Boquete Puts On a Show


My friend Susan wrote a lovely post about the Flower & Cafe fair that is going on right now here in Boquete. She really captured the beauty of the flowers and the festive feel that spreads through our little town right now. I didn’t grow up in Texas and going to the fair wasn’t something I really had much experience of, so experiencing this festival and feeling the energy of Boquete ramp up for this huge celebration is so much fun. Susan is right when she says that the Panamanians have a love of celebration! They do love to gather and to celebrate just about anything they can think up!

Latitude Adjustment

big tex Big Tex

Growing up in Texas, we always looked forward to the state fair. The rides! The food on a stick! The carnival barkers shilling every kind of kitchen gadget! And Big Tex, high in the sky, with his booming “Howdy, Folks!”

Boquete is currently putting on its own version, the Feria de los Flores y del Café (Flower and Coffee Fair). It’s the biggest event on the Boquete civic calendar, and it’s expected to draw 150,000 people over its 10-day run. That’s a lot of folks and cars cramming into our little pueblo! And last week President Varela was even in attendance – he’d come to town to dedicate Boquete’s shiny new public market.

The Feria is really not that different from the Texas State Fair – at least, if it existed in an alternate universe. No Big Tex here, but there are plenty of larger-than-life birds, insects, and other colorfully…

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