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Ahhh, Finally A Place To Call Home…


On Saturday, August 31, we finally moved into the house that we rented. It was the easiest move I think we’ve ever experienced, easy, because we don’t have much in the way of material possessions. At the moment we’re pleasantly living a very minimalistic lifestyle. Although, I must admit that we have already done a bit of shopping in David and are quickly re-accumulating a few more basic necessities. The “furnished” house didn’t come with any linens or some kitchen utensils that , to us, are necessities. Things like, a cutting board, a bread knife, a cheese grater, a whisk, tongs, a lasagna pan, a lettuce spinner(although, really I question weather or not it’s actually necessary to wash lettuce grown in a greenhouse in a hydro-ponic farm!) . Then of course we decided that it would be good to invest in a juicer because there are just so many great fruits and veggies here and we should start to learn how to make healthy juices. You see where this is going? We ended up having a big list of things we ‘needed’ and are having so much fun ‘nesting’. So much for that ‘minimalistic’ thing! lol! (eye-roll)

The only bad thing about our move was that I was sick with a terrible head cold!! I got the darn cold that Scott had the week before and on Saturday I was just at the beginning stages of what has turned into quite a nasty head cold! But, I wasn’t gonna let a silly little thing like a cold stop me from moving ! We really love this new living situation and I must say it’s a very comfortable place to settle down and finally feel as though we have a place to call home. It’s been a long road since we left our previous home and set out for our new adventure. A long road, but a very exhilarating one that we’re both still enjoying every moment of. As I am writing this post we’re sitting outside on the covered patio being entertained by the many brightly colored birds who are happily munching away on bananas. The birds here in Panama just love to eat bananas and so it’s very common to see some sort of basket or even just a piece of metal wire to hang a banana on for them . Here at our new home there’s a big basket attached to one of the larger limbs of the avocado tree right out front. It’s unbelievable how many different colored birds there are here! This morning I said to scott, “This tree is like a Community Center of birds!” They seem to come from all over the place to have their share of the fruit each morning. Bright orange & black ones, yellow, blue, red, green it’s a bird-rainbow in that tree. And have I mentioned the hummingbirds? Well… let me tell you, they are ferocious about their hummingbird feeders! I just bought one and put it out the other day and they are fighting over it like crazy! Dive bombing each other and yelling and fussing like you wouldn’t believe! I love watching the drama unfold. The hummingbirds aren’t like the tiny little dainty ones I’m used to in the States either, these guys are huge! I have a feeling I’ll be refilling that feeder frequently. As I’m sitting here typing, I pause to look at the view of the lush green mountains in the distance and the wind blowing the giant leaves of the dozens of banana trees in my yard, and as vividly colored butterflies flutter by , all feels right and good and peaceful.

One of the really nice things about this house is that it has a Barbecue outside! I know that may sound trivial but we’re used to doing many of our meals on our indoor barbecue in our old house and we’ve been without one for a really long time! We’re accustomed to grilling most of our meats as well as vegetables and it just isn’t the same cooking a burger in a pan, let’s face it. Last night we fired that puppy up and Scott got busy grillin’ up a really yummy burger dinner. I’m sure I’ve mentioned the outdoor fireplace too? Well, we built our first fire in that guy last night too and what a nice dinner we had on our covered patio . I can’t forget to tell you, we had to try out our new juicer last night as well, (we had a very busy night as you can see?) We made juice with watermelon,pineapple ,passionfruit, carrot and lime. Well, it just wasn’t complete without the RUM!! Sooo we had a delicious rum punch to go along with our first barbecue in our new pad! A big fire, a delicious burger and rum punch! Who could ask for anything more?

Oh, I have to tell you one little side-story about last night…we did have one little ‘glitch’ in our perfect evening and I would be remiss if I neglected to share it… It’s about that wonderful, cozy fire….. well, ya see, there is a great big wood pile here and we were told to use all the wood we want for the fireplace. Sweet, right? So we happily gather some wood and pile it next to the fireplace, Scott begins the manly job of preparing the wood and the kindling ,”just-so”, (do all guys take this much pleasure in preparing a fire? LOL!) anyways, after the wood was so expertly arranged just so, he proceeds to light it. So far, so good, right? Well, not so fast….suddenly out of somewhere in the fireplace comes an EXPLOSION of huge, massive ants!! Yep, not those tiny ones we had in the kitchen of our other place, noooooo these are the biting, mean, gigantic variety! And they were apparently nesting either somewhere in the back of the fireplace or inside one of those logs. And now they were clearly unhappy and they wanted out of that fire which meant straight towards us!! DAMN!! As fast as they were scurrying , in mass, we were trying to step on them before they climbed on us or even worse, went into the house!! Have you ever been bitten by one of these guys? Let me tell you, it’s not a good thing!! I really didn’t want to have them in my new house! So we proceeded to stomp and stamp and if there were a hidden camera somewhere I’m sure it would have been a hit on youtube! Although it would have been bleeped because I think there may have been some F-bombs here and there, and possibly there too!!! I gotta tell ya’ I am not pleased about the bugs here! That will be my one consistent gripe and complaint about my new home! I’ll never be happy about that one single aspect of living in the tropics. Good thing there are so many other wonderful things to cancel that one big, bad thing! I just despise bugs and here they seem to be bigger and badder than American bugs! ( although, many times I do admit to seeing the beauty in some of the little beasties! As long as they are outside!) I’ll just keep my mind on the beautiful flowers and birds and lush green mountains and pretend the whole, “bug” thing isn’t happening! 🙂 That works for me!!

I haven’t published a post in a few days because we are having a bit of trouble getting our internet connected here. Today Scott kindly took my iPad down to the Cable & wireless office and signed me up for a data plan for a month! What a guy!! I think he was just tired of my moaning and complaining about not being able to get online!! 🙂 Who knows how long it will take to get the routers settings from the internet provider so that we can configure our router to get it up and running. We apparently need to get a technician out here to help us. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to even tell someone where this house is? I don’t know if there is an address, All I know is that it’s in the area called Alto Lino but aside from that I suppose I would say it’s up the hill from the Hostel, before you get to the dental office on the right? I’m sure sooner or later we will get it figured out, but in the meantime I’m happy to have my iPad up and running again, whew! I was beginning to feel a bit shaky! 🙂 Cheers!