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Peaceful moments…


This moment , right now, is so peaceful. These days here at our house moments like this are few. The days are full of so much hustle and bustle and seemingly endless chaos. When a little moment of peaceful silence seeps into my day I embrace it. :::::::::::: OH::::::::::::….and just like that…. its over! A drill has begun to rupture my peaceful moment of contemplation….darn it! Oh well…It was nice while it lasted. I tell ya, the silence really is golden. For a sweet, glorious moment I could hear the birdsong. I could hear the distant dogs and roosters starting their day. And I could hear the gentle breeze rolling through the trees all around me. When the drills stop, giving me a small moment of quiet I begin to long for this construction project to end. What we’ve done in this first three years of our Adventure has so far exceeded any expectations I had during all our years of planning and researching for our relocation to Panama. And, now that we’re living in our house and most (not all) of the major projects are completed I’m ever so ready for some sweet sweet calm. I’m ready for the day when I don’t have to get out of bed when the alarm goes off at 6am. I’m done driving down the hill and picking up workers every morning. I’m ready to leisurely get up and drink my coffee and go about my day without so much mess and noise and guys everywhere.
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I find myself wondering lately if I’ve changed much since my move to Panamá? I mean, my life has obviously changed in dramatic ways! But, how about Me? In what ways have I changed? In many ways I know I’m the same ol’ Holly. Before making this life changing move to Central America I thought to myself, “ If I want to… I can ‘re-define’ myself when I move to Panamá!”. No one there will know me and so I can begin again and choose to be ‘different’ if I like. But, have I done that? Have I taken on some new persona that’s not at all the same as the “Holly” who lived in Los Altos? Is my personality any different or my likes and dislikes, have they changed? Nah…not really … But, how I live my life from day to day is nothing at all even remotely similar to my days of living in California. So much has changed in that regard, which was the whole point in moving. Why make such a dramatic move to such an incredibly different place if I wanted sameness? I mean that seems sorta stupid, doesn’t it? To move to a different country and then be surprised or disappointed in any way that life here is all so unfamiliar and strange? So, of course life itself is a bundle of massive change, obviously. But my question to myself today is, “What about me has changed?” Can you make such a massive change in your life and not change just a little as a person? I would hope not! Read the rest of this entry