Monthly Archives: May 2018

A Few Of My Favorite Things…


Days seem to drift by so quickly. And while some days are filled with lots of productivity there are other days that are simply filled with productive relaxing. Hah! This is what’s going through my head this morning as I sit on the couch with a lazy, snoozing kitty next to me. Three dogs lay at my feet, also snoozing as I type this post. Scott is out in his workshop with our two employees working on making cabinets for the casita. The constant droning sound of his saws cutting wood is the backdrop of my days lately. Mixed in with the buzzing saw noise is gentle birdsong which has become one of my favorite sounds. As I consider what I want to write about today my focus drifts from my keyboard to the window and I wonder to myself, “what bird could be making that wonderful birdsong”. As you may have noticed, nothing of much consequence needs my attendance today. This is the case with most of my days. It occurs to me that I own my days and not the other way around. There was a time in the not so long ago past when I tumbled through the days not having had the freedom to just do whatever my heart desired. This reality makes me smile… Read the rest of this entry