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Our Pool Table



I know you all most likely think we are nuts for dismantling and shipping our pool table all the way to Panama. And you would probably be absolutely correct in your assumption! We are totally nuts! ( We have long ago embraced our nuttiness!) But Our pool table has a history that is very sentimental to us. Way back in about 2003-4 when we were in the very beginning stages of designing and planning our remodel, we went to Reno for a long weekend. Mind you, in the process of dreaming about and planning the design of our house, we knew early on that we would incorporate a game room. While we were in Reno we learned that there was an art fair going on . We both enjoy walking through festivals and just checking it all out so off we went. Now let me give you some background on Scott and Me for those of you who dont know us. One of our greatest pleasures is entertaining our friends at our house. We love nothing more than preparing some good food, opening up a bottle of good wine ( or two, or three) having a group of friends over and having a good time. At our house a good time often includes playing a board game, a fun Wii game , darts, and Yes, you guessed it , a friendly game of pool. We love playing games together as well. Its hard to stop us when we get a good cribbage game goin’! Some of my fondest memories ( aside from Hollyween parties!) is sitting around our dining room table drinking and laughing while playing Apples To Apples, one of my personal favorite group games. I also have some great memories of playing Balderdash with our friends Mike and Maria. I’ll never forget laughing so hard with them as they kicked our butts with their knowledge of different languages , which I still think was an unfair advantage! Ha! Ha! Our pool table has seen some fun nights with lots of friends and it’s always been a focal point , especially at our Hollyween Parties.

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