That makes me smile…


What? What makes me smile? Well, since you asked….The list is long lately, but what comes to mind as I write this is my two new dogs! I adopted them since last we spoke! TWO! Yep! (eye roll!) I know, I must be nuts! But these two adorable dogs make me smile! They are such a pain in the butt sometimes, but most times they are a joy! My first dog Scruffy would surely disagree …she would say they are a complete and utter pain in the butt! She is not happy with this new development and she pouts quite a lot lately just to make sure I know it! Although….don’t tell anyone, but…she is beginning to cave in and I have seen her playing with Annie, the puppy, on a few occasions.

Scruffy is not an especially playful dog, If I had to describe her personality I would call her regal and indifferent to other dogs. She’s not aggressive in any way but she likes her space and just wants to be near me. She’s a love! The addition of these two new dogs has really put a kink in her tranquil life. Come to think of it its put a kink in our tranquil life too! hah! But, Annie, the puppy (yes! puppy! ugh!) really is pretty impossible to resist . Especially when she has her butt up in the air and her little face saying, “come get me!” She wiggles all over, collapses when you go to grab her and rolls onto her back so that you can scratch her belly. Scruffy has been seen doing the typical doggy playing posture, butt up in the air, paws out in front her her, looking like she is stalking the puppy who is slowly, carefully coming towards the big dog with a joyful look of expectation on her little puppy face! I saw it with my own two eyes! Scruffy playfully pounced, then took chase! Annie gleefully running as fast as her short little legs will take her! This, made me smile and makes me smile just telling you about it.

But, I have not told you about the other new dog, the mama of Annie, her name is Pika! The first word that comes to mind when I think of her is grumpy! Although, there’s also a healthy helping of sweetness. Sadly this little girl has her reasons for being choosy about who she loves. Pika’s had a hard life. She’s only about 2 years old but has spent most of her life chained up and starving, so sad. She was rescued just after having had 7 puppies! We adopted her and Annie and she has understandably taken a little while to actually trust her new family. I must say though that although Pika is not especially good with any of our friends who come over and she’s a nipper and a barker, she’s stolen my heart. I have hope that she will, eventually, with time and patience, begin to behave better with other people who she meets. But, for now we have to make sure to warn everyone who comes over not to touch the black and white dog! ugh! She hasn’t really bitten anyone yet, but she has nipped and tried! In spite of this behavioral problem, she is a really loving, cuddly girl. We’ve had these two new babies for a little over two months now and I think we’ve all begun to settle into a routine. They are starting to become more and more loving and trusting and even Scruffy has slowly begun to find a way to let up on her pouting.

So,I have to say..on my list of things that make me smile, these darn dogs are on the very top! We go on long walks through our property, they all run around disappearing into the jungle chasing some invisible smell that they seem intent on finding as I pray its not anything nasty like a snake or porcupine! They reappear from their chase covered in stickers and mud and looking so happy and proud of whatever exploit they have been up to. Often Pika and Scruffy will disappear and Annie will sit down next to me peering out into the distance looking for her mom. She’s got a timid side to her and while the two old ladies are off chasing or exploring a bit further than she is comfortable going she feels safe by my side. Dogs are so fun to have around. They are slowly becoming our family and Pat and Scott and myself have all fallen for them big time!

The last blog post that I shared was about the challenges of finding my footing in my retired life here in Panama. I talked about feeling adrift and wondering what I would find in this new life that would feed my soul. I was really struggling with this and thought I should update you on it. Rest assured, Im on my way to finding my footing and feeling much less sad and disconnected now. As time goes by I find myself slowly allowing myself to settle into the easy flow of my life and to let go of my expectations and my need for immediate gratification. Ive adopted a practice of being more open minded to opportunities that come into my life. Seems like when I put out to the universe my desires and I open my mind to receiving what I desire amazing things happen. More on that in another post..I really must start blogging more, the days just seem to fly by!


About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. So very long since we have heard from you. I was most relieved to see this posting today and loved reading about your new animal additions. Is Pat there with you as well? Do keep writing.

    • Thanks so much! I know…Ive been so neglectful with my blog! I have so much to share, its hard to know where to start! And, Yes! Pat is here with us and really settling in nicely! I’ll have to write about that as well! Cheers!

