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I’m Searching For My Blogging ‘Mojo’!



I’m a beginner in this blogging game! I decided to start blogging as an experiment at first but as I’ve gotten such amazing support from so many people I’ve begun to “Really” enjoy it! Another unexpected development that has happened as a result of blogging is connecting with other blogging expats around the world. I have learned so much about the community of expats as well as bloggers, they are all incredibly welcoming and so generous with encouragement ,and information. So since I seem to enjoy it so much and I’m building up a little following, I figure I should try my best to do a good job!

In order to improve my blogging skills, which are very few, I have begun reading books about blogging. Surprisingly, to me, anyways, there are a lot of books written by very successful bloggers about being a better blogger! I’m starting with “Finding Your Blogging Mojo!”, and,” Bloggers Bootcamp”. Right off the bat I learned that I’ve been writing posts that are much too long! Oops! Silly me! I just have so much to say! The advise I have gleamed is that I should try to post shorter posts but more frequently . Ok…… Hmmmmm! I’ll give that a try. Then I just edited my home page on my Blog and I figured out how to create that little feature where you can read a short tag line at the beginning of each post and then click on,” read more of this post”. This apparently creates a much more usable home page. Who knew??? There really is so much to learn and I’m enjoying the process and hopefully improving my blogging mojo or at least I’ll eventually ‘Have’ a blogging mojo! Lol!