incan city! The narrow cobbled streets, walls and many of the houses are original and we marveled at the history that was still alive there. This Foursome feels as though we’ve really “SEEN” Peru!

This vacation was so well planned and choreographed by Bond & Scott ! The two of them spent hours reading and researching all the different sights and how to best travel within Peru to experience as much as possible in the nearly three weeks we had to spend here. They found lovely boutique hotels and arranged busses and trains and planes. Luana and I have both felt so lucky to have gotten to go on an adventure and have everything all planned out for us, boy do we feel a tiny bit spoiled! hah! Of course….,Shrug….we do kinda deserve it, so….ahem.hah! Even though we did a lot of traveling we managed to squeeze a huge amount of sights into our journey, we also managed to get a fair amount of relaxing in as well. We’re gonna really miss our daily naps! Darn it!
We all agree, one aspect of this trip that we were pleasantly surprised by was the amazing cuisine we found in each place we visited. We tried so many different local dishes and only happened upon a couple of bad food nights. That’s pretty impressive! One of the many things we four have in common is our appreciation of good food, and Peru did not disappoint! And, another new discovery we made here in Peru is that we all have a new appreciation of Pisco. After enjoying a fun and educational Pisco Tasting at the Pisco Museum, which turned out to be just a really good bar and not a Museum at all, we became fans of the Pisco Sour! Pisco Sours will forever remind us of our Peru Adventure! And Bond Promises to master the making of this cocktail so we wont have to go without in Boquete! Yea! I’m counting on him!
One other thing we discovered was that Alpaca is pretty good meat, and it didn’t taste anything like Chicken! Hah! We all agreed we’d skip eating Cuy, (guinea pig), they’re just wayyyyyy too frigggin’ cute, ugh! And Scott and Bond both agreed that Panama has nothing on Peru in the Artesian Beer category! They were pleasantly surprised by the high quality and delicious tastes of Peru’s beer. And, I may add, they did a great job tasting as much of it as they possibly could! Our Beer experts had plenty of work on their hands and seemed pleased to step up to the task of making sure all the beer in Peru was up to their high standards. It was hard work, but ….shrug, someone had to do it! hah!
All four of us, as you can see, have thoroughly enjoyed this vacation together! Traveling with such great friends has been a pleasure, to say the least. We had a lot of laughs and have created endless memories! We all appreciate how tricky it can be to travel with friends and to successfully and gracefully navigate the occasional stresses that can pop up in a trip of this length. And, of course we had a couple little stresses pop up but nothing that sent any of us off the rails! Even with a touch of ‘mild’ altitude sickness , which a few extra naps and drinking lots of water and a little less alcohol seemed to help. Hah! Its not everyday that you get the opportunity to share such a wonderful experience with friends and to come to the end of the journey feeling as though your even better friends than you were at the start of the trip. I think I can say that this friendship has been well seasoned and our Peruvian adventure has only served to cement a friendship that Panama had already blessed us with. Where will we go next? Who knows…for now we’re all looking forward to getting back home to our little mountain homes and soaking up all the beauty that is Boquete! Vacations are fun, but going home is always fun too! Goodbye Peru….Here we come Panama……Home Sweet Home!


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  1. Wow! what a great trip. It is on our bucket list to do asap. Phil and I have sold our house (scarey how fast, 2 weeks) and if it closes when it should we will be on our way to Panama sometime in July. Panic is setting in! So much to do and so little time. Looking forward to seeing you and Scott and sharing some wine. Lin Hall

  2. Gorgeous photos and the scenery is breathtaking! It looks like you all had a fabulous trip together. It can be very trying to take friends on a trip and it is good to hear your friendships are still strong 🙂

  3. Hi Holly, While sitting up working on my art homework, I’ve been having Steven Hawking’s voice read me your blog. I just caught up with Peru last night while working on my “character development” assignment — an exercise in creating a character for use in a movie or children’s book. A big challenge for me since I don’t voluntarily draw people! But suddenly I started thinking about people I know and suddenly all kinds of detail bubbled up and flowed from my pen. Postures, gestures, and yes, hair cuts! Things your practiced eye probably notices and redesigns every minute. Listening to your writing exercises while drawing I feel a creative spark reaching across the hemisphere. I channeled Holly’s people sense and was able to draw without reference to a model for the first time in my nearly 50 years of life. Thanks again for sharing your writing with us. You are keeping me company, and very good company it is! Cheers, Arwen

    From: Let The Adventure Begin! <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: Let The Adventure Begin! <comment+pguaqi5k27dosg_8wp4zbdi@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Saturday, May 9, 2015 7:13 PM To: Arwen <Arwen.I.Dave@nasa.gov> Subject: [New post] Our Peruvian Adventure…

    hollycarter184 posted: ” Eighteen days, Six cities, Planes, Trains, taxis, boats, busses and hiking around more ancient Incan ruins than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means!)….. Luana and I both agree that the Peruvians have no lack of huge old rocks i”

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