La Casa Principal…



We’re making good progress on the main house and hoping to be able to move into it by March! Mind you, just because we plan to move in to the house , this in now way means that it will be totally finished…no way! Hah! Oh, how I wish that were the case, but alas! I’m doomed to only ever live in a partially completed home…Poor me…:( I know, I can hear the violin playing a sad, sad song…hee!hee! Well, I jest…I’m super excited about how much is happening up there and I just can’t wait to live in that house! Every night, after I drive the guys down the hill I take Scruffy for a walk up to the house and just wonder around imagining what it will be like to live in that house which we’ve worked so hard on. I’m just getting so excited, I can barely stand it..

Scott, Federico and Jorge have been working on pulling all the electrical wire throughout the house. There is conduit installed all throughout the house, up in the ceiling areas and coming to all the plugs and light switches in every room and out in the outdoor kitchen as well as the terrace area. As the wire gets brought to the plugs Scott is installing all the actual plugs and light switches. This will be handy when we actually have electricity coming up the hill to the house instead of being temporarily jerry-rigged from our neighbors power. No, we still don’t have power to our property quite yet. But, we’re making the most of it and not letting it make us too crazy! Notice I said, “Too Crazy?” Not to say it’s not driving us mildly “Crazy!” hah! Cuz’ it kinda is…but, shrug, there’s so much other junk to focus on that we are not letting set backs ruin our fun!

Richard and Scott are preparing all the ceilings for drywall. As you can see the ceilings first get a framework of this lightweight but very sturdy metal material which creates the shape of the ceilings. After all the framework is in place, and the work that needs doing up above all the ceilings the drywall will be attached to the metal framework and voila! We’ll have actual ceilings! whohoo! Of course windows will need to be installed before the drywall is put in, its much to humid to install drywall without the house being totally closed in first. We’ve already ordered the windows and Scott plans to do the install this time since we had such a bad experience with our windows in the casita. Which leads me to the next bit of work getting done…


Ricardo and Arquiles have been busy working on welding up a frame that will fit into the back of Scotts truck to support the windows that we will have to transport from the store in David up to the house. Also, we’re working on a rough mock up of our iron railings for the terrace. Both the terrace at the casita and the main house will have the same design. We also plan to have a big iron gate at the main entrance to our property with an intercom system to open and close the gate remotely from both houses as well. We hope to come up with a design that will translate well for the main gate and have a fluid design for everything.

Javier, Daniel, Gonzalo and Orlando are working on the repello on all the interior walls. For those of you not familiar with this, its very similar to the stucco we’re used to seeing in the states, but its on all the walls inside and out, covering the concrete block. Its very smooth and really changes everything when its painted. They will be done with the interior this week and then will move onto the exterior next. Getting all that brick covered up really makes everything look so much better. Now it’s really beginning to look like a home!

One thing I have not gotten a photo of is the outside. The gutters are all installed and have been painted. We’ve already bought all the paint and we’re ready to get started on that, if only we had time! hah! We have so many projects going on at one time, it makes your head spin trying to keep it all straight. Which may be why we just don’t have the time or energy to let a little thing like electricity get us down. Everything happens eventually. Just not always within our own timeframe. But, I feel really good about all the progress and It really does look as if we’ll be able to move in and then we can focus some energy on finishing up the cabinetry in the casita and getting that all perfect for someone to live in. We plan to rent that out so getting it totally done is going to be our priority once we can start to live up in the main house. We’ve even bought our first piece of furniture, which, of course is a new leather recliner or what I like to refer to as “The Man-Chair”! So, don’t worry too much about Scott working so hard….he’s also got a nice new spot to recover from all his back breaking work! hah!…(eye roll!)

Poco a Poco our Adventure of building a home in Panama is coming along! It continues to keep us really busy and pretty well consumes so much of our time and energy. Why did I think we had actually retired? Nah! We may have finished working for a living but we’re not finished working for ourselves. It’s a ton of work and managing ten employees keeps us really on our toes, we’re tired most of the time and try to maintain a balance between work and fun, which is sometimes a challenge! But mostly, truth be told, we’re enjoying each and every day. We made this move in the hopes of having time and energy to spend on things we want to do, and we’re doing just that. We’re not working hard for any other reason other than a desire to build a life for ourselves in our own way and thats exactly what we’re doing. Life is good!


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  1. As always I enjoyed your latest update and find myself getting excited for you as you get nearer to completion. It has truly been an adventure for you and Scott. Yes hard work, but what a learning experience! Thanks for sharing.

  2. If the plan is to rent out the casita one day, I know some really nice folks (from Ohio) who would make great neighbors that would likely be interested… just sayin’ ;-]

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