Music Monday ~ ¡Aquí vuelve Samy y Sandra!


Fellow Blogger Karen who Lives in Pedasi has given a fun explanation of the story behind this popular singing duo’s latest video. I’ve seen posters on the road between here and David about Sami & Sandra and wondered who they were…now I know! This little video gave me a smile on this Monday morning, I hope it does the same for you!

In Da Campo

I read recently  that the new Samy y Sandra official video for Carnaval 2016 was out on YouTube so I thought I’d share it today.  I’ve watched it a few times, but unless you’re Panamanian or lived here long enough to know a little about the country you won’t get some of the inside jokes or nuances.  You’ll probably just think it’s loud and there’s a lot of shaking going on.  And you’d be correct on both parts.  So to help you out a bit I thought I’d share what little knowledge I have gleaned from my almost four years of living here.

The Azuero Peninsula is large enough for three provinces and is Panama’s southernmost landmass. Herrera province, Panama’s smallest, is to the north; Los Santos to the southeast, and Veraguas, the only province with a Caribbean and a Pacific coast, is on the western side of the Azuero. Samy and…

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