  2. I can’t resist great dog and puppy photos. I’m also a sucker for cats. Both my dog and my cat passed on recently, both at a ripe, old age. I’ve decided not to get any pets until I settle in Panama. At the moment, I’m sharing an apartment with a friend who has four cats. Two of them have adopted me.

    Unrelated to this post, I have a question for you guys, now that you’ve been expats awhile. Did you have a car or buy one when you arrived, or are you living without any vehicles? I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts about this, as well as anything else you might want to share about getting around.

    You may have blogged about this already. I’ll spend some time reading your previous posts.

    Thanks much for sharing your experience, and your suggestions and warnings. They’re all a great help to me.

    Best, Ken Kimsey Atlanta, GA

    On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 11:57 AM, Let The Adventure Continue! wrote:

    > hollycarter184 posted: ” What? What makes me smile? Well, since you > asked….The list is long lately, but what comes to mind as I write this is > my two new dogs! I adopted them since last we spoke! TWO! Yep! (eye roll!) > I know, I must be nuts! But these two adorable d” >

    • Hola Ken, Thanks for you comment on my post. It sounds like your in the very beginning stages of your move to Panama and lots more research is in store! Bringing a car is very complicated and extremely costly compared to just purchasing one here. The import process even with a Pensionado Visa is not a simple matter. We opted to buy two cars after getting here and have been very pleased with this decision, especially when we see others going through the import process. Anytime you can avoid dealing with government bureaucracy your much better off. If you read any forum about living here you will see that its almost always advised that you not import a car. Good luck with you process ..

  3. Holly, so nice to hear from you again, I love reading your blog, I have really missed reading what you have been up to. I love hearing about your new pets,they give you unconditional love all the time, Pika was so lucky to have you adopt her. We lost our Lab of 13 years, about a year ago and we now have a new Lab puppy, she really keeps us moving, she is a love, but does not really like other people, she will bark and growl at them. Watched the Amazing Race on Thursday and the racers went to 🇵🇦,they had to find the Panama Canal, not sure if you still watch TV 📺, take care


    • Oh Edie! Im so glad your still reading my blog! I sure miss our little chats at the salon. Yes, dogs really do make life so much better! A Lab puppy must be a ton of work and lots of fun! Im glad you got a new dog. I’ll have to look for that season of The Amazing Race, Haven’t watched it in a long long time and I really used to love that show! Thanks for keeping in touch! Cheers!

  4. Holly, you’re back! Good to see you’re ‘finding your footing,’ as you say, and that your life in the mountains of Boquete is becoming more fulfilling. Funny how pets, (especially dogs) do that for us.
    Keep ’em coming, woman. Life here in Medellin is exciting, warm, noisy and always interesting. Very soon MEBEinPanama will vanish, and will launch.
    Hola to Scott, and we’ll be looking for more posts


  5. It is so good to read about your life again.I’ve missed your blogs and hearing about your comings and goings in Panama. Your dogs look like a handful but a fun handful!! Glad to see that you’ve come to the point where you can deal with the challenges that have faced you as I always knew you could and would👍👍. Take care–miss you ❤️

    • Thanks Carolee!s Boy, do I miss you! I know Ive really been neglecting my blog, having a hard time coming up with things that seem interesting to share…but Im working on it! Love ya!

  6. Congratulations on your new family additions! They are all so cute and seem to be getting along pretty well together. I took my dog Cliff to Pennsylvania to visit my sisters last weekend. My sister and her husband got a puppy (Bo) from the Shelter about 3 months ago and he is just a bundle of energy, a little black speed machine, he never stops. Her son & his wife, who live next door, got a Golden Retriever 5 months ago, we we had a playdate with the two puppies and Cliff. Cliff is an 8 yr old pit, very sweet, and gets along with almost all dogs. The little black puppy would not leave his side, he shadowed Cliff all over that yard and inside the house for hours. They were running all over the yard, but the little Golden Benny was a bit shy, he’s so sweet. Bo He kept going under Cliff’s belly and just standing there (or checking him out). I think Cliff was getting a bit tired (maybe nervous of puppy teeth too) but all I kept thinking was …”as soon as I get to Panama I’m going to get a puppy.” So I am a bit jealous of you. I know you will have many laughs in the months ahead watching the three of them. And a few messes. Post some more pictures when you can.

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