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“Why Would Anyone Want To Stay?”


This is a post published by a blogger I have been following for some time. She is a very talented artist who is embracing her life in a way that I aspire to embrace my own! I was especially moved by her words,”I want a life that I own, not a life that owns me!” Bravo! This is my feeling exactly! Her story inspires me, I thought you might enjoy her insights. “Why Would Anyone Want To Stay?”.


Guest Blogger!



I’d like to introduce you to my very first ‘Guest Blogger’, Donald Meyer,he has been a friend and client of mine for at least twenty years. Don is a person who I greatly admire. As a matter of fact he is one person who inspired me to begin blogging myself. He started publishing a blog in 2009. His blog,, is mostly humor and lots of great photography as well as his own witty insights . I have seen Don go through some pretty profound life changing events in the years that I’ve known him and through it all his sense of humor has never faltered. He never stops learning new things and I believe he has endless amounts of insight and I’m honored that he’s willing to share a little bit with my followers.

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